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horrible phone


Jan 18, 2005 by freestyla

This is the worst phone i've ever used, i got it because i had a kyocera se-47 slider and i broke it and the insurance company didn't have that one so they had to get me this one. The battery life is terrible, i have to charge it every night or it doesn't work the next day, it doesn't matter if i don't even use it at all. Next is the signal strength, my kyocera would work everywhere i went and this doesn't work in half the places, with the same service provider, so it's the phone, also the buttons on the side get pushed in your pocted too easy, and the screan is already broken, don't ever buy this phone, it's the biggest piece of s*** on the planet

Good Phone But, WATCH OUT!!!!!


Oct 29, 2004 by cdwest

I love this phone, the over ease of use is outstanding. But, I must say I Have been having problems with the screens both front and back going out after talking on the phone for awhile. The screens do come back on after the phone is powered down and turned back on. This has created a few setback for me but, over all the phone is great. The size is perfect. The over all capabilities are wonderful. I know that my phone isn't the only one that has had problems with the screens because my good friend and his girlfriend both have had the same issue. All in all still a good phone!

Not a keeper


Oct 8, 2004 by sms

Battery Life: too short
less than 2 days on standby (spec appx 7)
less than 1.5 hours talk time (spec appx 3+)

RF reception: much worst than T720

Calls: multiple dropped calls

Speakerphone: Crackling noice at the level setting loud enough to hear it outdoors.
Can't turn on unless phone is open.

VAD : misunderstood names most of the time

Display: poor contrast on main LCD/Dim external

Keypad : VERY BAD navigation controls.
Somehow these guys keep thinking they are desiging an internet appliance and mess up the phone features. It's very easy from the multi-function controls to get into funky modes for WAP/SMS from where getting out takes some doing. NOT GOOD WHILE DRIVING.

Charger .. Cradle based eeh!!!


Good form factor, good set of features if they workd.
Nothing what a halfway decent software team can't fix !!

I returned it after 2 weeks, couldn't see myself using it for a year !!

Don't let those impressive features get you!


Oct 7, 2004 by alexajm

I bought this phone as a deal with Verizon for 150 dollars. The features on this phone really impressed me and I couldn't get over how awesome this phone was. The catch is, I just got my HUGE 1st bill, and my LCD's just died on my phone. Here I am with this phone that is worthless to me because both LCD displays are shot and don't display anymore. I am so fried that I paid 150 dollars for a phone to last me 1 month and it no longer is of any use to me. I highly suggest if you buy this phone that you get insurance. If you can't get insurance, then don't get the phone. I have heard of a few other cases where the main and front LCD's have fried out. I'm hoping that there is a warranty that I can fill out of something, because I'd really hate to see 150 dollars go down the drain. Hopefully you all see what I'm saying...good luck

Good Features, But Wish it was Tri-Mode


Aug 26, 2004 by sschnurman

Firstly, let me say that I love the features on this phone, but because it is digital only, I had to return it for the vx 3200 (which is tri-mode) because I was dropping calls all over the place (my area is Princeton, NJ). O asked the Verizon tekkie why Verizon is selling digital only in this area, if the area isn't ready for it yet. His frustrated response was, "Beats ME! It doesn't make any sense to me either!"

Great speakerphone

REALLY GREAT independed voice activation...love it.. you can be totally hands free in the car!

Good Battery

Good feel

Good sound


Digital only, so I was dropping calls like crazy. Had to trade it in.

Concl: Great phone if you can handle digital mode only in your area.

