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It's really not that bad


Mar 6, 2007 by jestcuzzgrl

I like the phone. I did read on here about it freezing up. Both my husband and I have this phone and both phones freeze up. I think it happens most when you are trying to send a picture message. If that happens we usually go in our inbox and outbox and erase the messages then it works better.

pros: Easy to use keypad
Easy menu options
clear sound quality

cons: freezes up
speaker function is not very clear (probably because it's half-duplex)

Worst phone I've EVER owned!


Feb 8, 2007 by pandagrl

This is, by far the worst phone I have ever owned! When it actually decides to work, it's a great phone, but... Phone #1: I didn't even have it a week and it froze me out, I had turned it off one night and it would not boot back up the next morning. Phone #2: I had this one for, oh, about 8 months and it got to where it would hold a charge through the day, it would turn off and on whenever it felt like it (usually when I was in the middle of a conversation), calls wouldn't go through either to or from my phone. It was very unreliable. Now I'm on phone #3. Hopefully third time's a charm with this, but I can't wait until my contract is up so I can get a different phone. I would NOT recommend this phone to anyone!

Alltel Kyocera Kx16 Candid


Feb 8, 2007 by Psxmoe

Wow my first phone with a Known wireless carrier. I thought hey this phone is cool, well i was wrong!

The first time the phone recieved a picture message it couldn't open the message and it restarted.

So far the phone has dropped 5 calls and I have had it since Aug 2006. The Signal quality (Tucson, Az) is okay. But I know it's the phone because my mom's Alltel Nokia 3587i always shows Full signal.

Battery life is okay but it's recommended you bring along your charger if you listen to Axcess radio which will eat up your battery time.

The text message interface is simple and easy to use. But when sending pictures this phone can turn into a big Pain in the rear because after sending 2 or 3 pics, the phone resets or jams. Memory errors are a constant thing. Using the camera at the highest res causes problems.

Dont Buy Kyocera!


Jan 7, 2007 by sumershortie0423

As an average phone, the Kyocera Candid is able to make calls and recieve them, and that is about it. I would tell anyone if they want a phone that takes decent pictures, has good ringtones, is able to store more than 60 contacts, has a good batterylife, and doesn't constantly freeze up... this is not and never will be a phone to buy. This phone was a total waste of money! One of the most frustrating features on this phone is that the phone is loaded with crappy icons, pictures, wallpapers, screensavers, and ringtones, that can not be deleted ever. This leaves enough room for about 5 pictures and 60 contacts. If you want to download a ringtone, you would have to delete all of your pictures, and probably 10 or 15 contacts! I have had four phones in my life, my first being those big chunky nokia's... I miss that phone, because at least it did what it advertised! The Kyocera company has thrown together this cheap piece of junk, and I will never in my lifetime ever purchase a Kyocera phone ever again! I plan on writing a long letter to the company, destroying my phone, and buying a Phone that actually does what it says it does. I would tell anyone who is considering a kyocera phone, to seriously rethink this. Unless you enjoy wasting money and being constantly frustrated, do not buy this phone, or any kyocera phone!

Never again!


Dec 23, 2006 by dennjon

I have used Nokia and Motorola phones in my business before, and have been generally happy with them. Then we changed providers about 6 months ago and got a handful of Kyoceras (2 KX16s and 6 or 7 Energi's).

I'm totally disgusted with the KX-16s and wish I hadn't signed a 2-year contract. Even after a full charge, we're lucky if we can get 20 minutes of use out of the batteries. Just this week the displays started going wacko. Everything is upside down and backwards, so you have to look at it in a mirror to read it! Now one of the displays is completely blank. Of course it's Christmas weekend and getting repairs done is nearly impossible. These phones have been gently used and never dropped or abused.

I wouldn't take another of these phones even if they were paying people to use them. Complete garbage, IMO.

Not bad, not great


Dec 20, 2006 by undeadbob

My wife and I have had this phone for a year. It's not as bad as I have read on here but there are some cons.
Pros: good sound, many games to download, I've dropped it a thousand times and it only has one tiny scratch- and my wife's looks brand new
Cons: quietest ring ever, has frozen up-between my wife and I maybe 10 times, cheezy sounding ring tones even if you download, feels like it's a few years out of date, but it was free, doesn't tell you who is texting you without opening the text

A fair phone for most users


Dec 18, 2006 by phreebyrd

I have had this phone for about a month now. I paid around $30 for it with Alltel with new service. I was somewhat leery of the phone, given the reviews here and found elsewhere on the web, but I wanted to at least give it a try, given that it still showed the promise of a lot of features for a relatively small price. So far, over the past month, I have found the phone to be reasonably useful and reliable. The menu system is intuitive and easy to use (although I prefer to use the "text" mode of the menu, rather than the graphic mode that is the default). There have been a couple of unexplained reboots of the handset. There have been times where the phone seemingly shifts in and out of vibrate mode for no real explanation. The photos that the phone takes are of somewhat blurry quality - I wouldn't ever rely on them for prints or web pages or anything like that - they at least serve the purpose for basic picture-taking, and there's plenty of memory for pictures (at least 100 pictures worth). I am disappointed that there is no java support with this phone; only the BREW model that ensures that Alltel gets paid for you to play any games or so forth. The vibrate mode of the phone is sort of hard to feel, I have occasionally missed text messages and calls and the like. I find that the signal quality with Alltel, using this phone in the West Michigan area, is fine - I have yet to have a dropped call or "no service" pretty much anywhere. For using the phone with text mode, the "ezi" mode works pretty well, and I am impressed that it allows you to add your own words. There aren't any fancy additions, such as mp3 playing and so forth, but there seems to be a large enough memory for mainstream cell phone usage (around 13+ megabytes).

Overall, I would consider this a fair phone and believe it should last for a year or two with no problems other than the minor glitches mentioned above.

Used To Love It...


Dec 10, 2006 by BubbleMint

Alrighty I got this phone a while back and it honestly is not reliable. My boyfriend, and most of my friends own a kyocera phone or a Candid. I seriously cannot stand this phone and I cannot wait until I update to the 6265i Nokia :-). My SCREEN DOESN'T WORK WHICH MEANS UNTIL I GET A NEW PHONE I CANT TEXT!!!! Crazy huh? Yea, I know. Anyway, my phone dropped and it fell apart now it is taped together. So then I HAD to put it in the protective case at all times. My phone restarts when i take out the charger or put it in. It also restarts on its own will whenever it wants to. it freezes if u take too many pictures at one time or if you don't turn it off every single day. I had to buy 3 different Candid chargers because they all started to give up on me and stopped charging my phone. GRRRR!!!! My battery DIES SO QUICKLY omfreakin gosh man it's annoying. Pro: I think it's cute
Easy access to menus
Easy texting

Cons:Camera is bad at night and low light areas
All the things I have explained above.

I liked it


Nov 5, 2006 by Dee

I just switched from Cricket to Verizon cause of the way they treated me. But this phone was awsome.

Good camera
Excellent screen
Excellent phone
Like the look
Calls are great

Hate the closed screen



Nov 4, 2006 by jamie65


- nothing


- freezes
- bad graphics
- picture quality sucks
- dont buy it!!!

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