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Awesome Phone


Jul 19, 2005 by taipei72

AWESOME phone...

Amazing colors
Cool features(multimedia, sprint TV)
Decent Camera (guys it's a phone, not a camera).
Great Deal: An amazing $120.
Excellent Service by Sprint
Clearest speaker phone and voice calls
Decent Internet speed.

Browser could be better
Biggest Grudge: Why can't I have my own ring tone or be able to download own ring tone from the computer???

Could be added:
Have to buy my own usb cable to connect to computer
No case to put in.
Have to pay for any of the multimedia features on the Internet, but hey whoever said that the best things in life are for free !!!

Overall the best phone I have had for a long time. Beats the heck out of razr V3 on Cingular and sanyo 8200

Excellent Upgrade


Jul 12, 2005 by Sprint_George_Michael

I work for Sprint, so I have the opportunity to test/play with their line of phones each day. The 8200 was my favorite before the 7400 came out (which I still prefer over the 5600). I owned the 8200, and now I have the 7400 and love it. After dealing with the 8300, it seems to be an excellent addition to the Sanyo line (still the best phones among any wireless carrier.) Sprint is able to offer the video and battery life of the 7400, while maintaining the moderate price as had the 8200. I plan on buying it for my girlfriend next month for her birthday. To me, the only downside is the looks. Sanyo isn't known for being eye candy, but the colored ones are acceptable. The silver wouldn't be my first choice, but as I ask customers... "do you want a pretty phone, or a phone that WORKS?" If Sprint customers are able to look past the cosmetics, this is a great buy.

Great Phone. Big improvement from the 8200


Aug 3, 2005 by dregz

This phone is great. I had the 8200 and this is very similar except all the features have been improved. The sound on this phone is great, the ringers are loud, and the camera is nice for a cell phone. I have no complaints about this phone at all. This is so much nicer than the mm7400, in my opinion. Sanyo made a classic with this one!!!

MM8300 Great Phone


Jul 18, 2005 by Rose4uKY

So far no problems with the phone at all. I really like it. Coming from the 8200 it's awesome. It's like the 7400 in a smaller phone better price and the changeable face plates are cute. I got a silver one and am very happy with it.

You have Video and I have found several other new little cool features that the 8200 didn't have.. You can have a different background on the main and sub LCD. You can have my buddy turned off or on on both or just keep him on one and not the other. It has key echo which is no big deal but it talks out your numbers as you dial. You can add several shortcuts to the left when you click it instead of just one. It has 4 already there and I am not sure if you can delete those or if you can just add more.. I guess you can delete whats there and add your own..

I like the sound and the ear piece much better then my 8200. The best thing are these AAC/M4a ringers they rock. My ringers are really loud and clear better then QCP ringers but they take up more space. I've noticed a few other little things that the 8200 didn't have but I would recommend this phone.. It's similar to the 7400... Rose

Very happy with this phone


Nov 19, 2005 by luismacias

I've had this phone for two months now. Call and signal quality are good. I'm on Sprint in the Los Angeles area. The phone is very sturdy and battery life is about 4 days for me in between recharges. The speaker phone is loud and clear. The ringers are loud enough to be heard when its in a pocket or backpack. The display is bright and clear. Perhaps it doesn't have all the whistles such as bluetooth or megapixel camera but it functions well as a phone. Very pleased so far.

On another note, please remember to use this forum to rate phones themselves and not issues with carriers, such as the person who posted, 'Warning about Sprint'. We don't know if this person even owns the phone. Their lack of phone rating lowers this phone's ratings and may mislead or discourage potential users that base decisions on other users ratings.

Nice phone for everyone but the phone geek


Oct 14, 2005 by jcalcatms

This is really a nice phone. This phone has tons of features that will please about 90% of users. But to all those people crabbing about no Bluetooth and no infrared port, IT'S SPRINT! I have never seen infrared on any Sprint phone other than PDA phones, and Bluetooth is available on a very small number of phones. To expect it because of how much you paid is logical elsewhere, but not in the magic land of Sprint.

So, I'm a major phone nerd. The pros can be appreciated by most, and even some of this phone's myriad features will never be used by the average user. Keeping that in mind, this phone is awesome. The cons, though legitimate to phone nerds like me, will probably have little impact on most, but are worth noting.

-decent design and style
-available in many colors and color combinations with use of separate plastic accent pieces
-high quality external and internal displays
-ReadyLink capable
-good battery life
-decent camera
-many different camera controls (brightness, white balance [saturation], color tones, zoom, fun frames/stamps)
-videos, regardless of quality, are clear and smooth
-AWESOME speakerphone
-phone is capable of several functions while closed
-unlike previous Sanyos, external and internal displays function independently; have different screen savers for sub LCD and main screen
-pretty good call quality
-good reception (a given with Sanyo)
-multimedia capable

-unoriginal design (looks just like other recent Sanyos - could have been way more stylish) and somewhat bulky considering the latest trends in cell phones
-0.6, i repeat, 0.6 MP camera - come on, Sprint!!! $hould be at lea$t 1.0
-since camera is mounted on the top of the earpiece rather than near the axis, hands must be PERFECTLY still or else pics are blurry
-wide yet thin keys difficult to blind dial
-speakerphone sometimes just doesn't work
-ringers only get so loud, even when custom-programmed

Recommendations: Samsung MM700, Samsung MM880

Its alright.


Jul 18, 2005 by Teyanhung

This phone would be a really awesome phone if it had came out 6 months ago.


3 different colors with faceplates.


Subpar camera.
GREEN leds on buttons.
Stub antennae.
Design is not innovative.

almost a 7400


Oct 4, 2005 by nirby

i work for sprint and have had a number of phones this my current one. before this i had a 7400 which was the best phone ive ever owned, seen , or sold. the onloy edge the 8300 has is the size and the affordibility. its half the price the 7400 was. The speaker is not as thunderous but ringers still sound good. I drop minimal calls about the same on both. for the price out there the 8300 is the best phone on the marker right now. its multi media, very reliable, no known issues and is a sanyo. $80 on a new activation rules. almost a 5 if there was no such thing as a 7400

Sanyo...simply the best!


Sep 4, 2005 by verizon2sprint

Well I rejoined sprint after major difficulties with verizon (yes folks, there are still major glitches with "Get It Now" and pix messaging that Verizon does not easily admit to). I was torn between the 8200 and 8300 at the store and went with the 8300 because i was given a very nice "management discretion" discount. The phone is excellent. Ringers are very loud and speaker is great! It is very rare to find a phone that has a speaker that operates when the clamshell is closed so this is a major plus for sprint/sanyo. The addition of a videocamera to the already existing 8200 camera really made no difference to me. Video clips can only be 20 seconds in length so honestly, what can you film for 20 seconds? But reading 8200 reviews, it looks like sanyo has delivered what most 8200 users wanted with the addition of video.

Without a doubt, sanyo has a great phone with the 8300 and I'm sure it will be very popular with the next year. Only thing I am a little unhappy about is that sanyo's signature "click" sound on their clamshell phones when opening and closing was not put into this phone. Hopefully it will be included in a later 8400.

Liked it but expected more


Dec 25, 2006 by da_kid07

Coming from the PM-8200, I expected a bit more from this phone but wasn't completely dissatisfied.

- ringtones are loud
- solid build quality, takes a beating and functions fine
- battery life is good but is beginning to show signs of decreasing
- like the appearance, similiar to the 8200
- like the fact that it comes in different colors
- no sound issues with the speaker or earpiece

- sounds weird but I miss the click sound of the hinge from the PM-8200
- don't like the faceplates

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