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Nokia 5165 vs v400


Jan 11, 2004 by digitalman737

Yah, I got this phone like 3 days ago and it is really awesome. I was kind of worried about switching from the TDMA to GSM due to the fact that GSM isnt as spread out as TDMA, but i had to have one of the cool phones, and decided i rather just buy an expensive one, rather then get the "free upgrade".
*Speaker phone is off the hook!
*Cam rox!
*I can hear the person much better on this phone than on my old 5165
*Colors are cool!
*No Roaming since its a GSM phone!
*Battery Life is really long!! (if you dont play the games etc on it)

*It does seem a bit slippery at times, but when they come out with a case for it, that should solve the problem.

*It attracts too much attention. (Alot of people want to play with it and take pix and stuff)

Over all, this phone has to be one of the best ive ever had!

Wonderful!! V400


Jan 7, 2004 by macintosh16tx

I love my V400, it has wonderful features and is a great phone. It doesn't have a lot of ringtones but the phone all around is great.

sound quality is great
camera is best i have seen
screen is the best i have seen

it is just a great phone!

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Motorola out did their selves


Jan 27, 2004 by tessa

I just want to say that the v400 is the best phone I have ever had. As an employee of Cingular, this is the only phone I recommend to anybody. I have been in the cellular business for over 6 years and so far the V400 is the best.

Not to big, easy to use, 4x zoom on the cam.
clear MP3 ring-tones.

Battery does not last long at all.



Jul 14, 2004 by robz98lude


1.) Eye appeal. A fairly nice looking phone.

2.) Quad-band GSM.

3.) TFT display.


1.) Though a quad-band phone the reception isn't as good as any GSM nokia (3595, 3200, 3600 & 3620)that i have used at the exact same time in the same place. Drops too many calls !

2.) if you use the zoom option on the camera it greatly reduces the pic quality.

3.) many instances of fw/sw failure. 4.) motorola belt pouch is very inconvenient to use a.) no hole in bottom to connect fm-headset; b.) the securing strap is a pain-in-the-az to undo when answering a call.

4.) lack of bluetooth or infra-red !


I definately wouldn't recommend to anyone who wants a highly functional phone. If what you want is a nice looking phone, you there are better one's out there that work and are nice looking. I am in complete agreement with all of the other con's listed as of now on Phonescoop in reguard to this Motorola.

decent phone


May 4, 2004 by Jae

I have been using this phone for about 3 weeks now. I noticed that the phone seems to have a delayed response. When I answer a call I have to wait a couple of seconds before I say hello or they wont hear me. Or when I am going through the menu there seems to be a delay with the response time. The speaker volume seems to be low as I find many people telling me to speak up because they are unable to hear me. The battery life is also subpar as I find myself having to charge it every 1 and a half days.

Other than these things it is a decent phone. Camera quality is better than some of the other camera phones I have seen. The color display is impressive. I like the fact that you can use the headset or speaker phone with the flip closed. Over all it is a decent phone.

Nice Phone...Still Skeptical


Jan 9, 2004 by tf8251

I really think this is going to be a great phone. I have always been a Moto buyer, so I just have comparisons with existing Motos. The reception is much better than my old V60t (i know, i know...TDMA vs. GSM), but this phone also gets better reception than my Sony Ericsson T616 (my business phone). I work for Cingular Wireless in Houston, TX and I tend to receive a perfect signal everywhere I go with the V400...including spots where I used to have trouble.

I do think that the quality of the ringtones is lacking. I have tried downloading several ringtones that don't turn out too great. This is so minor to me that I don't really consider it too much of a flaw.

The color screen and picture quality is tremendous. Moto does it again as far as staying on the cutting edge of technology. i.e. V400 and V600.

The only thing that still keeps me skeptical is that the V60t was just as well received when it first hit the scene. Will the V400 hold up over time. I think so, but you never know!

you can do better


May 22, 2004 by tiki man

I have had the phone for 3 weeks (I picked it out because it was the latest\coolest\ of the new phones.) During those 3 weeks and it has turned itself off while in my pocket 4 times. I have had it cut off while talking to someone 3 times. I has locked-up 2 times, the last time I had to take the battery out for a minute and then put it back in order for the phone to operate.

This phone is for "Bling, Bling" people. Sure it looks nice and takes great pictures, but it doesn't ring and vibrate at the same time, which would help while in your pocket,(becaue you can't hear the ringer.) The two games are neat, but one of them is just a demo that wants you to buy it so you can play more. The battery life is short and even shorter when you use games\camera\or phone.

Pros: Pretty, Nice camera, Flashy

Cons: Everything you need a cell phone for if you are in business. Durability, reliability, battery life, difficult menus.

OPINION: This phone is like a Corvette with a Yugo engine! You can find a better phone and a better deal.

I'm Stuck With It


Nov 1, 2004 by videoman49

I've owned the V400 on the Cingular network since mid-August. Went on vacation as the 15 day exchange policy expired. I will now be haunted by this phone's lack of performance until 8/06.


1. Nice form, size and feel. The leather case from Cingular has done a nice job protecting the screen and shell from scratching. However, part of the flap interferes with the camera lens and must be unsnapped for unobstructed picture taking.

2. Reception, both phone and Internet are always good. Very few dead spots in the Philadelphia/South NJ area.

3. Keypad is ample in size for my large mitt. Still don't like the end & send buttons' reversal.

4. Camera resolution is not bad for a phone! Remember people, if you want digital camera quality images, use a digital camera! Your phone can take pictures but a NIKON can't call your friends.

5. Alarm mode works when phone is off. Great feature!


1. Headset volume is painfully low.

2. Ringer volume is painfully low.

3. Number of quality standard ring tones is painfully low.

4. Speakerphone activation should start MUCH sooner.

5. OEM battery life is painfully short.

6. MOTOROLA ear bud (option) is painfully worthless.

7. Phone book name recall uses 1995 technology . . . in 2004.

8. No true 'scratch pad.'

9. There are others, but these majors should make you think twice before the V400 becomes 1st choice. Don't do it . . . .Just stay away.

Decent phone


Mar 31, 2004 by hydragnium

I am very dissapointed with the performance of Cingular's network in San Diego, but this is about the phone. It is hard to understand why Motorola did not bring the V600 to Cingular and brought it over to At&t Wireless. Anyhow, the reason this phone gets low ratings from me is for the price, you can get the V600 instead which has extra bluetooth. Wait, the fact that it doesn't have infrared bothers me as well. General review is that for how much you are paying, you would expect a phone to do more than just be a flip with color made by MOTOROLA.

quite impressed


Jan 11, 2004 by coziamnumber1

i won this phone for a selling contest my job sponsored over the holiday. i have been using this phone for about a week now and i am quite impressed

reception is AWESOME. Best i have EVER had!!!!!i even get service in my basement room and at my brothers house where NO ONE gets service!!!!!!
great screen quality
camera is cool
downloaded ringtones sound good
speakerphone comes in handy especially because you can activate it and then close the phone so it is not as bulky to use

size. a little big for my preferences, (6200, 8265, 8260 i.e. non flip phones)
lack of flash but you can adjust settings for various conditions.

possibly for their upgrade to this model they should add ptt, a built-in flash for the camera, interchangable covers

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