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Mar 4, 2006 by mw1733

This is the best phone ive used in awhile and ive used several phones in thepast from verizon and a few from sprint . I like the loud speaker phone and clear ready link service is awsome too . The sanyo 8300 is a nice phone for the price i paid $49.99 and its a great value for what the phone has for features its a multimedia phone . The sprint tv service is very good to watch on it especially for a cell phone i was amazed with it . I had sprint for 6 months and there service is improved alot too .I would highly recomend this phone to anyone .

This phone makes me happy!


Nov 21, 2005 by dca

Now that you can buy this phone (w/ 2 year contract) online with Sprint or at their Sprint stores for $99 or less makes it the official 'dca' best buy of the year. Not sure why RadioShack (in Central Fl) charges $199 - $279 (w/ 2yr ) for it...

Great internal display
Overall size & feel
Quality of speakerphone
Menu layout (very easy)
For a non-MP camera, it's still good quality

Lack of inc. ringtones & amenities

Simple Yet Brilliant


Oct 2, 2005 by pepsijunky

I worked at Sprint for a year and I had the vga 1000, samsung A700, sanyo 5500, sanyo 5600 and even the treo 650. all were decent phones in there own ways. I then quit, went with verizon and was extremely dissatisfied with their phones. Now I am back and I have the 8300 and it is simply put; the best phone I have ever had, especially for the money. First off it has upgrades in every facet to the 8200, better speakerphone, sound quality, picture quality, screen resolution, reception. Everything is better. I love this phone. I initially bought it because of the reviews on here. Therefore, believe what you read this phone is perfect, Sanyo was in a slump for a while and this is a grand slam for sure.

Great overall phone


Dec 11, 2005 by scttlam

Switched from Verizon which I had for about four years back to Sprint. I am very pleased with this phone.

Sound quality is good, very few dropped calls and the speaker phone is very clear.
I like the fact you can use the speaker with the phone closed, very handy when driving.
Phone has good signal strength living in the Chicago area.

No memory card slot for adding music files,
Also not great colors for the changeable sides..
Camera is not great but it is a phone first

Overall a great phone with nice features.

Excellent Phone


Oct 17, 2005 by syntis

This is the first phone that I myself have ever owned. I have many friends who are quite careless with theirs and go through about one per month, and this one far surpasses many of the other Sprint phones out there.

It has a great camera, even though it's only a VGA 640x480 and not quite 1MP, it's still excellent. The video is a little choppy, but the pictures always come out great. I don't think this phone had videoing in mind when it was made.

I get great reception in many places that I've seen a lot of phones not. Wal-mart and other big stores in particular, and in some of the steel-beamed no-windowed classrooms at my college. Reception isn't full strength at my house, but I don't go below 2 bars usually, which is more than enough for the SMS and phone conversations.

A con about the phone is in regards to the memory; you're only give 2mb of memory for your own downloads and such. Most midi ringers aren't that big, but when it comes to downloading apps and such, it can be a hassle, forcing you to only choose 8-10 of your favorite. It's not a gamer's phone, but it can get the job done when needed. ;)

The voice features that are built into the phone are awesome. It takes a little while for it to start dialing after the voice recognition, but it's great for lazy people like me who just want to pull the phone out and not skim through 100+ contacts for a number.

10 speedials are also nice, but I don't really use them.

I haven't found anyone with the ReadyLink feature yet, but I'm sure it'll be just as superb as the rest of the phone.

The SUB LCD is clear, it's just a little bit tough to turn in when in a pocket or such. Easier when taken out, but if you want to just pull it out real fast for a quick glimpes of the time, it doesn't work so well.

Like others have said, it can sound like someone is talking through cardboard: this is only the case when YOU have the volume up too high. Be careful. :)

Overall, this phone was an excellent buy for my first one.5stars.



