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Great Phone


Apr 1, 2004 by sandenscot

I had AT&T for about 9 years and this is my first Verizon phone (thank you for number portability)....I travel from Maine to Florida and all states in between...this phone is super...sound quality is great, voice dialing, once you get used to talking the way it understands, which is not hard at all. The scheduler is a nice feature and it works well...you dont have to use your voice for that.....simply hit menu 7 and 2 and voila...very simple. This is an all digital phone and I have yet to have any problems without the analog. I like the ergonomics as well. Speaker phone works wonderful.

Great software, poor reception


Jan 20, 2005 by beerMe

This was my first VZW phone, before I started selling VZW phones. Here's my opinion:

* Good size. Small enough, but not too small.
* Excellent software. The voice-activated features are really smart. The speaker-independent voice recognition is a big improvement over the old style that you have to train to your voice.
* Good speakerphone. Loud and fairly clear.

* Poor reception. This phone would not work in my house. Even when it had two bars of signal, it would break up, drop calls, and refuse to ring when someone called. That just doesn't cut it in my book.

That's really my only complaint about this phone. But, reception is ultimately the most important feature in a phone, especially if you live in an area with weak signal like I do. Thus, the average rating of 2.5.

Great phone


Apr 6, 2004 by EJA1076

I have read most of the reviews on here and am disappointed that this phone has such a low rating. Even though the voice recognition could be a little better, I love the Driving Mode feature as well as the easy to activate Manner Mode. The ring tones are good too.. they don't sound annoying like most cell phones I've had. This phone is better than most of the phones I've had, including the Motorola StarTac, so I don't see what all the complaints are about. Keep up the good work, LG!

Impressive Performance.


Mar 22, 2004 by airbus

So far I'm much happier with Verizon's service than AT&T Wireless'. They do seem to be the best from my previous wireless companies experiences. Although, they're NOT without some faults, too. And, the LGXV4500 all digital CDMA dual band mode works quite well.

It is a very simple phone to operate and user friendly I think. Very logical (I like this). The signal strength in my home is only 1 bar. I've never gotten a good solid signal in my home (i.e. Sprint PCS, AT&T and now Verizon) on any wireless phone. However, it does seem to hold on to any calls without dropping them and with very good clarity I might add despite this. Mostly static free. I do like the voice commands. They do work well. More consistent that my old ATTWS V60i. Speakerphone is good, but sometimes hard to understand unless you're in a quieter area.
Color screen is very difficult to view with brighter ambient light around. In a lower lighted atmosphere, very good (i.e. no sunshine around, etc...). Internet web WAP sometimes very slow with VZW MSN ($4.99/mo. service). What can you expect at those tranfer rates? Still... Some nice features to access (i.e. nearby restaurants, accessing POP e-mail from another ISP).

Overall, I'd recommend this phone. It seems worthy and pretty reliable. I suppose paired up with Verizon makes it a winning combination.

out of 3, the best verizon phone i have used...


Mar 18, 2004 by DinoVelvet

i started with the samsung 530, had a problem with it freezing. went to the lg 6000 and to me having a camera without a flash is a waste. i then went to the lg 4500 and i couldn't be happier.

the speaker-phone works well, especially in driving mode. also, the belt clip allows you to open the flip without removing the phone. i usually just clip it on my sun visor in the car and (if i get a call) i open the flip (with the phone still clipped to the sun visor) and continue the call with the speaker-phone. it couldn't be any easier!

i personally don't see why everyone took away from it's rating here because the speaker-phone only works when the flip is open. hello, the mouthpiece is covered with the flip closed!

the ringers are loud (not at loud as the 6000, but pretty close) and clear. you should never miss a call with the phone in your pocket, which was a huge problem i had with the samsung 530.

the clarity is good, as i expected. and the size, while it does look a little bit strange, actually fits very well in the my hand.

digi-dial and the voice commands are excellent, PERIOD!

there is get it now content, but there are only 5 sites for ringers. the same goes for games, there was a lot more of both on the lg 6000 and i think this is one area where the 4500 lacks compared to other phones from the same manufacturer and in the same price range.

the display is fine, which is another thing that people here seemed to be unhappy with. sure, it could be better, but then the phone would cost more. since it lacks a camera there is no need to go overboard with the 262k screen on the lg 6000.

there is no way to adjust the color on the outside display, that would have been cool.

the outside is shinny and will probably take a beating as far as getting scratched.

overall, it's a great phone for someone that is looking for a great phone and not some eye-candy to show off to their friends! if you want eye-candy, get the lg 6000...



Jan 28, 2007 by opiecunningham

Dropped calls, static calls, complaints from the person on the other end, etc. I bought this phone used on eBay to replace my Samsung A670 with a busted hinge. That phone had MUCH better reception, no dropped calls, and 100% better screen quality.

