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Awesome Phone!!


Nov 25, 2006 by loony12

I have had this phone 5 days now. It is the best phone I have ever had! The only thing that I do not like about this phone is that the camera sucks!


Great sound quality (itunes)
Micro SD flash card
Long Battery life
Thin design
Has USB connection
Bluetooth ringtones
MP3 playback
Easy to use (just like my former razr)
Lot more PROS Im sure, If i have it longer than 5 days
keypad lock
bright large display, lot better than razr


Small buttons
Notmuch PHONE MEMORY, HOWEVER has butt load of CARD MEMORY.
terrible camera
gets dirty easily

This phone is a small phone, but has tons of features like Bluetooth, SYNC (which i have no idea what it is), and USB connection

Cingular replaced the Motorola V3 RAZR with this phone.
Although it is not a flipphone i really like it!




Nov 16, 2006 by debken1

Not sure if it's an over 40 thing, but this phone has the worst speaker or volume I've ever owned. I miss most of the conversations and/or have dropped calls.
May be a problem with Cingular in the St. Louis MO region, not sure. Already received a warranty replacement and I'm the having the same problems - Volume isn't loud enough - even with the Bluetooth.

May upgrade when the time comes - or sooner.

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Jun 28, 2006 by juliusa

have a heard a lot of unfavorable things about these phones, but must disagree. I have owned Pals, Nokia smartphones, and even one Pocket PC phone (that lasted 2 days before I returned it!). I loved some of the functionality on the other phones, but frankly found it TOO much, like MSWord on a tiny screen? Never in a million years.
EBooks...love em, but too small for a lot of reading time. Camera? Not like my good one, no matter what the pixels. So why spend all those bucks? Music..ah, that's nice! Now I am not the only one in my family or school without music in my pocket (and I love that..I am a MUSIC teacher!)The other things loaded in the phone are enough..calendar, fun time camera, notes, calculator. I can even have a few books, with free software called READMANIAC that converts text and html ebooks for the phone and is VERY readable for a while! (I recommend it). Complaints about the 100 song limit are negligible, as you can use MULTIPLE 512 MB micro SD cards...I carry two in my wallet (they are CHEAP online), and one in the phone. I get 24 hours of music that way...more than my wife's NANO. So it s a bargain at the lower price. GET IT, its fun and beautiful, and worth the effort.

Looking for a replacement


Jun 3, 2006 by chebella82

This is by far the worst phone i have ever used, with any company, and i have tried out about 8 or 9 phones just in the past year. i like to try different ones just for fun.

size, obviously
looks nice
clear screen, but just like most phones now

buttons are HORRIBLE for text messaging. hard to distinguish between the numbers without looking at them and it takes forever.

so many quirks. turns on and off, rings when it's on vibrate, etc.

reception(probably mostly because of the t-mobile network but..) im in HOUSTON and i either get dropped calls or static, consistently. also my friends have told me that when they call me they sometimes get a recording that says "im sorry but the person you are trying to dial has stepped outside the coverage area" (and yes, i have swapped it out at the store for a different phone but with the same results)

speakerphone is crappy compared to other new phones esp. my friend's verizon razr.

camera is nothing to write home about

i would go on with some more cons but im getting bored with typing. don't waste your money on this very over-rated phone.

No need for an iPod anymore!


Mar 26, 2006 by changal

Pros - Ultra slim, great reception, good battery life and best of all iTunes that can be modded to a 1000 song limit -

Cons - 1GB TF cards are the largest available for now - can store about 300 songs



Feb 17, 2006 by countryboy14215

This is by far the best, coolest, and most featured phone I have ever owned. i love the itunes feature, sure its only 100 songs but c'mon, if you want more just get an ipod, i did. the camera isn't the best, it has "OK" resolution, but it'd be better if it had flash. overall it has awsome service, i have never drooped a call.the call clarity is also great.

pros: itunes plays great on the speaker, the speaker is loud and clear. camera. size. everything

cons: i cant think of any



Feb 12, 2006 by kennethL

First I want to start with the cons (though very few):

1) The microphone is in a very weird spot, on the side of the keypad. I like to talk on the phone by holding it inbetween my head and shoulder. However when I do that with this phone my face covers the hole, and my voice sounds muffled to my friends. It is a minor inconvenience, and I will just have to get used to wearing a headset.

2) VERY DROPPABLE! I am very nervous about how easily the phone could slip right out of my hands due to its thinness. Do yourself a favor and get the insurance on the phone, and get a case for it.

3) It should be a flip phone. They are just so much cooler. It should have been another version of the RAZR.

Some say that the display resolution and the camera are crap. While they might not be up to the greatest standards, you have to think of it this way:

$100 RAZR
+$100 iPod mini
=$200 SLVR

If it had an MP camera built in, yes it would be the perfect phone. But that would bring the price up another $100 at least. I think $200 is a very reasonable price for what you are getting.

The pros:
Read all the previous reviews. It is an amazing phone! Everything I expected it to be!

Note: If you use Mobile Phonetools, make sure you update it! I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work with my slvr until I realized that it needed to be updated several times.

SLVR is Slick!


Feb 12, 2006 by coasterguy

I just sold a great Verizon phone (V325) to make the switch to Cingular as my roomate has them. I just wanted to try this phone out. It cost me $175.00 to end my contract with Verizon to give this a try.


-Great Look & Feel
-Solid construction
-Sound is awesome
-graphics are up to date
-Good signal
-sound quality
-came with most of the accessories
-fair price
-hidden antenna
-(not upset that I ended Verizon yet)


-Typical fingerprints all over
-keyboard a little small for big fingers
-Wish you could change a few of the "Main" quick keys.

Overall I think this is one of the coolest phones I have owned to date. I have had a lot. From sprint-Verizon-Cingular-back to verizon- and now Cingular again. I am happy I made the switch so far. The two companies are about the same in my experience they both have some pros and cons. Cingular does seem to always get the "cooler" phones first though. I also like the blue and orange thing. :)

Speaker stopped working


Jun 6, 2006 by brandonb

I really like this phone... However, after about 45 days. The speaker suddenly stopped working... Anyone else heard of this problem? Damn cool phone though...

Definitely better than the Razr


Feb 9, 2006 by greedtx

I have been through 3 razrs. It wont navigate correctly through the internet and the battery meter is all screwed up so i took a chance on this phone. This phone beats the Razr hands down.


Classy looking
Great sound
Good signal strength
Clear calls
Great video camera


not a flip phone

Buy this phone. It has everything you need.

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