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It's the nuts


Feb 1, 2006 by kmak

Just got the phone yesterday from Cingular, and so far I am very happy with this phone. I had the RAZR for a year, and to me, it is the RAZR in a better form factor with iTunes built in.

Still waiting for the SHIV


Feb 11, 2006 by shakm45t3r

I was expecting a larger screen with better resolution than this thing. I'm offended by the video mode, it shouldn't be choppy. I also would expect stereo speakers, being that its got iTunes & at least a mega-pixel camera(VGA is crap) would have been nice. The large memory card is good, but only used for itunes music. The speaker is good but a little distorted at times. Built quality is top notch, & directional pad is easier to use than on the razr. Battery life is better than I expected. Charging port is in a stupid location. Also it should have a separate headphone jack on the top of the phone. This phone would be complete if it had an FM tuner.

1)Well Built
3)Battery Life
4)Memory Card is Huge
5)Perfect size

1)No Seperate Headphone Jack
2)Screen is not as high of a quality as I would like.
3)Video mode is a joke.
4)VGA camera (CCD would be nice)
5)External speaker isn't the best

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Great Phone


Oct 9, 2006 by captain crunch

I have owned this phone for 1 month now. It has been Great. All the features on this slim phone are awesome. The only down fall is I bought this phone on ebay. It is one of the many unlocked ones that came from overseas. But, It came from a seller in the U.S. I bought it at a great price, but now I'm paying the price. The problem is I have been trying to work with cingular to get the INTERNET working and picture mail to work. The music player is not the regular Itunes. So took some getting use to. Plus it came with a euro charger and us adapter. I bought a new home charger at the store because the other on is a pain to deal with. So Beware when you buy a phone that is unlocked and unbranded. Make sure you know all the facts.

It's okay, BUT not all that and a bag of chips!


Jul 28, 2006 by mobileaddict

The SLVR looks cool because it is so thin, but leaves me looking for more. :(


Small Screen
Tiny Keys
s-l-o-w Menus

It just lacks that special something...

nice phone, didn't work out for me


Jun 25, 2006 by jespensc

Bought my L7 SLVR from coolbee, dropped in a 512mb transflash/microSD card, and generally enjoyed the phone for about a month. However, among several faults I found the UI to be pretty annoying (I'm used to the SE interface) and the signal reception was truly disappointing.

Specifically, I have a daylight-basement office, from which I could make and receive calls on my old T610 with no significant static or dropped calls. Reception was right on the edge for the SE K750i I purchased along with this SLVR -- the K would receive calls if I held it up to my head, but if I set it on the desk, I would occasionally miss calls. The SLVR would neither receive or make calls anywhere in the office. Receiving calls from my wife when she tried out the phone was similarly disappointing -- the signal reception would drop off (her voice would become unintelligible or the call would just drop) in areas where she previously had no problem, such as inside her office building or driving thru a short tunnel.

The final straw was the incompatibility with T-Mobile's message-waiting indicator and other phone-management SMS messages, which caused the phone to lock up repeatedly. I probably could have solved this with some time on the phone with T-Mo, but I chose to sell the phone to a friend who likes the UI.

Pro: Best speakerphone I've ever used. Nice Media player, with easy hacks for Tunes. Transflash/MicroSD is cheap for large cards. Dead sexy keypad is far FAR better than the one on the cheapo L6. Nice to see another phone with standard USB connector on the side. Pocketable. Good battery life even with Bluetooth turned on.

Con: Awful 900/1800 signal reception. Dropped calls everywhere. Dead sexy keypad is nearly impossible to use without looking. Camera resolution is behind the times. Video clips are so grainy/choppy as to be worthless. USB connector adapter required for standard headset. Glass shows every last pore and drop of skin oil on your cheek after you answer a call.

Great Phone


Mar 31, 2006 by trelane

Love this phone. Sturdy build, loads of features, and easy to use. I cannot elaborate much more on the reviews already posted here, but I thought I would share a few thoughts after using this phone a little while.