Aug 10, 2005 by ron_mexico10

The 8300 is definitely a nice upgrade. It is a good replacement to the 7400. I don't know what that other guy was talking about "bulky" it is!!?? He has no idea what he is talking about. As far as multi-media phones go, it is one of the sleekest out there that sprint offers; not to mention faster operating speeds. And this guy traded his in for a SAMSUNG!!?? Good luck buddy, not only did you get a phone with a purely FAKE antenna, but a less durable phone. The only downside I could find with my 8300 is the voice dialing capabilities. The 7400 was more like the samsungs out there with awesome voice recognition. The 8300 unfortunately still has to be programmed with every single number that you want it to have UNLIKE the 7400 or samsungs. My review as somebody who knows what they are talking about.....GOOD PHONE :)

love it, love it, love it!!!


Aug 6, 2005 by festusbodine

I've had nothing but "free" phones that you get when signing a contract. Never have I made the extra investment to own an upgraded phone with additional features. Also, I have always had a Nokia which I've liked a lot because of their simple menus, which I've gotten used to. So why did I buy this phone?

I was originally wanting a Treo or Audiovox smartphone. (so that I could get rid of my Palm M130 and have it all in 1 unit. But the Treo 650 has crappy reviews and my employer just bought me a new laptop with WiFi, so I really don't need a Smartphone.

I wanted a mid-priced phone with a camera and Sprint "Vision" multimedia capability. I used this site to research all the phones with these 2 features and this was the winner hands down.

Pros - DECENT camera (good for a cell phone, but not fantastic) WITH FLASH, which was a must. The flash works adequately and it takes reasonable quality snapshot photos. Excellent display with beautiful colors, comfortable to hold, easy to navigate. The phone feels sturdy, so I'm not worried about dropping it. Not important, but I like that it comes in 3 colors. Menus are self-explanatory. Sound quality is quite good and the speaker-phone works nicely as well. Additionally, I was worried about the quality of Sprint wireless service, but call quality has been consistent without dropped calls or interruptions - I was expecting worse.)

Cons - There are few. The phone seems to warm up pretty good after only a few minutes. Not bad, but it does seem to get pretty warm. Also, I hate the very flat keys as my fingers are chubby. It makes it hard to dial by touch. The extra "face plates" that are sold are really not face plates, but a cheap trim piece to add a little accent color. The free ones that come with the phone are fine, but they're selling extra colors in packs of 3 for $20!!! For 3 flimsy pieces of easily snapped plastic. Whatever! Also, they come in mostly garish or girly colors.

Overall.. LOVE

The Best Phone Sanyo's Ever Made!!!!!


Apr 16, 2007 by jsee

I love this phone alot! I got it free through phone insurance! I originally had the Sanyo 8100. But that got dropped in water. But i got this phone Febuary 13, 2007. The signal strengh is amazing and the sound quality is great. I'm having a little trouble with the text messaging but that about it. And the battery life sucks. I would recommend this phone to any body!!! (except people who like to talk!)

SWEEEET PHONE for the price


Jan 31, 2006 by bigben

First of all i think this phone bang for the buck is the bomb.....Keep your money for the real fun things in life. A phone is a convenience and this phone with it's easy to use features is it, convenient.

great phone


Oct 9, 2005 by lgvw0591

I got this phone for my son becouse i had a cingular plan then verizon then cingular and now my wife and i have nextel and my sons have sprint. they both got the 8200 and the hinges stopped clicking after like a week and the phone would just open by itself. so radioshack replaced them with 8300's and they are great! the 8300's hinge doesnt click. and the new buttons look better, but they are still green. the buttons aren't all green like the 8200 just the #s and letters. the menus are animated not just list. the video is ok and the camera is better than the 8200, just a little more grayish though. i still dont think im going to keep sprint though. now that sprint merged with nextel u can go from sprint to nextel without a cancellation fee. and since sprint and nextel cant walkie-talkie each other this is a big inconvenience. but this is a great phone. i would recommend it to anyone!

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