My experience with the 4500 has been piss poor. Rather have to deal with a potentially cracked hinge than this. And I need a decent phone because of the business I'm in.

Disclaimer 3000+ calls were placed on this phone. It's possible that it had a hard life prior to my ownership.

My 4th phone in 4 months


Feb 9, 2005 by jtc411

I started off with the samsung a650...and liked the phone, but needed external caller id...so i then went for the motorola v265...good phone once again...but found flaws(the small screen, cheaply made plastic case)..then i went to the samsung a670...couldnt have been happier with it...phone was nearly flawless...but one problem...had more features than i needed...so i sold it to my buddy and got this vx4500...best phone i've EVER had...and i've had some flashy ones...this one does it all


Best reception I've ever had
Quick get it now
Caller ID
Voice Commands
MP3's as ringers
Clear Sound
PRICE!! paid 30 out the door!


Stupid Mirror on the phone smudges and is kinda pointless.
No Tri Mode(gonna be worthless anyways when they switch to all digital)
no worthless camera
Stupid cradle charger blah

I would reccomend this phone to anyone...its basic...but not TOO basic...overall im finally happy with a phone i've purchased...this is my first LG phone, and probably not my last unless samsung impresses me somehow

Awesome replacment phone


May 25, 2004 by IceWind

My company had old StarTec phones for awhile and I absolutely hated them. An associate purchased a 4500 and I fell in love with it on first sight.

The LCD screen is very clear and bright and you can easily adjust the brightness and contrast on it. You can also change how long the backlight stays on as well as the keypad for battery life.

They keys are well laid out and have a nice solid quality feel to them, unlike Motorolas and Nokias which feel loose and poor workmanship.

The menu system couldn't be any easier. There is a very nice easy GUI interface though you change it to smaller icons to see more on the screen. There no confusion on how to move to different menus and sections of the phone, unlike so many other phones out their.

The variety of options for sounds, key tones, and you can even change the color of the LED to change from green, blue, purple, white, orange, red in any combination. Very cool.

The GET IT NOW system is very easy and fun to download themes, music, songs, wallpaper, ect.. I have Terminator 3, Van Helsing and Babes in Bikini themes and the LCD displays them very crisp and clear.

The phone has a very handy driving mode function which you can enable with a push of a button so that the phone will actually tell you who is calling before you answer it, very hand when on the road. The speech reconiztion is easy to setup after saying a few test speeches into the phone. I can't say how wonderful it is to simply tell the phone to call a person simpy by speaking into it hands free while driving.

The speaker phone is real nice to have, especially for me being in the IT industry where if I have a 3rd party next to me, he or she can listen in to the conversation if needs be.

One fault is that the speaker quality isn't that great, and if the volume is to loud, the speaker muffles and buzzes to much to of much use.

I will definently be purchasing LG phones in the future, great phone!!



Mar 21, 2004 by Maximus

Verizon Service in Westchester County (Northern Suburbs of New York City)

A tri-mode phone is not necessary for me since I don't travel to the boonies often, and where I live is just about 100% all digital. If you aren't looking for a camera phone, but would like to go with LG, then the 4500 is for you! It's a total step up from the 4400 which by the way was very popular and performed well. The 4500 adds a speaker phone that works very well. It is much better than the speaker phones that Audiovox has put out! The 4500 also adds the new voice command feature-including driving mode...very safe and convenient. The antenna is a stub so you won't have to worry about it breaking. The ear piece volume is very good and the reception on the phone is excellent. I forgot to mention that the ringers are very loud and some of them are decent meaning they sound like normal business ringers. The phone is thinner than the 4400 and is all silver and looks very sleek. It also feels good in my hand when on a call. I must say that the battery life is by far the best on any Verizon phone ever put out! I get 3 hours talk time on regular one and on the extended 4 hours. I'm not crazy about the shape of the phone....it sort of is an exaggerated tear drop, but hey you're never going to have a phone where there's nothing you don't like about it. All in all, a great product from LG that is a perfect step up from the 4400. By the way, I live in a basement apartment and still get a strong signal. Way to go LG, and Verizon, hands down you're still the best!

VX 4500 a good choice!


Feb 8, 2004 by verizondude

I work for Verizon and I just picked up the 4500 yesterday. I had the VX 6000 camera phone for 5 months and absolutely loved it. I decided to get the 4500 because of the new driving mode feature. I was a little skeptical at first about replacing my 6000 but have been impressed through and through with this phone. Here are my "highlights" of the phone.

Good call quality due to all digital
Speaker phone; very loud and clear
Enhanced voice commands are GREAT
Driving mode is fabulous
Battery life gives me a good 3 hours of talk
500 contact phone book

No "regular" voice activated dialing
Speaker only works if phone is open

I think those are all of my "highlights" for this phone. All in all, the 4500 is an excellent phone. The only way it could get better is if they could include a camera into the phone.

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