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stay away from this phone


Jul 11, 2005 by lambda

I didn't want to sign up for an account just to write a review, but I dislike this phone so much, I had to vent somewhere.
I got this phone for my birthday and I thought it was the coolest thing around. It played MP3s, had a camera and speakerphone capabilities. But after owning it for a year and a third, I am frustrated by it. But after about 11 months, I could not hear people through my speaker, so I got mine replaced (I do take care of my phone). 4 months later, this one is still working (knock on wood). However, my sister has replaced her phone several times (at least 4 times) and she has gone beyond the warranty period and now she had a dead phone.
Now looking back, I wish I didn't pay what I paid for it. And to be honest, I wouldn't even get this phone if it was free... it's not worth the frustrations. It gets a 1.0 because most people really like it when they first get it.

-MP3 Ringtones work well
-Moto software makes your phone really customizable (change your wallpaper, download games, add ringtones, sync your calendar and phonebook)
-Speakerphone works
-If you import pictures to your phone,

-Phone CANNOT/WILL NOT ring and make noise at the same time (phone does not ring and vibrate at the same time)
-Cannot type to find names in the phonebook, only look up by first letter
-Bulky. Sticks out of my pants like a boner
-Like everyone else, speakerphone does not turn on fast enough after making a call
-Will break on you no matter how well you take care of it
-Limited to 5MB of memory for games, pictures, and ringtones.

Crappy phone


Jul 8, 2005 by dingowarrior

I've had this phone for 2 weeks short of a year now, exchanged it six times, and the crap still doesn't work. Finally today, Motorola decided to replace it with another model.

Phone 1: Phone turned itself off. Bad reception. Lots of echoing and dropped calls.
Phone 2: Keypad didn't work.
Phone 3: Camera didn't work. Headset volume (at high) was too low to hear in coming calls. More often than not, callers could hear me, but I couldn't hear them.
Phone 4: Literally no reception (0 bars) for 1-6 hour time frames. At rare times when calls went through, they would be dropped after 30 seconds. (Not too good for business.)
Phone 5: Display was blank.
Phone 6: Phone 4 in disguise... When I gave the serial number to the Cingular rep, it was Phone 4 that I had just returned... Same problems, so I guess they don't actually fix them, they just put a sticker on the face and call it reconditioned.

Bottom line, if you want to have something that looks like a phone, but doesn't actually work, the V400 is perfect. However, if you have high hopes of making and receiving calls, using the camera, and hearing callers, try something else... This doesn't hack it.

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I loved it until...it didn't talk


Jul 7, 2005 by cphonelover

I must admit, it was great for my purposes until I had to replace it three times for the same problem because I could barely hear the persons calling or couldn't hear them at all, even if the volume was turned all of the way up. While I was able to switch to the speaker phone and hear quite nicely, occasionally I wanted my privacy and others wanted me to have it too.

The last time, Cingular sent me another new V400 but I gave it to a friend and I purchased another Motorola (V551). So far, the new V551 works well although the picture/video quality is not the best.

By the way, my friend that I gave the new v400 to is about to have it replaced because he can't hear me when I call. Go figure.

I believe the V400 suffers from a design flaw which partly explains(although they will never admit it) why Cingular no longer carries the V400.

My advice: Get another phone.

Dependable solid phone most of the time


Jul 5, 2005 by jragsdale1

Pros: Motorola durability, Good speakerphone, Easy to find accessories, Camera has lots of adjustments

Cons: Stupid to have to wait until 3 seconds into a phone call to enable speakerphone, Phone charger has issues from day one, Voice dialing requires shouting at the top of your lungs exactly the same every time, DMV takes better pictures than camera

Overall: It works fairly well as a phone, I did have to get the earpiece replaced (Ordered one for a V551 and it works very well). Don't buy this phone for its features, buy it if you want a durable phone.



Jul 2, 2005 by jasonfield

once i bought this phone, i was in love with it. but then it just started to be a big weight in my pocket. i dont know about you, but its too heavy. service is crappy, and eventually it will fall apart. this is my third one.

please dont buy this phone!!!!!


Jun 27, 2005 by .r.y.a.n.

ok i got this phone as a present from my dad for my birthday. i was happy i took it everywhere with me. heres a little about me im obsessed with phones.....well not really thats just what everyone says (i have been using the gsm service for a year now and i have 4 phones (when it comes to cellphone service ALASKA sucks we just got gsm a yeah ago)) but any ways back to the phone it was fine and dandy for like 3 months then my battery started to wendle away. it would stay ALIVE for like 1-2 hours so they gave me a used batter that suppossedly worked!!! what service. then it became SUPER SLOW!!! so i bought the 3100.....AWESOME phone. when i lost it i put my sim card in my v400(which was my back up phone) and it came up with this screwed up screen i called cellular one and they were like i dont know thats weird. so i went and bought myself a v180. which is also AN AWESOME PHONE!!! then OFCOURSE my friend found my 3100.... all that just to say that the v400 sucks i have had alot of the same problems as other people, dont buy it its a wayste of money and time!!!

*Pros* -- nice screen, good ringtones, ringtone composer. wap browser, camera with 3x zoom, and so on.

*cons* -- read the paragraph and other reviews .......

if you want good phones try the nokia 3100 or the motorola v180, as of now im looking into the sony ericson z500.



Jun 11, 2005 by smartypants264

This is everything I want in a phone. This phone is very nice and large, has a nice big screen and it has large buttons as well. I just purchased one recently, and instantly fell in love with it. I had a Moto V220 first, but this thing has everything it has and more! The camera quality is excellent, the speaker is loud, the buttons are big, the phone itself is large, and the screen is very crisp, clear, and large. There are more things I love about this phone, but to many to list. Some things I don't like are, well, nothing! The phone its self is great! I would recommend this phone to anybody.

Need a new phone


Jun 6, 2005 by Haganracing

I need a new phone. This phone has caused me so many problems. The earpeice is so bad I cant hear anyone on the other line at all, I have to put it on speaker phone every time I use it. Three weeks ago my battery is beginning to have less and less power to were im on the phone for 15 minutes and then it runs out of power. I have no service anywhere. The Internet is good, same goes with the camera.

Someone tell me where i can get a good phone from Cellular one (I cant wait till my plan ends.)



May 17, 2005 by jb3147

This is the 5th cell phone that I have owned over the past few years and this is, without a doubt, the worst phone I have owned or used. The telephone does everything except make a phone call. Reception is terrible everywhere! Three or more bars may be showing and when a call is initiated (sent or received) the reception drops to zero.

V400 Not Up To Motorola Standards


May 11, 2005 by HarryRodgers

I have never owned anything but Motorola phones as well as many other Motorola products and have never been unhappy. UNTIL NOW!
Reception on this phone is dismal at best. I had to add an external antenna to get even decent reception in my car. I am on the third phone now as the first totally crashed and the second crashed two weeks later.
Perhaps that is why Cingular discontinued this model so quickly.
The sound on this third phone is worst than the first two.

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