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Jan 19, 2006 by motoman12345

i got this phone a few months ago used off ebay and it was not in the best shape but it still worked like new i love this phone motorola has done it again!!!!!

One Year Later, This Phone Stinks


Jan 21, 2005 by spampurge

I loved this phone from the moment I laid eyes on it. It felt great in my hand and had some solid features.

Yea, the contacts/phone book feature stinks and the headset volume is way too low even when turned up to the maximum level.

About 6 months into owning this phone, I noticed that the external light would turn on "by itself" when I had the phone powered off! This is an intermittent problem, but others have posted the same issue in these reviews.

Then, the headset volume (not earpiece) began to get even lower to the point where I can barely hear my callers, but I thought it was me, so I had several friends listen to calls and they confirmed it for me. This problem is also intermittent, but did not "appear" until about 10 months into owning this phone.

Now at month 12, the side volume buttons and scroll button do not work!

Please note that I am very anal with this phone and it is in immaculate condition. My wife says I take better care of my cell phones than our relationship!! But she is just kidding around :)

Anyway, I won't be buying this model ever again. My wife has a small Samsung (for over 1 year) and has not had one problem!!

So, I'm researching new phones, but STAY AWAY FROM the MOTO V400!!

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Good, could be better


Nov 12, 2004 by genealle

Sounds good when it works, but the GSM on Cingular doesn't seem to work as well as the older system I had with my freebee Siemens. Don't know if it's the phone or Cingular. I'm constantly getting voicemails when the phone hasn't rung at all, but it's just been setting on my desk.

Also needs a better voicemail alert. It only gives one short beep and it's easy to miss. No followup alerts.

Pay attention to the first 9 numbers you store, because it starts storing at 02, and you may use up a SpeedDial position and have to delete it later if you want a certain number in position 2 through 9.

Other than that, it is a good phone.

Moto Gets it right!


Jul 17, 2004 by Cingular0804

Allow me to clarify the specs of this phone, as I believe some people are only posting on here to read their own text.

The first thing I would like to address to the people who post that "claim" to work for a wireless carrier that say they get SO many returns on this phone....WHY sell it if people continually return it? A good sales rep would be able to talk a customer out of the phone if it was so bad. Wait, those are MY ethics. There.

Now...let me straighten out other people's issues with the phone.
1) Internal speaker not loud enough? Odds are your volume isn't up all the way, because when mine is, it sounds like a speakerphone.
2)Your speakerphone WILL activate as soon as the phone starts to ring when placing an outgoing call.
3)Does it really matter to any of us if there's a single entry for each contact's number?
4)Do ANY of us really use voice activated dialing? I don't know a single person that has the feature that doesn't make the same claim...it doesn't work well. Use your Motorola speed dial. Type in the number of the phonebook entry and press #. Boom. Done deal.
5)I think anyone knows that Any Motorola has side buttons that are annoying. If you're really nit picking this many features you're unhappy with, why buy the phone?

Now to address someone else who claims they know MORE than one person who has been through four of these in a month...that's not only ludicrous but impossible as well. Cingular would have replaced the phone after the second defect with a higher or compatible model.

This is a great phone. I've had it for 6 months now and the reverse backlit screen makes it wonderful to see, the pictures save in jpeg form, the reception is WONDERFUL. I live near a Military base and get nearly perfect reception, as my room mates get no service at all with Nextel or AT&T. This phone has a beautiful TFT screen and handy features that you will actually USE!! Totally worth $150.

After long debate, got this phone and really like it


Mar 9, 2004 by PJWilson23

I did a lot of research before choosing this phone. The other two I considered getting was the SE T616 or Nokia 3200. Now that I have the V400, going on 2 weeks, I am really glad with my selection. The display is very good, colorful, sharp, and clear. Phone reception has been very good and clear (just wish it was a little louder). The speaker phone works very well (nice and loud). The MP3 ringtones are very cool. Camera takes good pictures for a camera phone. I have gotten more use from the wireless internet than I expected (checking sports scores and such).

The few items that keep this from being a perfect 5 out of 5 are:
I wish the volume was louder during a call when using as a handheld.
I still have not gotten the screen saver to work exactly as I want.
The manual that comes with the phone is helpfull with the bare minimum. I wish it were more detailed. Online support does not expand much from the manual.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

Great Phone


Mar 2, 2004 by bakeman

Was an AT&T/Nokia customer for 12 years and recently switched to Cingular and this Motorola. I've read all kinds of customer reviews on both and have to say that my service with both have been excellent. The phone is really user friendly. It has taken some getting used to with the different keystrokes as compared to the Nokia but it is not that difficult. I was not looking for a camera phone and would have preferred the same model without that feature but I will have to say that the camera is pretty fun to work with. Love the zoom feature. Voice notes are great and the speakerphone works really, really well. Kind of expensive on the ringtone downloads from Cingular but the mp3 ringtone I downloaded was great...much louder than the pre-loaded ones and fantastic sound quality. Battery life has been very good. I highly recommend this phone.

