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Fine phone, other than reception


Oct 20, 2006 by maureenk

I've owned this phone for 2 1/2 years, so I know it well.

I LOVE driving mode and voice dial. I like the speaker phone. Battery life is great. It's easy to turn on "manner mode" (vibrate instead of ring) with one touch. Sound quality is fine.

There is just one, big important con, and that is lousy reception. It doesn't work in my home in north San Jose, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley. My husband's Verizon phone works fine from our home.



Oct 15, 2006 by mark h

this is the worst phone ive owned!!! It is just horrible. I cant wait to get an upgrade from this in about a week. dont waste ur money on it. it like throwing money away.I have dropped it or anything but when i turn it on the screen is just black!!!!!!!!!

The Worst Phone I have ever owned


Apr 8, 2006 by JDover

My brother purchased this phone and strongly recommended it. Now both of us are ready to toss it as
soon as our Verizon contracts are up.
The phone drops 90%+ of the calls, and the other
10% have consistent break-up during the call.
needless to say I don't use it very much.
Drops calls
Frequent break-up on connected calls
Battery is good for 20 - 30 min
Speaker sounds like a 20's Victrola squawk box
The initials LG
When you have spent the majority of a two year contract dealing with customer service and their refusal to acknowledge threre are issues with this phone, and finally as soon as your contract is up
they state "yeah that is one of the worst phones
we have ever carried, but we'll make you a great
deal on another phone"
Good-by Verizon and LG

Very frustrated


Feb 11, 2006 by Mom


Small size
Good speaker phone
Large buttons
Decent enough battery time


Buttons on side are hassle, they get bumped too easily
More dropped calls as time goes on
The screen is hard to see

I have had my phone for over a year. for the first many months it was a great phone. As time went on I got dropped calls.
I finally alled Verizon and being my warrantee was out I was stuck with the phone. After many complaints about dropped calls the Verizon people updated my software for me and said that would take care of the problem. Didn't make any difference. I hadn't left town yet that day when I had another dropped call. I live in the Fargo, ND area. I'm stuck with the phone til June; I seldom have a conversation anymore without having my call dropped at least once. I can have 5 bars and then nobody is on the other end. I can't wait to upgrade come June. Right now I feel like I am paying for an inconvenience each month.

screen problems


Jan 20, 2006 by troybrant

I have been satisfied with most aspects of this phone, but have had enormous problems with the screen. I am on my third phone (thank you, Verizon, for replacing it each time without any problems). The screen just turns into colorful bars or goes entirely blank. The only way to fix it is to power off and back on again. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't.

I am very gentle with my phone, so I'm not inclined to think it's something about how I'm using it. However, the folks at Verizon keep telling me they've never seen this problem before (yet the replace the phone no-questions-asked).

Very mediocre phone


Oct 2, 2005 by GuyinLACA

A relative bought one of these in mid 2004 and it lasted about 14 months. He used it only for phonebook and calls, so Get It Now, ringers & games were not an issue. For the time it was released, this phone was pretty decent. It was probably better than the T720 but not by much. Reception was fairly good usually (probably because of Verizon) but in fringe areas his phone would show 4 bars, then when calling would drop to 1 and not make the call. In all fairness the phone was a tremendous improvement over the V120 he had before so he really liked the 4500. It appeared to be more than sufficient overall and served its purpose acceptably.

-Compact size
-Sturdy build
-Sounded clear when receiving calls from it
-Large buttons
-Simple non-camera phone
-Very intuitive user interface and phonebook
-External screen easy to read in sunlight but read below for the con
-Verizon network made reception good in most places

-Fringe area reception poor compared to Motorola V265/V710/E815, Samsung A670
-Horrible choice of ringtones
-Mediocre battery life
-Phone charger stops working after a year
-Screen is small relative to the phone's size & is washed out
-External caller ID gets dust inside it over time making it hard to see

After the phone died, he considered a new LG but read the different phone ratings and got a Motorola E815 instead to replace it and is much more impressed with reception/battery life. Overall, the VX-4500 is mediocre in almost every way. There is nothing exciting or impressive about it which I guess is to be expected. For those of you looking to buy used ones, I might recommend looking at other options. Even LG fans will tell you this phone did not live up to the 4400, and is probably worse than most other LG phones. Fortunately New Every 2 is around to allow people with these phones to get something better. I don't think people realize their phones aren't quite up to par until they try something really great.

Excellent Phone!


Aug 1, 2005 by florencetech

As far as cell phones go, this one has been the best I've ever owned. LG once again affirms their commitment to quality and not hype or relentless marketing or other place-holders for a lack of quality. LG continues to wow each time I use this phone.

*Excellent battery life with or without the extended battery.
*Excellent options.
*Excellent screen resolution.
*Excellent navigational software system that uses common sense to use instead of the "Go ahead and try and figure me out" software of many other brands.
*Excellent call clarity and volume.
*Doesn't bear the words "Motorola", "Moto", or "ola" on it anywhere.


This phone is perfect for those of us who realize that a phone is a phone first and a camera or MP3 player or whatever else second. Although LG does make phones with those things and they are pretty sweet, the 4500 is my pick for a great phone and my PSP is my pick for entertainment device.

Totally hands free, save your life, digit dialing


May 21, 2005 by jzwarren

What a surprise! I got this phone because of the strong speaker phone. Every phone made should have this Driving Mode. IT should be mandated by the government. It may save your life, Totally Hands-Free.

I put the speaker phone on, activate the driving mode, with Voice Digit Dial, and I don't have to touch the phone at all while driving. I don't take my eyes off the road.

I can voice dial digit by digit any phone number, even a number, never seen before, without using my hands, and with looking at the phone. Now, that's hands and eyes free!

The other features are great too, no cons.
Don't drive and talk without this feature.

Worth alot more than the $39.99 I paid for it!!!


Feb 24, 2005 by adilus

I exchanged a Kyo KX2 for this phone and am I glad I did. This phone has great reception, a great speakerphone, great battery life, and is solidly built. I would recommend this phone to anybody with Verizon's Service.

Voice Dialing
Driving Mode
STRONG Vibrate

I wish the LCD was larger, brighter, and cripser. It looks good but compare it to a Samsung a670 and it looks dull. This is my only complaint.



Feb 15, 2005 by Tekla

I have had this phone since Saturday… and I have to say that it is everything that I hoped it would be. My previous phone was starting to sound very tinny and we hadn't even had them a year yet. (Kyocera KX414)
The speakerphone feature has great sound, I can sit it on the counter and talk while I’m cooking or washing dishes and have the person hear each and every word I’m saying.
I love the Driving Mode! It totally removes any need for “hands free” accessories while driving. I clip it to my visor and can talk with extreme clarity. I don’t even have to look at the display because it actually speaks and tells me who is calling!! That ROCKS!!
The styling of the phone is very impressive. It has a nice screen that you can personalize with theme colors, wallpapers, etc. The buttons are much better than my previous phone which were raised too far off the phone for my taste.
As for battery life… I don’t really feel that I can say too much about that at this point, because I’m still not over the novelty of playing with it, and I know keeping it open with the screen lit up can drain your battery quite quickly. I can say though, that I gave it a full charge the other night, then used it quite extensively throughout the day, sending text messages and such, and by the time I was ready for bed that night, it still had a full charge… so take that for what it’s worth.
There are quite a few ringers to choose from. They range from your generic ring to classical pieces to Stars & Stripes. Of course, you also have the ability to download ring tones from Get it Now and a variety of other places.
Overall, I have to say that this phone is exactly what I wanted and I can see myself being VERY happy with it for some time to come. I would recommend this phone to ANYONE!!

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