I love the screen on this thing. It is just pure eye-candy beauty. It easily compares to my girlfriend's s710 in contrast, crispness, and color depth. The screen on this thing easily surpassed my expectation.

I love the itunes, and find that, at least for now, the hundred song limit isnt necessarily a bother. If I want more, I will dig up my large capacity mp3 player. I find it convenient to have my 100 favs with me at all times.

Computer interface is also a breeze too. MPT is great and all, but if you are only using it for xferring mp3 ringtones and graphics, just disable any itunes services you have running and attach phone. It will be recognized as a removeable drive, just make sure to xfer the appropriate file times to their respective folder on the transflash card and after xfer, just make sure the sounds you want to use for ringers are xferred from tf card to phone memory. Easy as pie, then reboot or restart itunes services if you need to do anything with that. All this and no need to buy mpt...unless you like the interface and other features.

2 gripes about this phone. Video converted to 3gp always seems have the video lag behind the sound. Not sure if this is normal, or if it is due to read time of the transflash card, or perhaps is was a sloppy software conversion to 3gp, i dunno. Every video I put on this thing always seems to lag behind the audio in the video. Not sure how to fix it.

second gripe is bluetooth hands free. When paired with bt headset, apparently, ringer id's are suspended while connected. I don't like this, and if it is the result of a setting, I cannot seem to find a reference to in in the owner's manual.

All in all, those are minor annoyances to an otherwise fantastic phone. I would recommend it to anyone!

solid but lacking


Mar 12, 2006 by ae17igma

Although this is the best phone I have owned to date, most of them were fairly basic phones with no flashy features. Granted this phone will turn heads wherever you go, it falls shorts to my expectations.
For instance, any ringtones on the expandable memory card will not be applicable to the phonebook. Plus, any names not in the internal memory will exclude them for adding ringer/picture id.
Personally, I found the RAZR to be a bit more user-friendly than the SLVR. At first I was skeptical about purchasing Motorola because I previously owned a V505 and it was slow and the call quality/speakerphone/earpiece was terrible. The speakerphone on the SLVR is not as great as I would like but the earpiece allows for crystal-clear calls.
If you plan to transfer files between the phone and pc, be warned: it's painfully slow. I have read that it still uses USB 1.1.
It's a decent almost basic phone with a few features. The screen is by far one of the best I have ever seen and the light sensitive keypad is a pretty neat feature. The overall attractive design of the SLVR will surely catch anyone's eye.

-solid build
-beautiful screen
-slick bronze keypad (light sensitive)
-clear calls
-great reception
-light-weight, thin
-typing text is quick

-5mb internal memory
-picture quailty could be better
-no flash for camera
-not as user-friendly as i would have liked
-no headphone jack
-slow transfers of files
-keypad might be difficult for someone with large fingers



Nov 9, 2006 by imahdivadammit

I've had almost every phone you could imagine, but this is by far the best one yet.

1. MP3 Player(100 songs) with awesome headset, that allows you to recieve a call at the same time.
2. Size - its small and cute..
3. the sound is awesome (ringtones and music)
4. battery lasts longer than most phones

1. Sometimes there is a wild noise when recieving and sending calls through..
2. Cannot be insured by Cingular!!! (Setup)



Apr 24, 2006 by toohey_lfc

I have ordered this phone but i have heard it has hardly any memory, a 5MB memory, but i have also heard that you get a 512MB memory card when you get the phone. I don't know how much memory you get! This phone looks fab and sounds great!

Very Satisfied


Feb 21, 2006 by 3ntropy

great phone...i just got it 5 days ago. easy to use and learn. love the bluetooth, microsd card, tunes, can't stand the slow internet (GPRS) or the really bad camera (VGA).


speaker (songs)
good accessories
hard plastic screen cover
bar model


port location is stupid
only one port
gprs internet
camera (vid. and dig.)
in-call speaker

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