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May 26, 2007 by bsballdude27

This phone is terrible, it was the worse phone I ever used. It dropped 99.9% of the calls that were made on it. I would never reccommend this phone to anyone!
Pros: Hmmmm.... NOTHING

Reception Sucks
Hard to hear
Driving Mode is a Pain
Battery life sucks
+ too many more to list!


love it will miss it


May 29, 2006 by momoftwo

I have had this phone for a year and a half. I am due to upgrade in Sept. I am so sad to let this phone go, if it had a camera I would never give it up. I have been researching like mad trying to decide what will be my new phone.

I love the driving mode with the digit dial this is the best feature on this phone. The speakerphone is so loud and clear. I like that the caller ID is on the outside.

The only cons I have with this phone is that the ringer is not very loud even on the loudest setting, and the battery life after a year and half decreases quickly, after a 15 min. conversation my battery is now drained.

Any suggestions for a new phone?

Good phone


Feb 7, 2006 by bucks147

This is a great phone that has lasted me for almost two long years.

Durable and kinda a compact size
Very easy to use. LG's are so simple
Loud ringers
Pretty good reception in most places, but in one specific place ( my friends house) i cannot get service at all but everyone else that does not have verizon can get service so i dont think its the phone.

There is no camera. but its not a camera phone so i guess there is really no cons with this phone.

Its easy and very simple to use. Speaker phone is nice in some situations. Contacts are easily located and you can change them with ease.

Great Business Phone


Oct 14, 2004 by junkman007

I knew I wanted Verizon service, but took a long time to decide on the phone. I eventually ended up getting the VX-4500. I have used it for a month and I like it for the following reasons:
* Great Business phone
* No camera, as most companies don't allow
camera phones when visiting + I did not
need one.
* Speaker phone that is clear
* Driving mode, allows me to speak contact
names or numbers and the phone dials them.
No need to look at the keypad
* Manner mode = vibrate mode for meetings
* When using headset and in Driving mode,
phone states the name of person calling
or lists number and asks if you want to
take the call.You say yes,and it is
connected.No need to look at display.
* You can close the phone when using headset
* Voice Dialing is AMAZING.
* I can have multiple phone numbers under a
single contact name.
* Good Battery life. I am going to get
extended battery as a backup.
* Light weight
* Clear calls in the Bay Area & Sacramento.

Only thing I wish this phone had was:

* Bluetooth

This phone is perfect in everyway. This is not the phone for you if you are looking for fancy stuff.

I'm luv'in it.


Oct 9, 2004 by mewantphone

This is a great little phone. I get great reception, I love the style of it, and coming from someone who has never had it, Get It Now is a blast (even though it's too pricey and the fact that it takes airtime to download is a huge downer.)

Pros: Great reception, color screen, get it now, spiffy driving mode.

Cons: No camera---I didn't really want one, but I can see how it could be fun. A few minor glithes; freezes up for a second once in a rare while.

speaker will not work with phone closed


Aug 14, 2004 by northstar518

I got my 4500 4 days ago and it's great.However contrary to another post the speaker will not work unless phone is open.If it is in driver mode and closed and you get a call,the voice tells you where the call is coming from,but to answer you must open phone.I had a 4400 for 2 yrs. and I rarely could make calls from my home.With the 4500 I have 4 bars and great reception in my home.

Excellent Phone!


Jul 22, 2004 by Dreamweaver

I recently upgraded from the lousy Motorola T730, which was an upgrade from the even lousier Motorola T720. I was looking for a phone that wouldn't drop every other call, had good reception and signal strength, and a battery that lasted throughout the day. I found this, and more, with the VX4500. The best things about this phone, apart from the fact that it addresses my basic needs, are "Driving Mode," "Independent Voice Recognition," and "Two Way Speaker Phone." All of these features work so perfectly to enhance usage, that I'm surprised they aren't present in the latest LG phones. In addition...the ringers are loud enough so missed calls are a thing of the past, voice clarity is so good that people think I'm calling from a "land line," the menus are simple and intuitive, and the dynamic LED lights and "virtual" wallpapers are just plain fun! For those of you looking for a phone that knows it's a phone, this is the one for you!



May 11, 2004 by scott1965

In February I switched from Verizon to Cingular because I was attracted to their phone options...big mistake. Even though I have to pay a termination fee to Cingular, I switched back to Verizon because Cingular's coverage was so bad and I experienced inconsistent call quality even when the phone indicated that I was getting good reception.

Anyway, I have owned many phones over the years and I have to say that this phone, in conjunction with Verizon service, is the best. I am also pleased that Verizon offers great phones that do not have cameras. The company I work for and many of my customers do not not allow cameras in their buildings.

Pros: Speakerphone, well made, voice dialing, screen, ease of use, external screen, no camera, reception and, most importantly, call quality.

Cons: Boring design and no blue tooth.

Fabulous Phone


May 5, 2004 by ybmessinger

I found the phone very up-to-date, good looking and compact. One think I don't like about the phone is the side button that will turn it into driving mode without sounding or vibrating and deactivates any previous mode settings. It is bad when the button is pressed by itself when anything will press it for 4-5 second and are not aware, it will disable the manner mode, and when you will go outside you will miss any incoming calls since it is not set to manner mode that notifies you of a call even when you are not able to hear the ringtone due to outside noise.

Great Phone


Apr 5, 2004 by maddymaddy

I have been with Verizon since 1992 and have always owned Motorola Phones. As an aside, I am also a Macintosh evangelist so also support Motorola due to that relationship. However, in recent years it appears as if Moto has failed to keep up with the competition, this being true (IMHO) in the Cell Phone Space (US Market at least) and in Computer CPU spaces as well.

I recently purchase and returned a Samsung i600 Smartphone. I didn't feel the Microsoft Smartphone Software 2002 was robust enough for the $500 price. Then returned it for a Motorola T730 thinking I will simply keep my palm for a while. But that was also returned as its performance was unacceptable. I then took a chance at the LG VX4500. So far, as a phone, this is all I ever wanted in a phone. I did need the PDA component, but taking that our of the equation...this is perhaps the best phone Verizon is currently offering at this price point/category (e.g. sans picture capabilities).

So far, the feature set is great. Menus make sense, operation is smooth, one handed is great, etc. My friends always told me to look at LG...and glad I finally did. Admitedly however, I did wish VZN would carry more phones like the GSM carriers...I would pay full retail for the right PDA phone..but for nw..Palm/VX4500/Mac OS X are my platforms for productivity and communicaitons.

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