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LG VX-6100


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The worst phone


Dec 25, 2006 by skatepunk493

Okay I have this cell phone along with a Samsung i870 and 3 sprint phones for my family.
Now I have to say this phone sucks.
I can't wait until next month to get rid of this phone.
I have had this replaced 3 times!
Dirst time for internet problems
2nd as soon as I plugged the charger in the port and unplugged it the whole port came out!
Then I got another one and I flipped it open and the top broke off.
The one I have now is fine but LG really did their worst.
I always have thought LG and Samsung were the best.
After this cheaply over priced phone I don't think that anymore.

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Impressive feature set, horrible phone


Dec 20, 2006 by GuyinLACA

I don't own this phone, but numerous friends do and I was seriously considering it when switching to Verizon. I know it's discontinued but people are still getting them at indirects or used ones. The feature set on this phone is impressive for a mid-range phone, however the phone has many problems. Everyone I know with one has had it replaced multiple times due to screens blanking out, excessive dropped calls or the phone freezing and rebooting. Everytime I go to a Verizon store, there are 2-3 people with this phone at the tech support having them checked out/replaced.

-Smaller than most Verizon phones
-262,000 color screen; although small
-Analog roaming
-Large buttons
-Very simple menu layout (LG's GUI, not Verizon's)
-Camera lens cover
-Decent build quality

-Poor reception (drops calls like crazy)
-Really poor battery life
-Outer screen could be larger
-Design is rather plain (this is subjective)
-Reliability over time seems to be poor
-Can't use the speakerphone with the flip closed
-No video recording
-Screen could be larger considering the phone's size

All in all, this was a pretty decent phone in its time. It had all the basic features but the downfalls appear to be its reception, call quality, battery life, and inconsistencies in hardware. Most people I know got this phone because it was "cute" or the smallest phone that packs features. I will say looks can be deceiving and I'd recommend getting a different phone if buying a used one. The LG VX-8100/8300 are much stronger products as well as the Motorola E815 and V325i.

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Great phone for the easygoing


Nov 20, 2006 by nerv_2005

The LG VX6100 was the first phone i have ever used. Now that i work daily with sell phones i can better appreciate the value of this phone. Although there are not many towers where i have been it gets decent reception compared to some of it's Motorola counter parts. The T9 function for text messaging is much easier to use then Motorola's "fill in the blank maybe" system.


decent camera (for a phone) with flash
easy text messaging
flip phone


poor MP3 ringer quality
not bluetooth
kills batteries very fast.

all in all this is a decent phone for someone who would like something nice with out going all out.

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Battery SUCKS!!


Nov 16, 2006 by ajaktha

How did this phone get good ratings. Its unbelievable! Battery life totally sucks, especially if u have low signal, u can actually see the battery go 4 (bars), 3 , 1 , poof!!
i know a bunch of my friends who have this phone and can never stop cribbing and never unplug their chargers. its like a landline.

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The 6100 is a good Tri-Mode Cell Phone


Sep 4, 2006 by Danster

I have had hardly any trouble with this cell phone. I replaced this cell phone from my older model which was the LG 4400. The 4400 still worked well and I gave it to my brother whose cell phone was falling apart. The only big problem that I had with the LG 4400 was that listening to caller's was kind of low volume even on high listening level. The 6100 has great listening levels and I almost always keep it on low and even then I sometimes wish it could be lower listening level.


1. Great listening level although it is a little bit loud sometimes even on the low volume listening level.

2. Tri-Mode Cell Phone lets you get reception in analog only areas which is very useful in certain parts of the country. I wonder why the phone companies discontinued this model and the replacements for tri-mode capabilities do not seem equal to this LG phone.

3. Almost has never dropped calls. I have used this in a car as a driver and passenger in Albuquerque and Tucson and it works well in both places. The Verizon cell network is superior in my opinion to the competing T-Mobile network which I used to be a part of. The costs are higher with Verizon Wireless but well worth it because of the greater coverage area.


1. Camera is okay but definitely not great.

2. Definitely not the most feature rich cell phone but if you want a cell phone primarily for talking then I feel you cannot go wrong with the LG 6100.

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Ok for its time


Aug 26, 2006 by toothfilr

I've owned this phone for two years and I guess it was one of the advanced tech phones for its time. I find it reception to be very limited. Can't receive or send calls from my home. I live outside Annapolis MD so it shouldn't be a problems. Friend's phones work better.
I've never had any problems myself. Speaker phone works well and I never get complaints from callers. Two people I know had to replace their phones because the screen went dark and shut down during calls and when not in use.

Overall the op system is better then I've heard is in the new generation phones. Camera is not great but either were any other phone of its generation. Shortcut keys are great and allow you to do lots of things at the push of a button.

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I really dislike this Phone


Aug 24, 2006 by Codeman

I have had this phone for almost 2 years and it has been nothing but a pain in my butt...i have had atleast 10 of these phones and i recently just had to get another one and it broke the first day i got it so i had to get another one...even the Verizon store near my home discontinued selling this phone because of all the problems it has...it is a total waste of your money...

-Speaker Phone is loud

-Just about everything!!!

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loved thisphone


Aug 5, 2006 by lynnie8

nothing to say except i loved this phone

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dis phonez good


Jul 31, 2006 by sherpie_2010

ok i love jus about everything about dis phone..i had da samsung sch.a670 it sukd broke 2 tymez so i got dis phone..lyke i said i lyke everything on dis phone but i think there is a bug in the messaging..sometymez my messagez wont send so i got 2 turn the phone off n den bak on but it doesent happen dat often so it dont really bother me..n lazt the battery lyfe sukz wen talking on tha phone but txting the battery lastz all dai..but not when tlken on da phone..well datz all i gottuh sai bout dis soo i guess i recomend it.

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eeh not so great not horrble


Jun 21, 2006 by klee24

I've had this phone for about a year now. At first I liked it a lot. But now I don't like it so much. I drop a call more often in the same areas I always travel with this phone. I used to be able to roam around without a problem in the past with other phones, not this one. I know the spots where it will be guaranteed to drop. I started a new thing now where it just shuts off by itself. But here are the Pro's & con's from me.


-no problem hearing anything
-loud ringers
-easy navigation
-neat camera options

horrible flash
b&w front screen if that matters to you.
not a great battery life
outside buttons get 'bumped' easily. I have numerous pics of the inside of my purse.
-it always 'bumps' itself into driving mode.

Overall the phone is not that bad, but a few minor things with it get annoying. I know a few people with this phone, they have the same issue with it randomly turning itself off with no warning half the time. Who knows whats up with that. I will be getting a new phone (probably the V) next month when its time to renew.

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