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Mar 18, 2006 by infoman

I just trailed this phone for about a week. Nice phone! Standard Motorola menus and functions. The voice quality is excellent, ringers and sound level also excellent. The only disapointment is the small size of the display.

Well Built
Great call quality.
Sleek attractive design.
Voice Dial
Excellent Battery life

Small Screenar Size
Keypad is difficult to use.

Great for everything but TALKING


May 2, 2006 by thomasmallen

When I first got this phone, I fell in love with it. The features: amazing. The screen: amazing. The body: amazing.

Then I made my first call...
*The speaker is incredibly quiet. At maximum (7) volume, t is at least as quiet as the lowest volume on my former Sanyo Vi-2300. This makes hearing the person on the other end very tough normally, and impossible in public (i.e. semi-crowded) places.

*The people I called complained that I sounded muffled and I often had to repeat myself...

Is this what you want when using a phone?? As I said, magnificent piece of electronics, but very disappointing as a PHONE.

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Great phone!


Feb 13, 2006 by jrkeyboard

- Feels very solid
- Looks awesome
- Best signal I've ever had with a phone that has an internal antenna
- Good speaker
- iTunes is very convenient and works great
- 512mb memory card included
- Data transfers quicker than my old phone

- Address book, can't have multiple numbers under a single name... it lists each number as a seperate entry in your contact list, as opposed to my old LG which only showed the name once, and then you could view all numbers and choose which one you wanted to call

If it weren't for the address book issue I mentioned above... I would have given this phone 5 stars. I've only had it for about a week, but I love it, and I'm sure I'll be holding onto it for quite a while.

It doesn't last


Mar 23, 2006 by daman062184

This phone did not meet my expectations at all. I did not like the way the phone sounded.
Super thin
My screen broke within a week of my purchase
Very Expensive
I-tunes (only 100 at the most though)
Speaker sounds horrible
resoultion sucks
If you're looking for a nice thin phone that can work for you.. It definitely ain't this one here. Just go for the **Samsung Blade** instead.



Nov 11, 2006 by VintaqeRomance

I got this phone before it hit Cingular stores here in the U.S. because I wanted one no one had yet...few months later of course they're everywhere and the Chocolate comes out (which feels much nicer in your hands). Overall I was pretty satisfied with this phone, had all the bells&whistles but with my small hands I wanted something lighter so I eventually sold it.


+ Attractive
+ Thin, just slides into your pocket
+ Awesome graphics/resolution
+ Mp3 Player, holds 100songs!
+ Spearkphone
+ Bluetooth
+ Loud ringers
+ Great battery life (charged every 2-3days)


- Choppy calls
- Heavy metal feel
- Keys too flat would hit wrong buttons while texting (don't like the Motorola keypads too much)
- If dropped easily scratch the keys and LCD

slvr great cell phone. not so great music speaker


Nov 6, 2006 by samie

its an ok cell. and for its time when it was introduced it was a pretty thin cell phone. of course now, there are cell phones half the thinness factor, and can do the same if not better features. it has a good speaker phone for talking. but the i tunes music player speaker is not loud at all. and worse when you have the headphones on. i got pretty good reception with the cell phone. i also hate how small the keys are. and i don't like the design. i don't like i tunes on motorola cell phones. and i particularly like motorola. i hate how long the razrs take so long to turn on. unlike the slvr. i also hatee the vga camera on the slvr and razr. it's scratchy looking. and the video makes things look like blocks. not a great cell phone if your looking for a camera cell phone. the internet is good quality though. so i give it a 3.5 out of 5! ttyl!!!!

SLVR L7 Great Phone!!!


Oct 4, 2006 by Teepers

I have had this phone for a few weeks now and I honestly can say it is the best phone I have owned. Previous reviews have stated that ear piece volume was low but I have found that not to be the case. This phone replaced a V557 and I can't tell a difference in ear piece volume between the two at all. This phone, for me, gets better reception (Cingular) especially inside my house, where I had issues with reception before. In other words in it's primary capacity as a phone it performs very well!!!

