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Samsung SGH-X426 / SGH-X427


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Good phone, pretty pleased!


Mar 27, 2004 by KrycekIsMine

I got this phone about 2 weeks ago from AT&T for free after I signed a contract. So far, the phone is pretty great.


- Great sounding polyphonic ringtones
- Very nice, vibrant color display
- Cool, sleek looking design
- Easy to use keypad
- Easy to navigate menu's


The only main con I have is the mic is way too sensitive. I can whisper and be told I'm telling. But, if you hold the mouth piece about an inch from your mouth and talk normal, it's all good.

Also, a few times, people said I sounded like I was talking in a tin can, BUT, my mother's Nokia 3585 on AT&T and my Motorola C331 on Cingular both did the same thing occasionally, so I don't think it's actually the phone.

not bad for what ya pay


Mar 17, 2004 by lucky83

as a sales rep i change phones all the time, i had this phone for about 3 months, all in all i liked it. this is by far our best selling phone and we have had ZERO come back with any problems at all and that with over 150 units sold!!!! they have great ringtones and wonderful graphics and with cingular great gprs coverage it was easy to get new graphics and ringtones when ever i wanted. but the phone was not with out its flaws. the head set jack it a total joke just forget trying to use it all. also it was always slow to power on and find the network and of times failed to find cingular network and went over to att or tmobile. i would recommend this phone to any one good entry level gsm flip phone.

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pretty good, but not much else for me to compare to


Mar 13, 2004 by ShannaBanana

this is only my 2nd cell phone that i've owned. i bought it recently, but so far pretty happy with it. When i puchased it there was a rebate so i got it for $75, about 1/2 the original price. My service is with AT&T, and i dont get very good reception where i live, but i haven't had a dropped call yet, so its good.

Pros- small, lightweight, fits in pocket. easy to use. nice presentation. good price. fun to use.

Cons- my parents are deaf and don't use cell phones, so i like to text message to their email addys, but with this phone i cant do that, only text messaging to other cell phones. however, there is web access so i can always use that, more money tho. sometimes cant access web, also sometimes web freezes up. loud speaker. sometimes i dont recieve text msg people send me.
*but i guess i shouldnt blame the bad reception on the phone, but on at&t

overall, good bang for your buck, 2 thumbs up

Bottom line:


Mar 8, 2004 by KITT


Don't be fooled


Mar 7, 2004 by Phonepro

This phone does have a very easy and clear interface,..and cool tones. Although,..it does not have the best reception. I know lots and lots of people that have returned the phone because it sounds like you are under water. I am not sure if it is all the phones,..but quite a few. That is all I have to say.



Feb 28, 2004 by marcsexton

I am HAVE OCD with cell phones. I have to have a new one every month or so but let me tell you this phone will be one I will hang onto for a while and if for some reason my OCD has me buying a new phone the features that Samgung has to offer will definately persuade me to stick with them. I have had virtually every cell phone brand on the market Nokia, Panasonic, Motorola, Audio Vox, Sony Ericsson, Siemen, NEC, etc... I must say this has not only all the bells and stops but it has the best reception and virtually no dropped calls. Also it is very user friendly for beginner to novice you will love this phone! Well, I must say run now to your deal and get this phone! YOU WILL BE SOOOOOO GLAD YOU DID!

Great Phone, Samsung Rocks


Feb 28, 2004 by Enix

I recently bought this phone. And overall I am very impressed with the phone. This is my first time owning a Samsung phone and I've very impressed. I owned a Nokia 3590 which was the worst phone I have ever owned. I had the Motorola v60g phone before, was a great phone but I wanted more features.

Pros: Awesome signal strength, I've noticed a big difference in signal strength with the two phones I had before with this one. Battery life is great for what the phone offers. Mine lasts about 2 days with daily use.

Cons: As mentioned before, the phone scratches real easy if dropped on a rough surface.

Would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a new flip phone or any phone in general. Based on a Cingular bases.

Great phone!


Feb 26, 2004 by yoyomama

My service provider is AT&T Wireless in the San Francisco Bay Area. Coverage out here is very good.

I purchased 2 X426s, one for my wife and one for myself. These phones look great, are extremely light weight and well designed. Tactile feel of the flip and buttons are among the best I've experienced. I get a good signal with the X426 in places where my Siemens C56 got no signal. The X426 seems to be equal or better compared to my Nokia 3595 when it comes to signal strength. Battery life is also great given it's size and weight.

Cons...well the shell is easily scratched or nicked if dropped. I've had only a couple calls where I hear the person's voice being cut off, but that could have been due to a bad signal.

As for it not having an external display, I don't think it's fair for others to state they don't like that about this phone. They might as well mention they don't like the fact that it doesn't have Bluetooth or infrared. If you need or want a flip with an external display don't even consider this phone. Otherwise, if you're looking for a solid, well functioning phone go for the X426. I used to think Nokias made the best cell phones but because of my experience with the X426 and a Samsung MP3 player I've owned for a year I'll stick to Samsung for a long time.

Awesome Flip for the Average user


Feb 11, 2004 by Rigby9091

First of all I use AT&T Wireless service in Oklahoma/Texas area, where the GSM system is pretty seamless. Okay now for the phone:

Pros: The size is great, the phone is lightweight and the antenna is pretty solid, unlike the Motorola V60's
The pictures are great, and the ring tones are very loud, not the best selection, but at least you can download them easily.
The phone can be answered by flipping it open, or you can set it not auto answer by flip-so you don't have to be surprised.
The phone just looks great, and the reception that it gets is very good, no drop calls yet!
Cons: The mouthpiece is pretty sensitive, but that's my only complaint, but I knew that going into it.

Overall, the phone is great for people like me, I want the cool gsm phone but don't need the extras like cameras and blue tooth. GSM is really picking up in a lot of areas, and most direct dealers give you a 30 day buyers remorse (at lease ATTW does), so while not for everyone, the perks are defiantly there with this phone. Highly recommend!!

Great phone for all around use...


Jan 31, 2004 by chadbordes

Excellent phone. I traded 4 phones to finally choose this one.
Clear and concise...this phone is to the point. You can actually hear all callers when they talk. Headset is loud and clear.
So what if it doesn't offer caller id on the face...flip open the phone or take the call. You can pick this great phone up cheaply at cingulair or AT&T relatively cheap and bottom line it really works.
I have owned Nokia, Motorola and finally Samsung and I can honestly say, samsung now has my business for life.
Great job. If you need caller id on the outside, get the e105.

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