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Incredbibly cool but ultra- fragile


Jun 7, 2010 by RichardM

This phone is pretty cool. Very slim, sleek, does a lot, and makes great calls.
The one thing I would warn about---it's also incredibly fragile. You can't treat this phone you would most others--it's not for those who are prone to dropping their phones, or those who even bump their phones occasionally against hard surfaces. I had my phone inside my car at the end of day one of using it; it was attached to the charger. It fell off the passenger seat onto the floor, which is carpeted. It must have hit the edge of the seat, and the glass cracked in multiple places, and the phone would no longer work. I had purchased the protective glass coating, and a rubber case, but that did not help. Fortunately, I had purchased the accidental damage coverage. So, in a week or 2, I'll have some kind of replacement--either they will fix this, or give me a new one.
You have to treat this phone like it's a piece of fragile crystal. I guess I was just too rough on it. If I get this thing back in decent shape within my 30 day return period, I'll probably return it if they let me, as I fear that this will happen again while the phone's in my pocket, next to my keys and coins. I could see if I dropped it on the cement sidewalk or street, or dropped it in a sink full of water, most phones would not endure. But, just falling off the seat inside my car--that's a bit too fragile for me.
It's a great phone, as long as you treat it very carefully!



Jun 5, 2010 by cphillips

I have only had this phone for 3 days and was a former Blackberry user. So far I LOVE it, although disappointed by the battery. I was told that there is another battery one could purchase that would last "longer", however, my opinion is if they know the battery is weak then why not just include the better battery? Not to mention that with all this phone can do you would expect not to have to charge the battery twice a day. Now, having said that, I have been on it quite a bit since I just got it, but still the point is to be able to use the phone without having to charge it half way through the day and again at night right?

* FAST FAST FAST web browsing
* Great apps
* Not big and bulky
* I have seen comments about reception (I live in an area where reception is not so great with any carrier and I have not had a problem at all) I have Verizon.
* Touch screen is GREAT (thought I would hate it because I have to have buttons)
* Pics are great but I can't seem to get the picture sized just right to fit as wallpaper (I have tried the crop feature and it still looks HUGE)
* It's like a mini computer, you can view web pages as if you were on a computer (classic) or mobile mode and did I mention it is FAST?
* It does everything my BB did and a lot lot more and faster.

* Screen is a little hard to see in sunlight but I have a screen protector on mine

Overall it is a GREAT phone so far. I do not think you will be disappointed. I would have rated it a 5 if it were not for the battery. I believe if you are going to offer a phone with all the bells and whistles make sure it has a battery that can handle it and if you already know the battery is a problem then instead of making customers buy a better battery, why not just include it with purchase?

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Very cool!


May 29, 2010 by sam912

Call quality
Android os

Mail not integrated
No task list

Love it!


May 8, 2010 by vzw76

I have had this phone for 9 days now so here is my review. Keep in mind this is my first smartphone.

FAST processor
beautiful display
8gb internal memory
awesome camera
very customizable
keyboard & touchscreen very accurate
loud and clear whether on earpiece or speaker

As far as cons I can't say there are any.

The battery could be better but I am coming from a Moto flip & I use this phone twice as much as that one. If I turn it on at 7am, by midnight I usually have around 40% left, that's with wifi, gps, and push mail every couple hours on.

As far as signal, I live in central South Dakota in a fairly hilly area and I am about 20-25 miles from the tower. Our house has steel siding which also knocks down the signal. So far it performs as good or better than my Moto flip and that had better signal than any friends phones out here, so that's really less about the phone and more about my location.

I wouldn't hesitate recommending an Incredible to anyone. I did try other phones in the store (Storm2, Droid, and Eris), but I waited and ordered this sight unseen. I don't regret that decision at all!

Received on the 28th Returned on the 4th


May 5, 2010 by vipergts

Had this phone for about 6 days. That all I could take. I own a business and have 4 other phones on Verizon. The signal Strength on this phone would go from no bars to 1 bar in Scottsdale AZ. The bars DO represent the actual signal strength to this phone. The person on the other end was fading in and out if the call did not actually drop which it did a lot. I had my env3 sitting right next to this phone as a backup and it had 6 bars. This phone had none or 1. The battery is horrible. I had to buy 2 more to get through the day. I would unplug the phone at 9:30 AM and put a new battery in at 3pm. You can get about 6 hours out of a battery . Would not suggest this phone as a business phone. It's a great phone for kids who want to play around on the web. If someone could make a Smart Phone built as well as the Env3, had great battery life, signal strength, Great Keyboard and did everything well they would have Damn near a perfect Phone.

