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The most customizable phone I have found!


Feb 20, 2007 by DJDave

If your looking for a phone that you can access and customize without any additional software this is the phone for you!


You don't need any software to upload ringtones or pictures to your phone.
One thing that makes this phone great is that you can download pictures and video that you take right to your computer, so instead of emailing the pictures to yourself just hook it up to your computer and it pops up as a flash drive in My Computer. I repeat YOU DO NOT NEED SOFTWARE for this phone! This is why I chose this phone over the RAZR.
If you are having a hard time accessing your phone and iTunes keeps popping up just disable iTunes from automatically starting when a device is attatched and that should solve your problem.

I have done amazing things with this phone, it comes with an adapter so you can hook up your phone to normal headphones which I actually took advantage of and bought a wireless FM car transmitter so I can listen to my iTunes in my car.

I have made custom mp3s and uploaded them to my phone as a ringtone, things you can't even download from any site to use as a ringtone.

In order to make an MP3 that you upload a ringtone you must upload it to the audio folder on your phone. Then, on your phone, go to sounds and move the sound file from the card to the phone and then you can apply it as a ringtone.

I haven't tried to upload video to my phone yet but I'm sure you can, I can get the video files off of my phone and put them on my computer and watch them with real player. I've also seen converters to convert movie files to .3g2 and other cellphone video files.


The only 2 complaints is that it doesn't have a voice record feature and I like my music loud and the USB factory headphones they supply don't seem loud enough to me, definitely not as loud as a normal iPod but then again this is a phone.

SLVR Sucks


Feb 19, 2007 by xavierinthenati

This is the worst phone I've ever had. The only PRO is iTunes.

-At least two dozen times I've gotten "Insert SIM" error, and I have to take the battery out and put it back in to clear the error (errr, sometimes that works, other times I wait in agony)
-When people call me, a lot of times they hear themselves echo
-Some people call and don't even get voice mail, just straight to a recording saying that they cannot get through
-You cannot talk on this with the phone on your shoulder because it's too small - blue tooth outside of your car is gay
-Internet brower is not user friendly - try to find how to type in a URL
-Speaker phone is awful - might as well not even have one
-Battery life is piss poor - less than a day
-Camera cannot be used at night - no flash

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Design both strength and weakness


Feb 8, 2007 by nothingwitty


Size and looks: No wonder the 4LTR line has been good for Motorola. Super thin. No longer looks like I'm happy to see you when in the pocket of dress pants.

RF and battery. So far so good. Cingular in Chicago. RF has been the same as my Nokia.

The UI has been much more intuitive and useful that I anticipated. Getting used to address book. Customize any button. Menu and response speed are instant. The confirmation delay when you change settings is annoying.

iTunes: Since both my iPod and cell were stolen together, this feature might come in handy. Was basically seamless. Interface just like the iPod. Transfer speed slow. Songs limited to 100 which is only annoying in principal. The iPhone is on the way anyway. There are software hacks to fix this. Incls an adapter so you can connect any headphones.

iTap: I already like it much better than the T9 Nokia uses.


These might be if-I-were-king or because I'm just not used to it

Zero tactile control: Can’t find the call answer/end buttons in the dark, while driving, etc.

Keypad is offset, with the middle row (2,5,8,0) further down than the other rows (see the photos). Makes it difficult to do anything w/o looking at the phone. Why not have simple buttons laid out like a grid with the edges etched and the #s flush?

Side keys: Flimsy silver plastic, difficult to get at, really gotta get in there, which is difficult with man fingers.

Phone tools: Just include software, Motorola, don't make me buy it. Nothin fancy, just something to transfer my address book.

And my old man complaints:

Handset and speakerphone volume too quiet. But, the volume for the ringer and iTunes is OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD.

Screen font too small, esp for caller ID: Such a big nice pretty screen, why can't they fill it with the persons name/number when you have an incoming call?

While I thought the User Interface would bother me, it turns out the design is unfortunately its strength and weakness.

I love this phone!!