Solid, Gorgous Phone


Jan 16, 2004 by northway

I've been with Cingular since 1998 (PacBell before they merged/changed their name) and have always used Nokias. The V400 is my first Motorola phone, and I couldn't be more happy with it so far.

Ideally, I was holding out for the V600 for its Bluetooth capability, but since Cingular just came out with the V400, I decided to give it a try.

As for appearance's sake, this phone looks and feels gorgeous. It's the exact same form factor as T-Mobile's V300 (good for acquiring accessories), but without that cheap-looking graphite-blue shell. This phone is a little thicker than previous Nokias I've owned, but I'm getting a lot more than I've ever had before too. The silver casing is sleek, and the micro-dimpled front adds some nice texture and looks. The blue screen on the front is easily visible when a call is coming in, or when you want to check the time.

As for reception, all I can say is wow. I had heard that certain Motorolas were known for getting good reception where other phones could not. This phone is no exception. It's getting amazing reception almost everywhere I go here in the SF Bay Area, including some of the subway stations. Calls are clear and plenty loud, even at a medium volume setting. True, the phone does have to be at the right position on your ear, but so do most phones I've used. People I've talked to say they can't tell I'm talking on a mobile phone. I've been walking right down noisy Market Street, and the people I've been talking to think I'm sitting in my quiet office.

Yes, as others say, the screen on this phone is amazing. Bright, colorful, plenty of themes to choose from to fit your fancy. Dial pad keys are large and easy to use (not like some of the phones I've used and seen in stores). The Motorola menu system is a little awkward for me to get used to, since I've been on Nokias for so long.

Overall, a tremendous phone that I'm very satisfied with. All my friends want one now too.

Well beyond expectations


Mar 12, 2004 by mlwhite2

I am very impressed. I formally had the Samsung S105 with service from T-Mobile. I decided to leave T-Mobile when I lost signal in my home and they gave me no explanation as to why. I was going to get the S307 with Cingular but I found out I could get this for the same price and decided to give it a try. I have had very good experiences with Samsung phones in the past but only ok ones with Motorola phones. Moto flips have often felt cheap, where as the Samsungs have been solid. Well this Moto is every bit as solid as my Samsung. And the screen is amazing! I love it. And best of all I get a better signal than I ever did with T-Mobile. I can use my phone again.

Very well built
Awe inspiring screen
Nice size
Speaker phone (that is actually worth something)
Lots of features

Still a little bigger than I would have liked (it is slightly bigger than the S105) but it is not a huge problem
Not enough ring tones

I didn't include the camera in any list because it really doesn't matter to me. It is cool that it is there, but it is not the reason why I bought it and would have chosen it even without it.

Forget the v600 get the v400


Mar 14, 2004 by whiteboi67

After about 2 months off trying to pick witch phone i wanted to get i desided to get the v400 after my other phone (nokia 3395) died.

After playing with it for about a day it for a day all i have to say is one word "WOW" this phone i perfect for everyone.

-feels solid
-good camera
-4x zoom helps alot
-color screen amazing
-mp3 ringtones
-games are good but can use alot of battery life
-Battery is good

-could come with more ringtones
-they should give you a few more thing in the box like a belt clip or extra battery for spending 299.99 you should get more thin just a charger and battery



Feb 25, 2004 by GinoA

Let me just say that this phone is great. Its a nice size and compact. This little phone has everything! The reception is awsume on the cingular service.
MP3 ringtones! (havent tried those yet)
Superb color! awsume color
Great features
Moto Mixer DOES work. Just only one base track though
World Roaming. (great for me cuz im an international travler)
Camera is good as long as u dont shake it.
Everything is just great of the most part
There is a few bad things though:
1. VERY low space on text messages. Holds only about 15 messages in outbox and inbox
extremly stupid. I have to delete it 3 times a day. I go through alot of texts.
Phonebook should put multiple numbers per name instead it groups them together.
Ringtones are GREAT but should have more. ALOT MORE
That is about it. Its a great phone and worth the money! If u can get one get it!

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