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This phone is awful and so is Cingular!!


Dec 6, 2004 by HalfPint

This is my first and last Motorola phone. I selected this phone and the provider because I wanted to use this phone on a European vacation... I don't have enough characters left to explain that mess so I will just get on with the review.

Speaker phone was fun, but now that delay gets on my nerves...

The phone is confusing... navigation sucks
Reception is terrible!!!!
Clarity is not too far behind the terrible reception.
Circular customer service seems to know very little about this phone (not the phone's fault, but...)

Bottom line is this phone is just not right for me. I am used to the Samsung a530 and I LOVE it and there is NO comparison between the two phones. If the v400 is the phone you are considering, keep shopping!

Changed My mind


Mar 22, 2004 by vp6442

i used to always have bad luck with the Motorola phones but then i got a V400 and it really changed my mind, the phone was actually getting a better signal than my nokia 6200 (and that was a great phone) The V400 is a great phone has a very nice color display and resolution the pictures are great compared to the 6200. All together the phone changed my mind on Motorola products i really cant say anything bad about the phone the only two things that Motorola needs to do is to make their phones ring and vibrate at the same time and needs a better phone book search.

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Very Good Value


Jan 22, 2004 by Bocatrip

I have my Motorola for almost two weeks and find it a great value for the price. I have gotten a two year plan and the phone cost me $150 after the rebate.By the way, for the user who said it was hard to find a tel # in the phone book... all you need to do is press the first letter of the persons name and will come up.

Great sharp screen
Extremely clear sounding
Great reception
Easy carrying leather pouch (optional)
Long battery life
Large buttons
Has a quality feel

No Volume control for touch tones
Easy to accidentally change the ring mode when removing from pouch.(Poor design to have control on side of phone)
Small choice of Ring-tones
Must get used to having earpiece of phone in right position for good hearing reception.

These cons are pretty minor to me. I think this phone is a great bang for the buck and would highly recommend it.

Almost perfect.


Jan 13, 2004 by 95mike

I'll say this is the best phone I've had (I've owned 23 total). Been using it for about 1 week now.

Best screen I've seen (bright even in daylight)
mp3 ringtones
flip phone style with camera
decent pictures


The only con I would consider that keeps it from being perfect is the reception is not quite as good as my t616. Other than that I couldn't ask for anything else in a phone other than video recording. If you can get one for a decent price DO IT!!

Moto V400


Jan 7, 2004 by The_CEO

Motorola V400 off the chain

The colors and the pictures and the camera are on point.
Big display and its so clear

Its hard to figure out how to get certain things fixed on this phone and the manual ain't too much better at helping to solve the issue
Ringtones are pretty wack

All in all, its crunk, give yourself a day to figure this piece of machinery out and you will be loving it to death.

a few problems


Jan 18, 2004 by bones boy

After playing with this phone INTENSELY for three days, I am starting to find several problems - maybe it's just my phone, maybe not - I have several emails in to Motorola CS and perhaps they can help:

- Inbox SMS messages seem to be stored on your SIM card, not in your phone memory. Therefore, you will start getting "merory full" messages after you've received about 10-15 text messages. There is WAY less memory on the typical SIM card for messages. This is a bad design, apparently messages in the Outbox are stored in the 5 Mb of memory that the phone comes with.

- Motomixer does not work. If you click on "New Motomixer", it spits you back out to the "multimedia" menu. Not sure what this is all about. I was really looking forward to using this feature to make some cool sounds.

- Seems to be a problem when saving captured images to memory. Once I take a picture, it's pretty clear, and then I "store" it to memory. When I look at the picture again, it's all blurry. This is not consistent, and happens about 4 out of 5 times. The fuzziness only happens after I save it to memory. Not sure about this either, am waiting to hear from tech support.

If you are not interested in any of these features, the phone is terrific. RF is fantastic, phone is solidly made, battery life is not too bad, if you use the battery saver and don't leave the display on all the time. I hooked the phone up to my computer and made a connection via GPRS. It clocked in at 45K, which is about right for Class 10 (4+2) GPRS. Sound via the earpiece is ver LOUD. Speakerphone is good but not great (I've been spoiled by Motorola 270C for years). The display is the best I've seen on this type of cell phone. The fact that you can use MP3 files as ringtones is AWESOME. Setting your phone up to check POP email is painless and works very well. All in all a great phone, with a few nagging glitches. I paid $299 with no contract from Cingular. S/W version is TRIPLETS_G_0B.08.9FR



Jan 16, 2004 by Eric O.

This is a great phone. I am a vender for cellular accessories based in So. Cal. and one of my customers sent this phone to me and all I have to say is this. " GREAT PHONE"

True there is no cases yet but really soon we will be makeing some.

If you are new to Cingular I would say to get this phone..



Jan 13, 2004 by BENNY_D

Finally moto has come out with a flip cam. Phone! This phone is by far the best phone that cingular has ever offered, on their network. Pros:
one of the best cam/phones on the market with pic quality
awsome speaker phone
unreal colors
can set any pic as your wallpaper
can zoom with cam. Great games/ (let battery run dead then charge compleat a few times in the beginning this will help with batt life)
fits with all other moto acess. Cons: the only con with this phone is that you can only activate the speaker phone after you have connected with the other party which meanes you need to put it to your ear untill then.

No Volume, the phone is useless


Jul 22, 2004 by Bruce1638

Pros: I had the V-60 for 4 years with little problems until the end when the LCD screen disappeared. The V400 has all the accessories and more, but there is one problem, the volume. I would have loved to have kept the phone if I could hear the other person on the other end. A fully accessorized Cadillac with a two cylinder engine.

Cons: I tried three different V400's. I really wanted to keep the V400, but unless you were in a quiet place, you couldn't hear the other person. IF YOU CAN'T HEAR THE OTHER PERSON WHO CARES ABOUT THE REST OF THE PHONE. The speakerphone is not practical. The phone does not come with a clip. Be careful of the after market clips. You can't see the display very well in sunlight. The flip does not securely stay close if you are wearing the phone on a clip.

Had this Phone for Two Years


Jan 7, 2006 by capslit

I thought this phone was great except for three things, which were actually pretty annoying.

(1) Sometime when you turn the phone off the back light stays on. This basically "crashes" the phone, draining your battery and disabling all features such as the alarm. This can be pretty inconvenient if you don't notice it and forget to take the battery out and put it back in to reboot the phone.

(2) The volume in the phone is low. This was very annoying, and it is the most important feature I am looking for in the new phone I have just started my search for. It seems that this is generally a problem with Motorola phones (but when I call the Motorola help center everything is loud and clear, maybe they test the loudness wrong).

(3) Having the volume buttons on the exterior of the phone was very annoying for me, since you might accidently turn your phone's ringer on from vibrate (didn't actually happen to me, but I often did hear the volume change sound when I didn't mean to press the buttons).

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