The overall design, feel and fit and finish of the phone are excellent and ITunes works flawlessly. Sound quality using the provided ear-buds is very good. Sure it only has a 100 song limit but for God's sake ITS A PHONE!! The new desktop ITunes v7 recognizes the phone as a phone and not a shuffle and dragging and dropping songs onto the phone is easy as could be. USB 1.0 is a tad slow but nothing to worry about IMHO...so I have to wait another minute or two to download some songs it's not the end of the world.

-Great recepetion (Cingular in DFW)
-Good ear piece volume
-Great design and quality construction

-USB 1.0 (kinda slow but not bad)
-Volume rocker button on side of phone somewhat hard to press.



Sep 8, 2006 by big88twin

I had to replace my Nokia 6230 (such a great phone too), and opted for the SLVR L7 basically because Cingular seems to be phone challenged. I thought it was a good phone doing most things marginally well. However, I returned it for the Razr V3i, and for me was a better size phone for my large hands. However, I returned it the next day, and took my SLVR back. The V3i was a good phone, but I just couldn't live with the fading screen, and smart button putting it into camera mode when I opened the phone fat fingering the smart button. I was happy to take back my SLVR, and live with the .3 camera, no edge, or IR. I did get the extended battery for it which makes it feel better in my hand. All in all it is a better phone choice then the V3i.

Blue-tooth pairs easy
Easy to hot swap the SD card
Speaker phone is good but could be louder
Better price then the Razr V3i

No high speed edge
Phone memory could be more V3i has triple of the SLVR
Camera could be better
Email I can receive, but cant send
TXT message never sure it actually was sent cause it stays in the out-box

Good phone, crappy Cingular service =


Sep 2, 2006 by smokinboot

I bought a new SLVR L7 (The unlocked non-iTunes international version) and went to the cingular store to sign up. They signed me up really quickly, and I was happy... until I make my first phone call.
My friend, whom I never had reception issues with in the past, said to me on my first phone call to her with my new phone, "wow you sound like **** now, I dont like your new phone".

I delt with it for about a week, having MANY DROPPED calls... really bad reception, people not hearing me, me not hearing anyone... even at times it seemed like my phone froze up (kinda like a frozen PC when it crashes) and I couldnt hang up a call - I had to power cycle the phone just to get it to hang up one time!
So I then go back to the Cingular store to ask for help.... Well since I didnt buy it from their store, they basically refused to help me.

Next, I called the customer service # trying to get help. I then talked to a nice gentleman about my plight (many dropped calls, bad service, etc) and he then explained to me that my phone, is actually a "generic phone", not made for any particular carrier and thats why my service has been really ****ty. He said that their phones, branded with the Cingular logo, has special technology inside which help them work very well with Cingular. After another question about why I couldnt download any apps onto my phone (which was met with the same answer.. generic phone, not compatible), we came to the conclusion that im S.O.L. and thats that.

So sorry for the long post.. but im now stuck with a great phone, but absolute ****ty service - and I live on Long Island, close to NY City, where one would think I have great service almost anywhere!

The reason I went with an unlocked SLVR was that I really HATE iTunes, and I dont want to have to deal with their propritary music formats & costs, and that I heard iTunes only makes the phones work really ****ty on top of that.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?

Ed. note: censored foul language

Pocket lint is better


Aug 30, 2006 by cingsuk

The 'phone' is the worst thing I've ever dealt with. This thing turns off, loses connection, or just seems to go off the network on a nearly daily basis. 2-3 times a week my wife is yelling at me because she's been calling all day, but my phone is not on-line - I look at the phone and there is no indication that there is any problems.

Then there is the infamous contact list management. it is pointless to put a lot of contacts in here - it will take forever to find anything with the pitiful 'search' capability. The phonetools software doesn't help this situation - there are numerous undocumnted restrictions that mess up you contact list database. The phone complains of low memory space, but when I check there is ~40% free space.

The iTunes is limited to holding only 100 songs.

Other than it fits easily in to a pocket, I'm not sure there is anything on this device I could recommend. I can not express how awful I think this phone is.

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