Yup, it's Incredible


May 2, 2010 by bleekerbaby

Best phone I have ever owned, and I have had them all.

SUPER FAST. It makes the Motorola Droid feel like a snail. What's more surprising, is that nothing can slow the Incredible down. I have downloaded boat loads of Apps, and it is still silky smooth. Furthermore, even though it basically has the same processor as the Nexus One, it is much faster. My Sexy Nexy would slow down by the end of the day, and would require a battery pull every few days to "speed it up", but the Incredible just keeps going. AMAZING. I have downloaded Advanced Task Killer, but have had no need to use it.

The camera is the best cell phone camera I have ever used. It's fantastic in low light situations, and you can touch to autofocus, like like the iPhone 3GS.

Verizon network is SUPER dependable. I have not dropped a call. My Nexus One on T-Mobile drops several calls a day. My old iPhone on ATT would also do the same thing. Not the case with the Incredible on Verizon! The signal bars do seem a little wonky, but if you view the reception as dBs in phone settings, you will notice that the reception it's pulling in is the same, or better than other Verizon phones.

HTC Sense...makes sense. I love the extra features brought on by sense; the widgets really add to the usability of Android.

Battery life is good, considering the screen is huge. Sure, it does not compare to a BlackBerry, but my battery lasts me about 13 hours with moderate usage...It's OK, I expect to charge a device like this every day.

Build quality is great. No creaks, no wobbles. VERY solid-feeling phone. I think it is weighted properly, and it definitely doesn't feel cheap. In fact, I prefer the build of the Incredible over the Nexus One.

So there is my list. I have owned many phones, and this is the best one I have ever owned. While I do feel that the "Incredible" name is fitting, this thing could have also been called the Beast. It's seriously a very good phone. If you are up for an upgrade, this is a no-brainer.

blew my expectations


May 22, 2010 by exiphone fenatic

ok I got the iphone 3gs and feel in love with the PHONE att coverage blew. After the att service just got to frustrating I had to make a switch. I got the moto droid and hated it to slow no pinch to zoom (I know the update put that on there but still slow) and the Iphone with apple itunes behind it made everything just work so smoothly. I had it jailbroken and I think that is the only way I held on as long as I did. I now have the Incredible and well I feel in love all over again. If this phone was on att not sure how it would rate over all compared to the iphone but it is not so there for it kicks the iphones but on reliability and over all customization. All of you iphone lovers out there just know there is hope in a smooth running smart phone and reliable service. The incredible is the very close runner up in the competition and I am sure they are just getting started. It has taken apple 4+ years to release what they have now and android isn't even a year old do the math. Well that is all thanks for reading.

Cool phone with some serious setbacks


May 12, 2010 by DroidedOut

I was instantly impressed with this phone because of the form factor and the SPEED. Everything on the phone is extremely fast - I have been using the Motorola Droid for 3-4 months and never use the physical keyboard. This phone is faster than the Moto but as far as reliability I'd say the Moto wins hands down. I am going to exchange this phone because it does this really cool thing where it just randomly selects things and switches back and forth between your home screens without even touching it. I'm hoping I got a defective one and that it's not just a feature of the phone; I have read online others are having the same problem.

Android 2.1 OS, Speed, Beautiful screen, cool HTC widgets, size and weight (much lighter than the Moto)

Cons: Phone has a mind of it's own (switching screens and selecting things randomly - makes it hard to use at times) BATTERY LIFE: absolutely terrible. 10 hours of up time with moderate use. (Going to try the extended battery which costs another $50)

Bottom Line: This phone is pretty and it's really fast, but if you're looking for something more reliable I would definitely get the Moto Droid, I sell Verizon for a living and we sell TONS of those with little or no complaints or returns. So far I have been pretty disappointed in this phone.



May 12, 2010 by rfarrah

Best phone I've owned by far and I'm a power user. Very fast, very finger friendly.

Great Device but POOR Phone


May 12, 2010 by baj1959

GREAT, GREAT device. Best smart-phone out there. A lot of things is can do.

but POOR, POOR phone. Very poor reception.
and Battery life is REAL bad.

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