Feb 3, 2007 by borderhopping89

-very vibrant screen
-loud speaker and speaker phone works great
-great reception
-itunes is an easy access
-everything runs smoothly
-easy computer access
-navigation is superb
-battery life is good
-slim and well designed
-easy menu operations

-VGA camera should be megapixels
-powering on camera is sluggish
-video playback is blocky even on highest setting
-vibration could be stronger
-no stereo speakers

one of ma fave moto phone


Jan 16, 2007 by motorolaaa

I love motorola phones and until now im still enjoyin changing from one moto phone to other moto phones
i have RAZR, PEBL, RIZR, and SLVR of course..
For me, SLVR has the biggest love from me..

*Speakerphone! omg this is the best speakerphone among the other 3 moto phones i have
*Slim! super sexy.. i just love to hold it
*camera is kool
*mine comes with many skins
*MP3 player (if you dont have iTunes, the moto MP3 player can still rock your world)
*memory card slot, when it was first released, it was kind of hard to find a phone with memory card slot..
*if you like to have fun and need a phone that can do most of everything in a touch of a button, then SLVR is the one you want!

Cons: NONE



Jan 2, 2007 by Kadensmommy

I have had my SLVR since October and I have yet to be disappointed in it.


You CAN transfer your music into the ringer folder (I have read and been told by other's that you cannot do this.)

*Loud Speaker

*iTunes (I love)~could hold more music

*Great signal (even in places other's do not have it)

*Clear and large display (comparable to my BLADE that I previously had)

*Easy to navigate

*Durable (I have dropped mine a few times)


*Camera is horrible unless subject is completely still

*Video camera is even worse. Lags quite a bit during recording/play back

*Keypad takes a bit to get used too. Very small

Otherwise, I have had no problems with the phone and I am happy with it. Hope this helps someone else in their decision in purchasing a new phone!

Love the phone, Hate the volume


Dec 28, 2006 by rskyles

Okay, I love the MP3 player and the clear sound it gives when I wear my headphones; however, the main reason I have the phone is to communicate with others. If there is ANY noise around me, unless I have the headphones on, I STRUGGLE to hear people with whom I am talking. I have the volume turned all the way up, but it still is way too low.

Speaker phone option works better, but then you get a sort of delay, so it's hard to have a normal flowing conversation that way.

I need serious help.


Dec 25, 2006 by kaxizalque

Guys, I am Prakhar from India. I have Just bought the Motorola SLVR L7. This phone is supoosed to have that iTunes feature. But my phone just shows that it has Digital Audio PLayer...IS that supposed to be iTunes?? Plzz help me...and also tell me where to find my bluetooth (it doesnt sem to be in settings where it usually is in the V3I)

Hardware good, software bad


Nov 30, 2006 by fcaulder

The folks who built this phone did a good job making a sturdy, attractive, compact telephone. The buttons are large enough, the screen is large, and the ringer is nice and loud. The lack of infrared (for beaming contacts) is a shame, but not quite a deal breaker.

Too bad the software group screwed up an otherwise servicable phone with some really stupid decisions. For instance:

1. If you use a bluetooth headset, you lose your custom ringtone. There's no way to have both at the same time. Come on, Moto!

2. You can't sort the address book by last name. Duh!

3. To take a picture with the crummy camera and save it to the card, it takes about 10 different button clicks. Why so complicated?

4. The address book empties itself from time to time. (!)

5. No way to sync addressbook on your PC without purchasing additional software. (A real problem if you consider #4.)

6. No automatic keylock. If you don't want to make "pocket calls," you have to press two keys every time you put the phone away.

And it goes on like this. It's like the software folks had never used a telephone before. Most free phones are better designed, and I paid $200 for this thing!

I've contacted Motorola about some of these issues, and they've promised they would be fixed with a software update. But that was six months ago, and there's no update yet. I seriously doubt I'll ever buy another Motorola product. Sheesh.

I'd recommend this phone if Motorola followed through and fixed these problems, but as it is, you'll be disappointed after you start living with this phone.

The best phone I've ever used


Sep 10, 2006 by charron


- high casing quality;
- brilliant screen;
- excellent keypad, especially for text messaging;
- signal everywhere (Plus GSM, Poland);
- amazing battery life (9-11 days);
- works with Sandisk's microSD cards even up to 2 GB pretty good;
- wide accessories range;
- high sound volume and quality;
- good worth for money;


- slow Bluetooth connection;
- loses signal when its upper part is covered, for example by owner's hand;
- emits a loud ugly signal every 3 minutes when battery is low;

Good 4 everybody - 4 work, 4 fun and entertainment.

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