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Good while it lasted..


Jul 13, 2007 by Tauro72

This phone was the one I used to get my wife to change her mind to leave Sprint. hehe!!

In fact, we went to the store specifically to see another phone at the old Cingular stores over a year and half ago, and end up getting this one instead because of the much netter speaker for music and overall look.


1. Very durable and sleek.
2. Was the best overall when it came out.


1. iTunes music format only.
2. It used to freeze up at the beginning and every now and then will too when using Bluetooth.

We are no long with Cingular/AT&T and we saw an updated version at the Verizon store, but good thing that am not the type that gets comfortable with things and always wants new things. My wife has an LG that she might change to another LG, hehe!! and I have the MotoMAXXve which it does everything that this phone does but 100 times better..

Simply Amazing


Jun 12, 2007 by imso-overit

I'm impressed..

-BATTERY LIFE is long lasting
-DESIGN is slim, sleek, and very attractive
-SCREEN is large, vibrant, fantastic quality
-CAMERA is good, needs a light
-BLUE-TOOTH works like a charm
-VOLUME of the phone is perfect
-FEATURES are endless
-SERVICE is available any and everywhere
-ITUNES are better than ever minus the limit

-WIRELESS INTERNET is average, but acceptable
-KEYS are small and hard to use, not the best for text messaging. but after a little bit with the phone you'll get used to it

If you are looking for a great phone thats user friendly and has everything you could ever ask for in a slim design..

this is the phone for you.



Dec 22, 2006 by joe1slvr

I upgraded from the Nokia 3220 to the SLVR and I am very happy that I did. I am suggesting this phone to anyone that is looking for an awesome phone.

Battery Life
Signal is excellent
Speaker Quality
All the other features

Camera can be alittle better

Good Phone, Better then RAZR


Mar 31, 2006 by jasonKnight

All in all I have very little complaints about this phone.

- Screen is same size as the V551/V557 all in all a great screen quality.
- BlueTooth works perfectly, no problems with any of the headsets i have tryed it with. (h500, h700, hs820, hs850)
- iTunes is hackable to 1000 songs in about 5 minutes of work
- Has better reception then the V557 and a little bit better then the RAZR
- Has 3 hours more talk time then the RAZR

- iTunes only comes standard with 100 song limit
- Only up to a 1gb Flash Card is available
- Bluetooth does reset the volume to 4 every now and again.

Other then those few problems. This is much better then my V600.

Best Cell Phone I Ever Purchased!


Feb 4, 2006 by encore

This phone is hands down the greatest cell phone I have ever purchased. The amount of features this phone has is great. iTunes works great on the phone and the speakers are perfect. I have had no trouble transferring my songs to the phone. Also, I was able to send ringtones from my brother's RAZR through the bluetooth within a matter of seconds. Of course, the camera is only a VGA camera so it is not amazing, but it satisfies my needs. Many people dislike the fact that it only holds up to 100 songs, however, I do not feel need to have any more than 100 songs on a cell phone. The phone's nice, sleek design allows it to fit easily into your pocket without noticing it's even there. It's definately an eye catcher.

Excellent speakers
Sleek design
Endless amount of functions (camera, video camera, bluetooth, speakerphone etc)
512MB memory card included

Small number keys; however, after you get used to them it is fine.

I highly recommend this phone to everyone. It beats the RAZR and is definately worth the money.

Totally Satisfied!


Jan 23, 2006 by techfreak

I bought my SLVR L8 from Mobileplanet. It is the UK version, but I don't see a difference from the razr I sold (other then it is a bar phone). I paid 328.00 shipping included. The phone is everything I expected. I called Cingular and they walked me through the programing, and it had been flawless. The transflash is a plus for moving ringers and pictures to the phone. As for compactness, it is about the same as the razr. I carry it in my pocket without any problem. It dosen't have a ear jack, so I have to listen to my mp3's using the speaker, but I have a ipod so it is no big deal. Motorola did good with this phone and I will probably keep it for a while.

best trendy motorola


Jun 4, 2006 by bobdobbins

With their trendy naming conventions motorola has been dropping some stylish phones recently including the razr, pebl, and slvr; and in the smartphone arena the Q. I own the razr, pebl, and slvr and use Cingular and I would have to say the SLVR is the most solid. It has great features as the other two but also has itunes and external memory.

