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slvr = winner


Aug 29, 2006 by carlbeaty33

i love my slvr. i have went threw a razr and a SE w600i i like this one the best its not thick or to small. it just a razr with itunes and it has more games and more memory if u want a good phone i would suggest this phone.

BIG FEATURES...small package...


Aug 18, 2006 by Euroboy

Before getting the Moto L7 SLVR, I went through the LG Music Player Phone Thing...And The Slide Up Samsung that they have now, with alot of dissapointment. I was ready to give up on Cingular...UNTIL the SLVR....And it comes with everything...USB Cable, 512MB Memory Card, Head Phones, Charger..ETC..

State: IL


Nice screen, very bright.
I-Tunes W/ 100 Songs
Battery Lasts FOREVER!!! 1 Charge in 3 days while playing music, talking, everything...
LOUD ringtones
Good Menus


Camera needs a little work...
Ear Peice is a little quiet...

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Moto Slvr Must Buy


Aug 10, 2006 by preppyperson21

I think it is a great looking phone. The sex appeal is high. All chicks love it. :) Much better then the Rzr. My old phone the Rzr broke into like 5 pieces. I dropped this phone pretty good quite a few times and pretty much just a little scratch. There isnt very many cons on this phone. But it is very complicating to make Your I tunes ring tones. But it is possible. Im trying to figure it out.

You Know You've Got Something Sharp In Your Hand


Jun 13, 2006 by GAShooter

What a great toy! This phone has it all. 262K screen (to all those who think that it's not enough, THEY DON'T GET ANY BETTER!) speaker phone, massive removable memory chip, and i-Tunes. It may only hold a hundred songs, but when was the last time anyone listened to 100 songs straight on an i-POD anyway. Good sound for a super small speaker, nice slim design for pocket carry, and a hell of loud ringer add to the goodies. It's nice to be able to not pay twice for screen savers and ringers in the event something happens to the phone. As long as they are saved on the memory chip (and assuming the phone is not lost), you don't have to replace them. My first L7 acted up, so I exchanged it, and I'm crusin'. Sometimes we all get a bad phone, and some of us cannot be satisfied, PERIOD.

Pros: Long battery life (6hrs talk time plus)
i-Tunes Why carry an i-Pod if you may want to or can only listen to a few songs. Doesn't kill the battery either.
Only Cingular phone (that I know of) that comes with a hands free device (the stereo headset doubles as that; a bit bulky, but works great nonetheless)
Excellent software package (great ringers and screensavers in the phone)
262k screen, camera with video
Good signal

Cons: Keypad is not for the large-handed. Chick size keys, but with some practice can be manipulated easily by anyone.
Thin design takes some getting used to. I recommend skins(like the ones for i-Pods)or a case to carry it on your belt

Overall, another fine achievement by our boys (and girls) at Motorola. Good job

Virtually Perfect...


Feb 5, 2006 by sam912

When I saw this phone on Cingular's website, I immediately when to my local Cingular store to try it out. As soon as I held the phone I knew that I had to buy it. I currently own a black Razr, which I love, but I like this phone even more.

--Looks sweet;
--Nice to hold;
--Solid as a rock;
--Call quality;
--Reception; and

--No Edge
--100 song limit on itunes



Jan 23, 2006 by msd18

Pros:thin design, removable memory, nice screen, loud speakerphone, quad band

Cons:Low resolution camera, earpeice is alittle low but not bad

I just recieved mine a week ago which i purchased from www.saberpoint.com and I LOVE IT!! I had the RAZR first then I went to the L6 but had to upgrade to the L7 once it came out. Screen is great, eye catching design. feels very comfortable in hand, removable memory, quad band for worldwide use, and great MP3 player! This phone is well worth it!

Good simple phone


Mar 1, 2006 by letsflirt

Good phone, and in typical Motorola fashion, the interface is not very smart. You still have to store individual names in particular memory slots to use 1-touch speed dials, and you still have to choose between built-in phone memory and the removable memory card. If you store a ring tone on the memory card, for example, it won't work with a phone number stored in phone memory. They haven't gotten any smarter at memory management since they came out with the flip phone more than a decade ago.

In terms of styling, they finally caught up to Nokia, who long ago recognized that the cell phone is a fashion accessory.

Mobile mail is working out well. The dumb part about the Cingular mail fetch is that it retrieves messages already read rather than just unread messages.

You can schedule the GPRS sync every 30 min, 1 hr, 2,...8 hrs. If you set it at every hour, it beeps every hour to tell you there's NO new mail. (Further proof that Motorola phones are designed by engineers). There's no schedule to change from loud to silent based on time of day (hint: someone at Motorola should buy a Nokia phone to get a clue).

Built-in AIM (but not Y! or MSN). You can only store 1000 names/phone numbers on the phone built-in memory and another 250 on the SIM. I had closer to 2400 entries in my BlackBerry.

Another kludgy thing is you can only use ring tones and photos with names stored in the built-in memory. Can’t use SIM storage for that. You can store pics either in the built-in phone memory (50 Mb) or on the micro-SanDisk removable card (500Mb), which is a different than the SIM. To toggle between storage devices, you have to manually change which storage device the device is pointing to.

New suggested slogan for new Motorola ad campaign: "Global... almost" or, "Hey guys! Look, there's a bunch of other countries out there!"

Net/net, it's a good phone and I would recommend it if you know its limitations up front. IMHO, good style, GUI could improve.

my $0.02,


Great phone!


Feb 15, 2006 by rmmcneil

I've only had the SLVR L7 for about 5 days now, but that's plenty long enough to realize I really like this phone. It's packed with features and performance that's hard to beat. I carry a cell phone 24/7 but would consider myself a light user. Out of probably 8 cell phones that I've owned in the past, this one is by far the best.

Style - nothing comes even close to this phone.
Bluetooth - you just got to have it.
Battery - keeps going, and going, and going.
Reception - great reception and clarity of calls... even in low signal strength areas.
Screen - very bright and easy to read.
Keys - easy to use and lights up cool at night.

Speakerphone - Not horrible, but not great. Volume is low and people on the other end have a difficult time hearing.

I would highly recommend this phone. Phone comes with the sync cable for iTunes and a pretty decent set of headphones with phone mic built in. Also, others have complained about not being able to put multiple contact numbers under a single name... THIS CAN BE DONE. You just have to set up the phone book to work that way.

Good looks, no brains


Apr 30, 2006 by daaron

PROS: Nice looking phone, feels good in the hand. Buttons are large enough to be used by an adult. Not too many buttons, and thankfully, no dedicated "surf the web" button to rack up unnecessary service charges. Menus and soft buttons can be customized. Screen is bright and easy to read. iTunes is nice, although pointless if you already have an iPod, since it's arbitrarily limited to 100 songs.

CONS: Bluetooth support is useless for anything other than bluetooth headset; can't receive contacts from other phone, Palm, etc. And with no infrared (why?!?), connectivity is very limited. Camera sucks. No automatic keylock, meaning you have to press a certain keystroke combination each time you want to lock the keypad to prevent accidental calls from your pocket. The battery and signal strength meters are microscopic. The manual is beyond useless.

OVERALL: This phone would've been much better if Motorola had put as much effort into its usability as a phone as it did with its pretty face and iTunes integration. A simple software upgrade would fix many of the phones shortcomings, but I bet Motoroloa won't bother.

Motorola slvr7


Sep 26, 2006 by koki

Phones is better then the motorola raz v3 it was replace three times then cingular send me diferent phone the motorola slvr7 is much better only that the reception is not that great but no cell phone is perfect the best phone ive had is the Motorola v555

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