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LG VX-4500


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Great Phone- By far the best LG Phone I've had


Feb 9, 2005 by pickil11

This is a great phone it has everything, auto-answer when headset is plugged in voice dial the coolest thing is when the headset is in u can press the voice command button on the side of the phone and it will take u to voice command and with the newest software you can ask time and date, call someone even if its not there primary number. I had the first software verison and then just yesterday my phone got water logged cause i dropped it in the rain and so far the replacement phone with the current software verison has nothing but more great features. The speaker phone is great I actually only recently got a earpiece and before i used the speaker phone all the time as far as it seems to be going out I would have to say then turn your volume down Ive had this phone for a year and this is my 3rd LG phone and each one gets better and better.

Voice Command Anything on your phone
simple 5 minute voice reconition setup
great battery life my average is two to three days depending on how much i talk
light weight
big screen on both outside and inside
big easy to see blue lighted keys
fast get it now
great features all around

haven't really found any

best phone i found


Dec 18, 2004 by nicvon

I have been shopping for a phone for quit a while and this is by far the phone that fits all my needs. the speaker quality on this phone is by far the best on the market. My reception is great. It even gets better than my trimode motorola 120. But in March that won't be Important cause the anolog towers won't work. The get it now moves fast and puting my numbers in is easy. Everything bout this phone is easy. I love the driving mode cause that is where I do most of my talking. I clip it to my visor and go from there. I have yet to find a con with this phone. And having verizon gives me the best coverage in america. And the fact that the phone can say any name you put in there is way too cool

speaker phone
loud ring
violent vibrate
loud earpeice
quick get it now
light weight
big screen inside and out
easy software to use
great voice activation
Lg is a good brand

Cons: have not found one.



Sep 10, 2004 by cmsxqt

I LOVE my LG-VX4500. This is the best little phone I have ever used. The phone is feature-packed and all work flawlessly. Here are my pros and cons:

PROS: Style (sophisticated/reserved), speakerphone, ring tones, voice activated dialing is the best I have ever used, menu’s are very intuitive, reception is great, and the battery life is pretty good.

CONS: Requires a base to charge, all digital, no camera (if that is your style).

You will be very pleased if you purchase this phone. I have been through four phones in the last month, and this one beats them all. I love it!



Sep 5, 2004 by petew

AWESOME Phone. Using Verizon in N.C. (& NYC, Tx, & Co.) PROS: Outstanding features and quality, including: Speakerphone (once experienced, will never accept less), unlimited & accurate voice dialing, "Driving mode" (totally hands free) {I use velcro, stick it on visor when driving, clarity and volume remain excellent. Loud and many ringer choices, Strong vibrator mode, Great scheduler with alarm, 99 speed dials, Best reception of the many tried over years, great color screen (except in strong daylight), buttons well spaced with solid feel, extensive "history" of all calls, Generous "voice memos", 4 separate alarm clocks, easy to use calc. and tip calc., good battery life, and even good ergonomics.
CONS: Screen fades in strong daylight, holster clip doesn't swivel.
From what I've read, the negatives seem to be from users who haven't figured out how to use the phone (granted, the manual stinks), but LG cust. service is great. I'm happy to answer any questions if I can help.
If you want a camera, buy a camera, if you want games, buy a game, if you want a reliable phone, for personal and professional necessities, get this phone. No, I don't work for LG, just happy to finally find what I needed.

Very useful and amazing LG VX4500


Jul 21, 2004 by popeye

This phone is amazing! The voice recognition feature on this phone specially the driving mode makes it virtually handsfree receiving and making calls. The features in this phone are truly very useful unlike the other phones that I have had in the past. They should categorize this phone as a high end phone and not mid-range. Sure it does not have a camera but so the phone gets the job done. The RF signal is very good. I have not had any drop calls at all. I live in California city of Azusa. The voice recognition features works great...works better with the 02 version of the firmware. All in all the features that they have incorporated in this phone are very useful. Worth every penny. I would recommend this phone. If you truly want a phone with features that really work and can truly be useful get this phone. I also bought a portable handsfree car kit to use with this phone and works like a charm.

LG 4500....CDMA Dream Phone


Jul 21, 2004 by davegreen96

This phone has taken the best of what CDMA has to offer and utilized wonderfully. The battery life is excellent when compared to my old Motorola T730 that I retired to the circular file. I think the speaker phone and advanced Voice Dialing make this phone a great choice for anyone looking for a mid-range cell phone. Verizon Wireless Has lots of applications for this phone through get-it now. I would recommend this phone to everyone. Good Job LG!!

