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Kyocera Candid KX16


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Good phone when it's working.


Sep 21, 2007 by Staci_Anne

I loved this phone when it was working right. I first got the Candid II in December 06 and I started having problems within the first week of it freezing when I accessed my pics or it would restart randomly, sometimes during a call. I got the phone replaced, but it still did the same thing. But my friend who had the Candid I before I got the II had the same problems so it seems to just be a Candid programming thing.
But when it was working this is a great phone.
Some of the good things about the phone were the loud ringtones, decent pictures, the ability to charge the phone while you're on it, simple and easy to use, durable, much more.
I used the phone with Cricket and while in my calling area I had great reception.
The only real problem I had with this phone was what I mentioned earlier.



Aug 16, 2007 by rusjen

The phone was ok for a year. Then it started cycling on and off for no reason. It turned off every time I closed the phone and then it started turning off when I opened the phone.

Don't use the camera often, but its been fine.

I signed a two year contract and after a year the warranty expired and the phone went nuts.

Will not buy a kyocera again. I've only owned Kyocera and Nokia and Nokia wins hands down.

I've replaced it twice and I hope it lasts until December when I can upgrade.

Not a phone I can recommend.

Candid Phone Problems


Jul 27, 2007 by chapks

Last Nov I entered a 2 yr contract with Alltel for a family plan with 5 lines. The deal part was we could all get the Candid phones for a reasonable cost I think it was $5.95 each. Since that time 4 of the five phones have been sent back. One of them 3 time and another twice and getting ready to send another back for the second time. The phones shut on and off when the cover is closed, lots of dropped calls and several times the tower has lost where the phone is. The Alltel people keep saying it is a problem with the phone and not their tower. My opinion is that these phones are horrible for the reliability and Alltel doesn't seem to care. Even though they thank me for being a customer for 6 yrs :>) Unless they help on this they won't be thanking me for 7 years.

Good phone for it's class


Jul 26, 2007 by DinoKlem

I have U.S. Cellular. This phone has served me good over the two years I've owned it. It was my first phone (I'm 13) so I had to get used to having a phone. After the first year I had a problem with it opening by itself in my pocket so I took it in and they replaced my phone for free. It was just that I lost everything I had including pictures, contacts, and all my easy-edge data that I payed for. The second year went perfect and it looks like the day I got it. So if you're looking for a beginning phone for your kid (or for yourself) you won't be disappointed. But I'm ready for an upgrade and I'm getting the Krzr in August.

Good beginner phone
Easy to use
Reliable and durable

Don't like Kyocera's interface (not that it's bad)
It likes to reset itself for no reason

Bottom line: This phone is good for a beginner but is outdated

Bad Phone


May 15, 2007 by goodolphone15

Well I had this phone for two months.It started to act up at the end of the first month and things started to stop working.First it was the red light.Just Stoped Working.Then The Flash and then the camera.And if that wasent enough it would turn off when fliped closed.

had Realey Good Service.(ALLTEL)
Loud Ringers
Good Vibrate.

Ringers Sound Distorted
Sound Quality was bad

Well I liked the features of this phone but it has some isshues to work out.



May 12, 2007 by millroom88

i sell this phone for alltel..every, i mean everyone i sold came back. poor signal quality horible camera , even the clips kept braking...DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PHONE..alltel sells it for free for a reason...

Overall Good Phone (Great Starter Phone)


May 12, 2007 by Ninjas Like Tape

I've had this phone for a good year now, and it has held up pretty well! I'm happy to say that throughout all the ups and downs of this phone that it is an overall good phone.

-It will Freeze
-The Predictive text is strange

-Great voice quality
-Great reception
-Easy to maneuver menu
-The camera is pretty good
-Can take being dropped(but not too much)

Some Things That Will Happen With Time:
-It will take roughly one year for the battery to go bad
-If one screw is missing it will do strange things (restart)
-The vibration function will go in and out if it is dropped too much
-The back lighting on the flip and the key pad will work some days, not some much others.

If you take good care of this phone it will last you a long time (or even if you don't)! Personally I like Kyocera, they make good everyday phones.

Kyocera Candid


May 10, 2007 by Ridingoncloudz

Great phone, no video games, only ringers
Battery life is great, but after 1.5-2 years it starts to turn itself off. Depends on user. You can get a Razor but same thing will happen, all depends on when you throw it on the charger. If you wait until the battery is low, your golden. If you have a habit of tossing it on there every so often like me, battery will short out. Awesome speaker phone, real easy to use. No blue tooth. The Cameras photos are slightly pixilated maybe similar to a 1.3 mega pix. I originally paid $19.99. But if i were to get another phone it would have a MP3 player so i can run and listen.

Not a great first impression Kyocera!


Apr 19, 2007 by Clarissa.Angeline

I hated this phone so much.
I had it for about two months before I switched back to my old Nokia.
In fact, I hated this phone so much, I almost didn't buy the Kyocera I am stuck with now.
I can make this list short and simple by just giving you the pros...

Pros:+Perfect vibe. Not too soft, not overly loud.

Cons: pretty much the whole phone.

Kyocera KX16


Apr 13, 2007 by darnedyankee

I like this phone it is fairly easy to use but we have had to have replaced twice since we have had it in the past year.
It would turn itself on and off...in mid conversation or whenever, it does not and never has held a charge for long, it also stopped receiving calls at one time and it was not the service. We also had the problem of it showing we had messages of some sort and there were none. I would rather chunk it out the window with all the problems we have had out of ours......so far the third phone is doing ok but have not had it but for about 2 weeks.

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