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Motorola V400


Oct 6, 2004 by gin2win

Phone is cool; pictures come out OK if you have software to enhance them. Limited choice of ring tones and ring options unless you purchase them for a couple of bucks. Lots of accessories available. Internet access works great!

This phone, and Motorola phones in general, can't compare to Nokia phones. They are more cheaply made, not as durable, and most of all, have about 75% as good a reception. Definitely need to get an after market telescopic antenna at a store like Accessory Geeks. Also relatively poor sound quality. The Nokia 6340i, a comparably priced and 'featured' phone, is a much, much better value and is, in my opinion, twice the phone of the V400; except it isn't as cool or flashy as the fip phone V400!

On a 1-10 scale (10 highest), I give it a 6 vs. a 9 for the Nokia.

Great Phone, Lets Compare....


Sep 22, 2004 by rotchcrocket04

I originally owned a T720GSM (used plenty of others including Pana.GD-55, Sendo M551, Nokia3390, etc.) I compare this phone to the T720 b/c it has most of the features the 720 has plus many more.

The thing i liked the most about the V400 was that all of T720's features were upgraded and made much more user friendly.

-Quick menu hides, able to view background... small feat. but very nice
-Camera is very nice including 4x zoom
-MP3 ringtones are awesome i love them
-Texting is good, and quick, once you adjust to new buttons compared to 720
-Brilliant color screen
-Office tools!!!!
-Alarm-submit new alarm times with names, makes setting alarm very easy and quick
-Calculator... much more user friendly compared to 720
-Datebook alot nicer with calender rather than weekly view
-Higher phone mem. 1000 numbers. although i dont know anyone that would use 1000 spots
-Motomixer... havent had a chance to use yet, im sure its a nice feature to have once you learn it.
-Categories in phonebook... all, business, personal, general, VIPs... very nice

Not many but here goes...
-Ring could be louder but hey its motorola, the MP3's make it all better haha
-A flash on the camera would be nicer
-Didnt give it a 5 out of 5 because i like the 600 alot better (I.E. bluetooth, nicer looking camera, more of a sleek looking phone, the list goes on but not very far!)

Overall a very nice phone and def. worth my money spent. Like ive said before i work for a large cell company based off of the east coast and since ive been here (a few months) ive only had about 3 or 4 returns, most of them were just problems from the factory, simply sent back, had the phones fixed and havent heard anything from the cust. since then! very nice phone, seems like motorola really listened to their customers after the T720 and really made a more user friendly/high quality phone.

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I am in love with this phone!!!


Sep 6, 2004 by rquick44

I've had his phone for about two months and so far i've had no problems.

Good Camera Quality
Loud Speaker Phone
Loud ear piece
Comes with FM headset(or at least mine did)
Good reception
Mp3 ringtones
Great color screen

Sub Average battery life
Scratches easily
slow menu response

Other than the cons this phone is perfect. I've dropped it 10 million times and still no problems. So for all you people who have had major problems with the v400..that was probably user error.



Sep 1, 2004 by AntHillz00

i have to say that this phone is REALLY NICE!!! its very pretty, its not big, light and it has awasome features


* speakerphone is crystal clear
*has alot of phone memory
*alarm works when off
*pictures are REALLY good if your hold the camera still
*the screen is crystal clear
*buttons are eazy to press
*voice dialing is a big plus
*decent look + design on outside though inside is BEAUTIFUL
*menus are very easy to manage

*does not vibrate and ring at the same time, vibrates 3 times then rings
*scratches very easily
*some times freesez
*not enough ringtones that come witht he phone and the ones the phone has reallly sux.

overall a good phone, i've had it for 3 weeks, the onli thing that stops me from giving it a 5 is that it sometimes freezes wen i open the flap , which i'm goign to check up on with the store soon

Decent phone, minor needs to be top notch


Aug 21, 2004 by motophone

I just returned the phone after a 2 week trial, wasn't confident with the coverage of GSM. The phone did get very static filled with a 3-4 bar signal when near a 10' rock wall on the Expressway.

Phone book on SIM card is a joke, only stores name/number, have to save on phone to save email & other numbers, which works very well.

Calendar/alarm function is great, was a key feature for me.

I love Motorola, beat my old StarTak to death, even finally broke into 2 pieces, AND STILL WORKED! but they always miss just a few niceties to be top notch. This phone it's a todo list, and ability to change volume while talking like StarTak could.

I've signed up with Verizon now and Motorola V710.

Best phone I've ever owned!!