Love my 4500


Jul 20, 2004 by chaelimadison

Love it, love it! The only thing that would make me even happier about it is it it was narrower thinner, but the size now is just fine.

I love the little features in the phone, like the ez tip calculator, which calculates the %15 tip when you enter the total food bill amount and has a place to put the # of parties if you are splitting the bill for the exact amount everyone pays including tip.

The other very cool feature is the driving mode, where when you're driving you never have to touch the phone to accept your calls. If using without a headset, keep the phone flipped open and it reads out aloud the incoming calling person's name if it's in your contacts or it will call out the number to let you know where the call is coming from and when it asks you "wish to accept?" you either say yes or no and it will connect you or send it to voicemail.

When I'm not driving, I still utilize the driving mode by keeping the phone on my belt clip or in my pocket with the phone closed and keeping my earpiece plugged in, it will do the same thing so that you don't have to fumble for your phone to get an incoming call, just say "yes" or "no" to accept the call or not.

It has a very loud speaker, and the side buttons adjusts the loudness and you must press the ok button otherwise it adjusts back to the original setting, which I couldn't figure out and was annoyed by, until I got more acquainted with the phone.

Being a female, I also like that the front has a mirrored surface and can use as a mirror to check your make-up or re-apply your lipstick, check for food particles stuck between the teeth, so forth.

LG VX-4500...A great phone!!


Jun 14, 2004 by CRCinOklnd

I've had this phone since the end of April as a B-Day gift to myself. I wanted a speaker-phone for the longest time. The decision was between this and the Motorola V60s. Well I'm glad I chose the LG VX4500!
The "pros" are:
-One of the most user-friendly menu's I've ever had on a cell-phone! Very easy to navigate and add/edit the address book.
-Like all the "one-step" shortcut buttons and accesses to your voice-mail, address book, etc.
-The sound/voice quality on the listening end for me, and how callers say I sound is excellent! People say they cannot tell I'm using a cell-phone! It is the best of all the phones I have owned.
-Signal strength is great...never a dropped call. I live in the S.F.-East Bay, CA. area. I do not miss analog at all! It zapped my battery life on my previous phone, a Samsung A-310 and sounded lousy to boot. Love having an all-digital phone. It has worked for me as well travelling throughout Northern & Southern California.
-Battery life is fantastic! My Samsung would barely make it through a day, where I can use my LG-4500 several times a day and still have 2-3 bars left at the end of the day.
The "cons" are:
-Sometimes the screen is hard to see in the sunlight. I may try adjusting the contrast to see if that helps.
-The silver-shiney part of the front cover smudges easily...find I'm always rubbing it on my clothes to clean it.
Other than those 2 "cons", I am overall very satisfied with this phone and would recommend it to anyone.

just paid $250.00 for this phone today


Jun 14, 2004 by bigack

well its is a great phone, speaker part is very loud!! feels great in the hand and there is no weight to this phone!! this phone has the best reception of any phone ive ever owned :) i buy phones about 1 every 6 months ,so that why i had to pay that amount. i dont see any cons yet but will keep you guys posted. over all 5.0 in my eyes

Excellent job LG and Verizon!


Apr 12, 2004 by go93habsgo

I just got my 4500 a few days ago, and it is a great little phone!

Reception is excellent - going all digital is not a problem in my area (Morris County NJ). I don't miss analog at all...

The speakerphone is loud and very easy to use. It was the main reason I chose this phone, and I am not disappointed. I will probably use the speakerphone most of the time...

No Camera? Who cares? I don't want to take pictures with my phone. If you really must have a camera, go get a 6000...

Ringer and earpiece volume are more than loud enough. I am not big into downloading ringers, the standard ones will be OK for me...

The voice dialing feature works very well. I did not have any of the "voice training" problems that some have posted about...

Battery life has been good so far - better than I expected for a color flip phone. Then again, my only other color flip phone was a T720 (for three days - before I swapped it for a v120e), and you know the deal with those...

The menus and overall layout of the phone make sesne - much more than the Motorolas I have had previously. Things are logically placed, easy to find, and the layout does not throw Get It Now in your face, as that of the T720 did...

The phone itself is solid and well made. I did get the Verizon leather case to protect it, which is also well made. One catch (a small one) is that you cannot use the desktop charger with the leather case on. To get around this, you can use the plug-in travel charger instead...

All in all, a big thumbs up for Verizon and the 4500!

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