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Excellent Phone!!


Feb 20, 2004 by marco1707

I have owned this phone for the past month and I am very pleased with its performance. The phone came unlocked and all I had to do is put my SIM from Suncom in it and I was up and running. The phone feels great in the hand and has a well laid out keypad. The menus takes some getting use to but not too bad. The color screen is one of the best that I have ever seen and the camera takes great pictures. I did notice one problem with the phone and that was the motomixer did not work.

Bright Color Display
Camera takes good pictures
Speaker phone
Supports MP3 Ring-tones
Great Reception
Good Battery life....if not playing with the phone alot

Motomixer does not work
Limited selection of ringers
No Bluetooth

What a phone! Comes unlocked.


Feb 9, 2004 by SEAfones

Okay, the secret's out...

Cingular is selling this phone UNLOCKED...yes, you don't need to worry about the SIM card. I purchased mine at Best Buy, put my T-Mobile SIM in and off I went. I previously owned a V300, but prefer the screen, the keypad and the quad band capacity of this one much more, AND it's a better colour (silver). This phone is truly remarkable, great signal and very good interface. It lacks bluetooth, but has a lot going for it. Definitely a great purchase and decent price. $199.

Almost perfect phone


Mar 23, 2004 by marzxbarz

This phone is almost perfect! It's got a really good camera for phones, loud speakerphone, great reception, external LCD with the time in big font, and 5 MB of free memory. I got mine at best buy for around 50 bucks after rebate, and its a great buy. There are some flaws though.

Nice look
65k color display
External display with big time display
Decent size - not too big, not too small
Nicely built
Good Keypad
Very Customizable
Can foward text messages to more than one person!!
Pretty fast menu navigation
Text entry is excellent

really stupid idea from moto to have to wait for the person to pick up, then be able to activate speakerphone (you also cant activate the speakerphone when the phone is closed)

screen is really easy to smudge

keys on the phone give the screen small scratches, although you shouldnt mind, you wont be able to see them if you're not looking for them

earpiece volume is kind of in the low side

battery life - i have to charge my phone EVERY night. oh and the battery meter isn't very accurate. Over the past 2 days, the battery meter has stayed at full bars, even if I know it can't be at full bars.

cannot vibrate and ring at the same time! i dont know why moto won't do this. im always missing phone calls because sometimes i cant feel the vibrations, and i can never hear the ringtones.

overall, this phone is definetely worth the money, although it has those cons, they can be fixed by firmware if motorola decides to fix it. As for the scratches on the screen, they dont bother me, so they shouldnt bother you. bottom line - get this phone! its great!



Feb 13, 2004 by rezevil5

I have to say Motorola did a good job
excellent screen
loud ring tone
awesome camera
normal size
mp3 ring tones
ringer id
picture id

maybe the phone could've used a service light but overall great

This phone gives Motorola a bad name!


Aug 8, 2005 by TMEZELL

I bought this phone and had to return it 3 times during the warranty period. It is not just my phone, everyone else that I know that has one has had the same problems with it. I either call people and I can hear them, but they can't hear me. Or people will call me and they can hear me, but I cannot hear them, so I have to put them on speaker phone. Which is a nice feature, but not if you are in a public place. I personally will definately go with a different brand next time. I do not suggest purchasing this phone if you are shopping around. The people that have had a good experience with this phone are few and far between.

Wouldn't Buy Again


Nov 23, 2004 by chitowndave



Speaker-phone is incapable of being engaged until after call has been connected for three seconds.

Manual does poor job of explaining phone use.

After pressing talk button, takes a long time to connect outgoing calls. Have tested other phones on same network and they do not show the same delay.

Sound level is inconsistent when moving. It is as though the phone does not track the reception quality level in real time, and as such, does not boost reception/transmission strength as necessary.

Not Hate But not Love


Oct 28, 2004 by Jack In The Box

The Phone is over all a prety decent phone but after 3 months of use the internal speaker went out and now whenever som 1 calls i have to keep tapping the speaker and checking it intill the sound is back.

The phone is getting old real quick and u can't change ne part of the phone. It gets scrathe up really fast and u can't stop it. the screen is really easy to scratch. they need more ring tones and louder ones. the camera is kinda annoying because dirt get on the lens and its rather dificult to get it off.

The good thing about the phone is the signal it is always high. the reception of the call was great untill the speaker broke and i guess it still is. it has a nice camera if u clean it once in a while. the viberate is very low but u can still feel it most of the time.

Very Pleased With This Exception Phone!


Sep 20, 2004 by cscarter

I have been a die-hard Nokia user with Cellular South for the past 4 years, but I recently moved to an area not covered by Cellular South and was forced to change companies. I looked online at Cingular and discovered their deal for a free LG L1200 and ordered it, but when they ran out my order was upgraded to the v400 for free.

I have had this phone for a week now and I must say that I am very pleased with its performance. I get amazing service (Cingular in the Nashville, TN area) and the sound quality is great. Many people complain that the phone's earpiece is too quiet, but I can hear mine loud and clear. The display is vivid and bright, the camera takes great pictures, and the phone is overall just fun to play around with. It is also easy to use and this is coming from someone who has only used Nokias in the past. My main dislikes with the phone would be the lack of good ringtones and the battery life. Even though so far the battery has been lasting about 3 days, and that is pretty much average with my past phones.

Here are some pros and cons:

-Great sound
-Amazing display
-Good camera
-Easy to use
-Fun games (Bejeweled and Prince of Persia)
-Sleek design

-Battery life
-Lack of good ringtones
-Must activate call for speaker
-Only 1 phonebook entry per person

(The last two cons don't really affect me too much, but since they are true I included them for people who may care about them.)

In closing I find this a really good phone for the value. I definitely would recommend it.

Couldn't be happier


Jan 10, 2004 by MrPhoneScooper

Let me just say WOW!
At first i wanted the V300 but because of the defect and them going on backorder i was going to get the E715.The sale person suggested the V400 pretty much the same phone as the V300 and i'm glad i listened to her.
1.it has a pretty descent camera.
3.picture ID
4.the colors are mind-blowing.
5.the button configuration is cool.
6.mp3 ring tones
1.ummm...i guess the lack of carrying cases but they should be out in a lil while because its a new phone.

moto v400


Jan 6, 2004 by empiror23

the moto v400 is over all a very good phone very impressed with the camera quality. i have owned or own 25 phone, and currently have 5 phones.
pro: great screen (the best so far)
very good camera
phone is unlocked ( data included)
quad band (with t mo sim you can use network select
the rf in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana region has been great to say the least (as good or better than my nokia 6800, sam v205)
sound quality has so far been great with little to no buzzing.

con: battery life is bad if playing with the phone a bunch, OK if not (not as good as my sam v205 or s105)
moto always have slow and i mean slow menus (the biggest complaint i have)
sound side keys make when trying to turn on/off ringer/vibrate.
cingular software limits you very much, but on all cingular phone (change sim to t mo "unlock" features)
no built in ringers they all suck, that is if you like "mp3" tones, no regular tones with about 12 total tones.

over all: the moto v400 is at a good price of $300 with no com. the phone that is most is like is the sanyo 5300, any one who has had a 5300 and liked it will like the v400. i personally wish sanyo would make gsm phone in the usa. the pro out weight the con by far (only one con that i can't (don't want to) deal with is the slow menu(s) if you can get over that the v400 is for you. i like it more than any phone that i currently own (sam v205,s105,nokia6800,6430i(gait),v400) and i have played with both of the new nokia for cingular, they are ok at best but cheap. go for it you will not be disappointed with the v400.

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