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Alwsome phone for it's price


Feb 19, 2004 by got15psi

His is a great phone for it's price. Display is so sharp, one of the best displays for a 65K. I know cuz I had a t616, and I'm currently using p900. Not to much came with the box for what you pay though. Most phones will come with wired headset. Only thing I think Motorola has to work on is getting on the Li polymer like everyone else. I think the battery life could do better. Camera is very very good.

I think I will enjoy this phone for awhile.

No Way....


Feb 3, 2005 by LeoGod813

I fell in love with this phone from the first time that i saw it....... And then i owned it. The ear piece volume is somewhat low, but that is something that i could deal with. But the reception on this phone sucks beyond belief. I know that it isn't cingual itself that is horrible because both my friend and i have it. She has the motorola 220 while i have this piece of hell. We were sitting right next to eachother and she had full bars and this phone could barely maintain 1. All i keep hearing is that "it can't have bad reception, it's a quad-band phone." To hell with everyone who says that because i own the damn thing and the reception sucks. The phonebook/contacts set up is horrible. The fact that you can't choose to have your phonebook display numbers from either your sim card or your phone itself is bothersome. The camera is perfect but trying to upload them from ure phone takes too much work. I mean honestly, i'm not mad because i got the phone for free when i signed up with cingular, but honestly, to those who might end up paying for it, i would suggest that you set your sight else where because this phone isn't all that it's cracked up to be at all.

Get it now


Mar 18, 2004 by Dwconklin

I have been holding out for the V600 but since I don't really need Bluetooth and the V600 will like come fully locked I picked up the V400 instead. It comes brand new out of the box factory unlocked so I can put in any sim card that I like and I don't have to worry about someone doing a hack job to unlock it and void the warranty.

QuadBand- a true world phone.
Call quality is outstanding. Almost like a land line with my AT&T sim.
Motorola Menus have improved quite a bit over the past couple of years
Excellent phone sync and other tools available with USB cable.
Wish it came with more ring tones

No Infrared
Phone book has limited search by first letter only.

Buy one now! I don't regret it.

The best buy with Cingular


Oct 5, 2005 by CA girl

I wish I could use this phone with Verizon. We're switching our family plan to Verizon this week. The reason? The bad reception of this phone. Verizon constantly gets 5 bars in this room whereas this one gets maybe 3. What I don't get, though, is that it worked fine in the dorm I was in last semester and it works almost everywhere else I go except home. The phone itself is great but I think it's just Cingular that's bad.


- light up front screen and side panel button
- light up keys
- good camera
- good battery life
- user friendly (easy menu)
- good ringtone selection
- very sturdy. Fell off my bike with it in
my pocket and it still works fine
- you can set it for a different ringtone on alarm setting
- big keys


- one of the side buttons changes the ring volume when you don't want it to.
- don't know if you can transfer the pictures to a computer or not
- it's a bit too big for some of my pockets



Nov 19, 2004 by carlbeaty33

The v400 is everything i wanted in a phone i have not "1" con with this phone i will be keeping this phone for a long time.... i recommend this phone to anybody!!

v400 v600 Impractical Functionality


Jul 6, 2004 by 53735

The v400 & v600 are VERY disappointing.
Although packed with features and looks great, it's way too cumbersome to use.

1) Internal speaker is too low.
It may sound fine in the store, but take it into a car with A/C & road noise & forget it. Threads complain about this, some include fixes requiring a PhD in EE (SEEM editing, FLEXING, FLASHING, etc.) Last thing anyone should have to do is hack their phone.

2) Speaker phone not activated until after a connection.
Try 2-3 seconds after your conversation has started. Speaker phone functionality is pretty much useless.

3) Phone Book is circa 1980
A single entry for every number? Give me a break! I guess Moto wanted us to be able to assign custom rings and photos to each number, but do I really need a separate picture/ringer of Jennifer Annistan when she's calling me from home versus her cell? Well maybe I do, but Moto could have had them stored separately, but presented them grouped together.