Beware of cracking the LCD


Aug 6, 2004 by Jackald1918

I have had the phone for less than a month and already the LCD has cracked. I took the phone back to Verizon and was informed that since I didn't agree get the optional cell phone insurance, I would have to contact the manufacturer in order to get it replaced. Contacted LG electronics, recieved a RA number and was told it would cost anywhere from $75-90 dollars to replace. I was informed by the technician that he also had broken 2 lcd's on his personal cell phone (same model). Also informed that it was a one piece unit that contained the outer LCD and the main LCD screen. You must ship the phone to LG and they in turn will send you a bill in the mail to pay for necessary repairs. Once they recieved the payment they mail you the phone back. How did I break my phone. I had it on my waist and when I sat down it brushed my shirt and opened, compressing the phone between me and the chair. No external damage, but it was enough to tweak the phone and crack the inner LCD.
Overall, enjoyed the phone because of the big easy to read LCD



Jun 27, 2004 by wewsnu

This phone is so cool! even setting pix to be the background on the outside display is easy. and animated gifs.. wow!

Below average phone performance


Jun 23, 2004 by pulanch

My Audiovox 9155 just went out of commission and I tried the LG vx4500 as a replacement. I returned it today after three days of use that included a days use after a software upgrade. This phone has great reception when it can stay connected, but most calls had breaks of interference or were dropped. Out of more than a dozen calls, only three were completed by me ending the call instead of the service being dropped.

So fancy menu settings aside, the basic function of this phone is unsatisfactory. If you want features and do not mind redialing lost calls, then give this phone a shot since the functions and menus are great. But if you need a reliable phone, keep looking. FYI - this is NOT a tri-mode phone so perhaps this is why my expectations are very different compared to what I was used to.

And a plug for VerizonWireless. I love their service and they were great for letting me try this phone out - no questions asked. Lets hope that my new selection (Audiovox 8900) meets my expectations.

Ready for the next model...


Jun 17, 2004 by babysnakes

I bought an LGVX4500 a few days ago and just returned it. I'm waiting for the 4600 to be in the store, but that's another story. Anyway, the problem I had with the 4500 is with the darn side buttons and the voice menu. There is practically no way to pick up the phone or open it without hitting the side buttons! Every time I touched the phone I'd either change the volume, mute the ringer (did I disconnect the call, what???), or activate the voice menu. Well, I read thru the manual, and found that you could change the voice option to activate either by touching the side button or opening the flip. Only 2 choices? Why can't you totally de-activate the really annoying voice system? Or only activate it when the phone is open and you hit another key (NOT every time you open the flip)? That's how my old LG worked. So, OK, the voice thing really annoyed me. But I also can't get past hitting the side buttons every time I touched the phone. I've had other flip phones with side buttons and never had that problem. I wonder if the 4600 is any better...

On the plus side, the phone is really light, and the inside screen is bright. The outside display is a bit boring, but does the job of displaying phone numbers, time, date, etc. The standard ring tones are beyond lame. Who picks those songs?? I didn't bother downloading any other ones since I returned the phone fairly quickly. Voice quality was very good, and reception great.

Well, now to continue my search for the perfect phone...

It all starts with reception


Jun 17, 2004 by Stucco

I am a contractor in Connecticut and I travel in the main cities and backwoods. I talk about 4,500 minutes a month and probably make more calls then the "Can you hear me now?" guy. I don't usually buy phones often. I have had 3 phones the last 10 years. Motorola Lite - flip, BAM 300 (or 330), Motorola 270C (amazing phone).

Pros: The 4500 was a nice change to a more modern phone - Size, Color screen, more ring tones, calc, etc. The speaker phone worked well, The interface in general was great.

Cons: The problem I had was reception, I was dropping calls all the time when I was off a main road. There where sections of road where sometimes I would drop for a second on my 270C that with the 4500 I was down for 2-3 miles. The other big problem I had was the screen. I am outside all day and any time I wanted to look up a number in my phone I had to hold it in the shade.

I had the phone for a few weeks and traded it in on a Motorola V60 - this wasn't much better. I don't care what any of the sales people say, I am convinced the nub antennas are to blame.

For know I went back to my old 270c, gave the v60 to my mom and am awaiting the v710 (with an extendable antenna). I would rather a phone the size of my shoe and know I will be able to make calls.

I can't give a phone that can't make calls any better then a 2 rating.

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