Aug 17, 2004 by dancingcow

There is not a single flaw on this phone with the exception that it can be easy to scratch up the screen. I've already gone through the stage where you want the phone to be scratch & smudge-free and you want it to be perfect looking. Yea that's not gonna happen unless you buy a brand new one.. But other than that, it's an exceptional phone!

Some of the most coolest features on this phone is the obvious. The camera. I love the camera so much! It takes great pictures when there's some light in the room. (It takes better pics than my old Clicksmart 310 Logitech camera! AND THAT'S A WEBCAM!) Ok anyway, it's great. You can even use the pictures as your "wallpaper" and I've already done so. I love that!

For anyone who said that there are no normal ringtones: have you listened to "continental"? That's as normal as you can get! That's the one i use but I also have the theme to COPS on there. Just for kicks. Anyway, that's an example of the polyphonic ringtones that this thing can use! Plus, mp3 ringtones (which I haven't tried yet) but that sounds cool.

The color display is amazing! Full of vibrant colors! The phone can be customized in so many different ways!

I like voicenotes. Those are really easy to do & can be handy for recording someone's phone number *wink* or an important memo. And voice-activated dialing is easy. You just have to "train" it. Kind of like that dragon program for windows.

I love how the volume buttons are on the SIDE and now adjusted by pressing the inside buttons. That's a MAJOR plus for me. And the front LCD is awesome. BLUE! Blue backlight! So pretty. The whole design of this phone is gorgeous. :D

There are just so many great things about this phone that you'd have to try it out for yourself to understand. I do not regret purchasing this phone. It's the best. EVER!

mv400- rocks


Feb 19, 2004 by THE agents

I have had the mv400 since it was first introduced by Cingular and love it!!!

Camera is great- like that you can adjust brightness and it has zoom!
Asthetically it is nice to look at, while being quite functional.
Speaker-phone is wonderful- quality good love that it is integrated.

Dislike the battery talktime-the games are lacking and wish that it had bluetooth. I would also like to be able to access the am/fm radio via the speaker instead of having to wear a headset.

All in all I have really enjoyed this phone-

v400 Nice Toy; Reception Leaves Room for Improvement


Feb 15, 2004 by sawatkins

I have owned/used this phone for about a little over a month. I was one of the first Cingular customers to own this new model in the Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord metro area of NC. If total phone reception was not an issue this would be an awesome phone. Since I want a phone to make calls and not just to listen to fancy ring tones, this was a bad choice.

* Nice sturdy clamshell design
* Industries best color display to date
* Very clear speaker-phone
* Nice polyphonic speaker
* Good battery life

* Reception is horrible (lots of dropped calls on a network that I know is stable based on my previous phone)
* Menus are a little awkward to navigate
* Voice dialing a bit complicated

As for technology, this is one of the industries top of the line phones. Very technologically advanced. As for reception, it ranks in the bottom. I previously owned a Sony Ericsson T28z and I must say it was the best phone I have ever owned. My SE held calls from tower to tower. The Moto dropped numerous calls (interstate and major freeways).

I will also add that Cingular was less than helpful in addressing this issue. I complained about the phone and all they could offer was a software upgrade, which did nothing.

If you like technology, gadgets, and don't mind dropped calls or week reception: this is the phone for you. Otherwise, think this one through.

Quality Phone


Jan 21, 2004 by timslo

I've had the phone for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed it. It is the best phone I've used and I plan on keeping it for a very long time. I'm usually not the type of person that goes out for the most stylish or retro phone, I go for quality, and the V400 is an overall good, reliable phone.
Good reception
Camera is awesome
Color screen is crystal
Great user interface
Easy to use

Cannot save numbers to both SIM and phone, you would have to save double entries
When scrolling through names, you have to search through the entire phonebook, unlike Nokia where you can search by the specific first letter
Motorola still does not get the "vibe and ring" option, it will vibrate then ring, not and ring

Like I said, it's a great phone and I highly recommend it to anybody.

Motorola V400


Jan 19, 2004 by circuit

I was waiting for a Motorola V600 or MPX200 Smartphone, but Motorola has finally delivered this one and it's not too bad a phone.

Good reception
Solid feel to phone
Great sound and colors
Normal battery usage is great.
Camera easy to use.

Manual worthless
No bluetooth
Speakerphone must be activated on each call.
Would be nice to have more polymorphic tones.

After 24 hours of trying to get it up and running w/o manual, you will love it. Call Cingular customers service and they will get you up and running in a hurry.

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