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Had this phone replaced THREE times


May 19, 2006 by 2wdsux

I upgraded to the 8300 from the 8200 because my 8200 was dropping calls, power cycling, etc. This was only after 7 months of usage. But I got an incredible deal on the 8300, and couldn't pass it up.

After 2 weeks, the phone began having its issues. During text messaging, the phone would lock up. After a minute, the screen would go blank, then say 'Looking for Service', then reconnect like nothing happened.

This happened about once every 50 text messages.

Then months passed, and it got worse. I take it to the Sprint store, and they basically tell me there's nothing 'they can see wrong with it'. Keep in mind I am a Nextel technician, and my manager used to work at said Sprint store. After he constantly bugged them to swap my phone for a brand new in box unit, they agreed. So I'm satisfied.

Three days later, this one does the same thing. Only it does it about twice a day. Now I send a lot of text messages (about 50-60 sent, 60-70 recieved per day), so you can imagine that this got aggravating. I paid to have it replaced through Lock/Line, and now I'm on the third one and still having the same problem. 2 of my friends experience this same issue on a much rarer occasion than I.

I'm thinking about dropping the $300-$400 on a new mm-9000, or the a-940 but I really don't want to have more problems.

Other than that, the phone has worked well, and I am sort of happy with it.

GO 8300! WOOO!


Apr 20, 2006 by SPRINT31907

Dollar for dollar this phone is the way to go! Not to big or not to small it's amazing!


Great value for its features
Easy to use
Great reception
Decorative faceplate
Great speakerphone


i would suggest this phone...sanyo 8300 is a GREAT phone for a GREAT value

Paid Aretail Price n Not Dissapointed


Mar 17, 2006 by fresh2def773

I paid the retail price of like 345 or somethin like that when it was new and very proud to say that its worth every penny!

Flash wi camera
Picture Editor
Music/ News/ Movie Preview Videos
Video Record...

Not enough picture Video Memory for me
I Never really liked sprint anyway and that is the only carrier for this fone

Overall I think this is a good price for the one year contract price.... Cop it yawl!

D-BlocK 773

Another Total winner from winning SANYO AND SPRINT


Jan 25, 2006 by macking301

This small lightweight phone has all the goodies in a ultra high quality Sanyo phone. It seems that Sanyo and Sprint have a great thing going!
PRO: small and easy to use
great speaker phone that works with phone shut
superb bright color screen
perfect reception
comes with several color stripes that add style
camera is wonderful
lots of little extras

nothing of note

Take a look at this little gem and remember the reception quality is so good any other Pro's seem very unimportant!


I Love It!


Sep 5, 2005 by LDRock1

Excellent phone!

I like everything except the ringers. The ringers aren't very good at all.

Everything else is good. If you're looking for a good phone, with a good camera and good reception..... Buy the mm8300. The best cell phone I've ever had.

I've heard time and time again that Sanyo makes the best phones in the industry. I'm starting to believe it.

First Sanyo!...everything i expected


Oct 17, 2005 by cellphonefreak

I switched to Sprint Service 4 days ago, as my phone i chose the Sanyo MM-8300 (i didnt like any other phones that were out now, or the phones coming out for the holidays) For some reason I have always wanted a Sanyo, and i finally have one. All in all the phone is awesome...Here is a pros and cons list:

1. Great Build-Very Sturdy
2. I always have great reception on this phone
3. Screen on inside and outside are big and bright
4. the buttons are at a perfect place regarding to how deep or how much they stick out (O, and i actually like the green lights...it matches well with the blue phone!
5. Great menu style
6. Lots of personalization feature
7. Ringtones sound awesome!
8. Internet is very fast
9. Camera is very good for a phone (as well as camcorder
10. Speakerphone is nice and loud
11. It has a very bright flashlight (and flash is good with camera)

1. No Bluetooth :(
2. Alarm is not loud enough to wake you up
3. Cannot assign specific text alerts to contacts
4. Not much memory for ringtones

In conclusion, this phone is great to have the minor cons dont even compare to the pros this phone has. If your looking for a cool phone, with a lot of cool features...this is the phone for u!

Excellent Phone at any Price


Mar 5, 2006 by Jason12345

This is the best phone on the market at any price.Packed with a ton of features in an high quality phone.

1.Powerful speakerphone with voice dialing
2.Very bright display
3.Loads of features and great battery life
4.User friendly
5.JD Power ranks Sanyo top in customer satisfaction 2 years in a row


If you are looking for a phone with everything you could possibly want at a awesome price this is the phone for you.

A great mid-entry phone


Feb 14, 2006 by gamer46290


1) Loud speakerphone; Loud volume
2) Best pictures for a VGA camera phone i've ever seen; even better then boyfriends 1 megapixel camera
3) Video's are decent
4) Great reception with or without antenna extended
5) I personally like the "cute" features Screensaver, "little buddy" (kangaroo that runs around doing things on your main lcd and sub lcd) and the interchangable faceplates.

1) I have sprint service, and the phone did not come packaged with an earbud, I've had phones from t-mobile, cingular, nextel, and never had a phone that it did not come with an earbud; doesn't bother me though because I can use speakerphone and when i'm not using my hands I don't like earbuds.
2) Also thought it was strange that it didn't come with any games, even my boyfriends samsung a920 came with demos.
3) If you want to get into the general con's then I guess you could include the fact that there is no bluetooth or expandable memory, but this is just a mid-entry phone, it's not to cheap with basic features, and it's not to expensive with advanced features.

For what the phone is worth, retail price or if you renew; get a new contract and you get the discounted price it is worth what you pay for, it does everything it is supposed to perfectly.



Jul 28, 2007 by Kay51189

I got this little phone about a year ago and have put it through a beating. It has been dropped down stairs, thrown onto concrete, thrown against walls, and dropped on a daily basis. I also got it wet and at first the buttons did not work, but after a couple days to dry out it worked just like new. Other then some chipping paint and that the button to activate the outside screen had gotten a little bi-polar, the phone has been working great. I recently crushed it which broke the screen. It still works, you just cant see what is going on. If I could find this phone for cheap I would totally buy it again. I love it.

Best phone I've ever owned


Aug 19, 2006 by EssTee

I was a cingular customer for a long time and then switched over to sprint about a week ago and I must say this phone is the best I've ever had.

In the past year I've had a samsung p207, moto razr and a z500a and they dont even come close to wha this phone does for the money.
This phone has everything from great sound for ringtones to sirius sat radio to a camera with flash and ready link (walkie talkie)

If you decide to go with sprint, def get this phone its worth it for the price you pay. I paid 50 for one and got the other free.

Camera with flash
ready link
clear speakerphone
bright large screen
sat radio



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