4) Voice Dial is pathetic
It seldom recognize the difference between "Jennifer Home" and "Jennifer Cell" and there's no voice prompt like every other phone in the world. The voice button is also located in such a way that it's often hit by mistake when you're on a call. This functionality is useless.

5) Left side volume buttons are annoying.
Every time you try to remove the phone from a holster, you hit the buggers and get an annoying "beep". Oddly enough if the Ring Style is LOUD, the beep is soft, if it's SOFT the beep is loud. Have no fear, threads also tell you how to turn these damn things off - you just need to hack the phone.

6) I'm too tired to list more of Moto's blunders with this phone...

In summary, this is a great looking phone that "could have been a contender", but it's packed with "impractical functionality".
Moto needs to start thinking about performing some basic "usability testing" before bringing crap like this to market.

Go ahead-buy it, use it for a week and see if you don't agree.

Beware of build quality


Apr 24, 2004 by BugDude10

I'm on my third V400 in two months. The first one: the external display would light up when the phone was off and deplete the battery overnight. The second one: the Power/Hang-Up button stopped working properly, and the phone would turn itself off while I was using it and turn itself on overnight and deplete the battery.

Also, inconsistencies between phones: The first one did not have the "Spooky" ringtone, the second one did, and the third one does not. Also, the third one has a poor external display (the contrast/brightness is out-of-whack, and the "Brightness" setting in the setup menu is for the internal display only).

In short, check your specific phone out carefully before you sign on the dotted line, and keep your eyes open for problems as soon as they develop.


Almost there!


Apr 13, 2004 by paul edmondson

This is a good effort from Motorola. Coming from a V60 I was hesitant to own a "plastic" phone but this one seems solid! The screen is large and bright and the camera, while really not necessary, actually takes decent pictures. There are a couple of BIG issues though. A huge one is BATTERY LIFE! You really need to charge overnight, almost every night, especially if you text or do alot of things to keep the screen on. Next, is message memory...very small! 25 saved texts and it's saying "Full"! Finally, the button action is strange..There is a delay between pressing the button and the screen action and sometimes the button tone will stay on for another second AFTER you have taken your finger off!...Also, personally, I HATE predictive text and can't turn it off on this phone.

Great phone so far


Feb 24, 2004 by bfalchuk

I must say, I'm VERY impressed. I've had just about every Moto flip phone on TDMA, plus a few Nokias. This is my 2nd GSM phone (had a Siemens SL56 for a day...cool phone, terrible to use and crap reception), and this blows it away.

TDMA in my area is great, and this GSM phone is even better! Excellent signal management. Moto has come a long way. The speaker, in my opinion, isn't loud enough for calls, but ringers are REALLY easy to hear, especially more traditional ones like "Contemporary".

My complaints are more on what Cingular has done to it in terms of limitations. I have yet to own it long enough to comment on the battery. It's also weird for me to use a plastic phone after owning v60s for 2 years. But, this phone is very solid, which is more than I can say for my v60ts (3 of them), v60is (2 of them) or v60t Colors (2 of them). Plus, it's light, though a bit wide.

Overall, I'm very happy. This is a VERY well made phone (more than I can say for previous Motos). I'm happy, but wish it had BlueTooth.

Great phone for the money


Jan 10, 2004 by tnt0506

I have had every motorola phone out in the last 4 years, but this phone has all the other ones beat. Great phone with awesome features for the price. The camera works well, providing there is enought lighting, but would not buy the phone to use as a camera only. I also have the Moto T720, and swap back and forth quite often, depending on what I am wanting to do with my phone that day.

Pros:sleek design, great colors, good battery life (as long as you are not just playing around with phone), good signal strength, easy to use menus (as long as you are familiar with Moto products),

Cons:not many accessories available as far as carrying devices, unless positioned just right, can be hard to hear out of, same ringtones as T720 and V60i except V60 is monophonic.

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