I like it's keypad the best because each number has a slightly raised rubber surface, superior to razr or pebl. The directional pad is also better than the pebl or slvr because it has feel to it, opposed to being mostly flat.The only con I have, and it's a personal preference, is that it falls sideways in my pocket and i don't think there are very good holsters for bar phones. As far as signal goes it's about the same as the razr, the pebl actually gets the best reception for me. Once again I use Cingular.

Try this phone out for yourself, I let my friends borrow it and they love it.



Apr 10, 2006 by caesar6591

I got this cell phone as a gift for getting good grades in early March. I really like it.

After seeing everyone with their RAZE phones I wanted one because I loved the way they look. My mom took me to Verizon to get one but I hated the Verizon UI so much, I did not get it and I went to Cingular and purchased the SLVR.

I got it for $250 on a one year contract with Cingular. I think that is a fair price. It comes with, the phone (obviously), a charger, a iTunes CD, and a USB thingy.

AMAZING OVERALL APPERANCE (I find myself just looking at it because I love it so much).
MOTOROLA UI (Call me crazy but I love the UI. It is easy to use and looks very cool).
BLUETOOTH (I love this feature because with my Motorola H700 I can hear better with it than with the phone itself).
ITUNES (I think that this is so cool on a phone. 100 song limit bothers me, but I have an iPod).
SPEAKERPHONE (This is a must have on a phone for me. The clarity of it is not the best but it works).

CLARITY OF CALLS (I find myself asking the person if they are there and they have the same issue with me during a conversation).
ADDRESS BOOK (The fact that I cannot store mutiple numbers under one's name bothers me).

Other than that I cannot think of anything else. This is a great phone for the money and I am glad I decided on this one. I recommend this phone to anyone. It does not
have insurance right now and it will not until June of 2006.

Great Solid Phone!


Jan 27, 2006 by lovephones82

Its thin, it's very solid, feels like a nice piece of jewelry. Hehe! But anyways, love using it as an mp3 player. I have a 256mb card and about 100 songs. Speaker is really clear for being so small. The screen is amazing. Its really bright and vibrant everyone comments on it. The phone is just plain sexy. I have the vodafone version and it has no itunes limit like the americn version will. So i can 200 plus songs if i want.

Not a RAZR but a SLVR!!!


Jan 13, 2006 by coojeans99

I just bought this phone about a couple of days ago and I can already say I'm satisfied for how much I paid for it. I'm a previous RAZR V3 and Sony Ericsson W600 user and I'd have to say it's basically both phones put together but in a better way.

-Impressive speaker quality
-Quick data transfers
-Solid build and small for what it is capable of doing (4.47" x 1.93" x 0.45")
-Signal is excellent everywhere I've been so far
-Expandable micro SD/Trans Flash memory up to 512MB
-Very user friendly, I didn't even need to take out the manual to figure out how to use everything
-It is way faster than my Motorola Razr V3
-Overall it's one of the best phones i've owned for awhile
-Look at it it, it's SHARP! If you're a Bar phone fan, this is the one

-If you had it shipped overseas into the United States then you gotta get use to having the little green roaming triangle on the top left, but you can get that fixed by someone who is familiar with the firmware
-When you transfer songs or pictures you need to transfer it to the phone first, then from the phone you need to move the mp3 to the memory, otherwise if I didn't have to do that all the time for my pictures and sounds I'd give it a 5

For some reason it gives an error when you try to transfer big files straight to the phone. I wish it would go straight into the micro SD/Trans Flash Memory

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