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LG VX-6100


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May 27, 2009 by Jackson10

I love this phone.

It's simple and easy to use. I love phones...And out of all of them this is definatly the best. I had C1300 with cingular and that's as basic as a phone gets. I LOVED it! Until i washed it.

LG is the best maker out there. I choose this phone over any of the new phones they are making these days. TO MANY bells and whistles on them. I enjoy having the capability to make a phone call send a text and take a quick picture if I don't have my camera on me.

I'll give you my pros and cons:

1. Sturdy, Dropped it dozens of times, still works great.
2. Nice sized buttons, easy to text on.
3. Nice bright screen, nice size too.
4. The camera lens cover, I don't have to worry about the lens getting scratched.
5. The battery life is good. Better then past phones of mine.
6. I get excellent service anywhere I go.
7. Not the same boring menu verizon has now on all their new phones.
8. The front screen is easy to see in any lighting.

1. I really can't think of any.

I love this phone. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good phone that will last.

Great Mid-Range Phone


Oct 18, 2008 by rtistique

Ive had this phone for about 2 years with no complaints. Ive dropped it numerous times and while it has some scratches to show for it, it hasnt effected the phones performance at all.
Ive never had a problem with this phone. Ever. So I am pretty happy with it.

The Pros:
Good battery life
Camera with Flash
Lens cover for camera
Good loud ringers
Easy navigation
Small size

The Cons:
Camera quality could be better

Overall its a great little mid range phone that I have never had a problem with.

I just ordered the LG Rumor because I am a big fan of LG Phones and its time to update my phone and I hope it performs as well as this one.

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Camera phone!!


Mar 10, 2008 by DanCivicSi

This phone is really a nice little neat gadget. I like the display on the outside unlike the basic phones. You don't have to flip it up to check the time and you'll know if it's on or off. The only complaint is that the external screen got cracked and I think it happened when the phone snapped close too hard. It's an old phone but it's a camera phone.

Hate This Phone


Dec 14, 2007 by Foneuser

It was an ok phone until 6 months of having it it broke! The phone drops calls left and right and is useless. One day I turned it on, and the screen did not work. I called the company and they told me it happens often. So I took it back and they gave me the same phone! I would never go with Verizon or the LG VX6100 ever again!

- has an ok camera

Land Line?


Sep 16, 2007 by Kaliona

I've had this phone exactly two years and for the last year it has been more like a land line than a cell phone. It loses a charge within minutes of unplugging it from the charger. Additionally, it's performance on even the most simple games, Yatzee, for example, is appalling. The games are so jumbled they are unusable.

Call clarity
Speaker phone
Key pad is easy to use
Case durability
Volume and Ringer controls


I can't wait to replace this phone!

Terrible Phone after 1.5 years


Jun 5, 2007 by kim906

This phone worked perfectly- never dropped calls or anything, until I hit about the year and a half mark with it- my mother has the same phone and we both started having battery issues- where is would state it was powering down- when either of us had this problem and then turned it back on- it was fine the battery had power- no explanation for that occurance. Now about one year and nine months into owning this phone. It won't hold a charge whatsoever- I leave it on my charger it works and says battery complete with charging- when I unplug the charger it states it has a low battery and turns it's self off.
Very unhappy with the longterm quality of this phone!! I find it odd that it breaks right before a two-year contact is up.
I would suggest LG work on the long-term quality of its products if it expects them to sell longterm.

Very Satisfied!


Apr 21, 2007 by hidanicol

I have had this phone for nearly 2 years, and I have yet to have any problems with it! It works just like it did the day I took it out of the box. I've dropped it on cement and the only evidence of that is a scratch on the cover. I can use it in places where my previous phone wouldn't pick up the signal, or where my friends/family have no/low signal. I have US Cellular, in Eastern Iowa. Also my previous phone had to be replaced twice because the hinge gave out twice by the time I had it as long as I have had the LG. The hinge on this phone is going strong.

Very durable..not made of cheap plastic.
Excellent reception.
Loud ringers and speaker phone.
Easy navigation.
No software issues.
Very reliable.

A mega pixel camera would be the icing on the cake.

LG-VX-6100 = best phone ever made


Mar 25, 2007 by tylercase14

Wow I dont know where to start on this phone but it is GREAT!!! I love this phone. This phone is very durable and reliable and just all over great..

This phone will still work fine after it has been in a swimming pool.

I dont know how many times I have dropped this phone but it still works great with no problems.

You can change the color and the size of the number and letters

This phone is very well set out where you can find things very easy.

The ring tones are cool and loud.

You can record you own ringtones on your voice recorder in your phone.

There are many preloaded pictures

All those are just some of the awesome features but now lets talk about the wonderful (CAMERA)

This Phone will take great pictures in the dark, it has a good flash. there are cool color schemes you can make your picture they are
Black and White
and many more, I would be able to remember but I dont have this phone anymore because I upgraded to the Motorola KRZr wich I wish I would of stayed with this phone because I absolutely love it.

from 1-10 I rate this phone a 50!!!



Jan 23, 2007 by foxyroxy162

I got this phone in Dec, 2005. It worked fine for awhile and I was very pleased. But now, it gets no service at ALL! unless you're directly under a tower. Friends with the same verizon service, just different phones, got plenty of service to call right where i was in my house, my phone got none. Also, I have had lots of dropped calls, or it won't even call out. Don't buy this phone used or even new if you find one!! you will be disappointed unless you live right under a tower and never travel.

No Battery Life


Jan 11, 2007 by ektColorado

I hate this phone. I had it for a year and once the mfg warranty ran out, the battery started going. At first, I noticed I had to charge it in the middle of the day, so it would only last a few hours.

Now, it doesn't last through a five minute phone call. I literally have to have it plugged in to talk.

Don't buy this peice of junk!

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