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didn't move backward trying to move forward


Sep 20, 2010 by mark elmore

You know what I mean. Every new phone you get is missing a favorite feature of your old one.
Coming from an Omnia1 I got this one looking for a phone the same overall size but more capable but since I bent the grid on my old touch screen, making calibration impossible,I would have settled for same capabilities.
The screen, size and ui are about the same since I had mobile shell on my Ophone but that's where it ends.
Pro: speed, reception, power, sound quality, battery life, texting, market, and overall functionality are light years ahead.
Con: without a second phone off charge the battery does not fully charge,a well known by HTC problem with no resolution.
If you want a powerful fast fun easy to use phone with s computer attached this may be the one for you.
fwiw, if you like the battery life and call quality of the LG Dare but a million times more functional this is very close add my standard battery and extended both last the same time on both phones within a few minutes, if I bump charge the Incredible last a bit longer

GREAT phone


Jul 2, 2010 by narn3049

This phone is a great upgrade to the Eris. I am happy to see this phone hit the Verizon stores.

Sound Quality

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XLNT but not perfect


May 23, 2010 by GrinderCB   updated May 4, 2013

The touchscreen on the D/I is the best I've come across, typing is easy and accurate except that without buttons you have to pay attention to what you're typing. If battery usage is a deal-breaker then look elsewhere - the processor is so powerful for a smartphone that it draws power very rapidly, requiring more frequent charges. VZW has an extended life battery (with battery door) coming soon. The only technical glitch I've come across is its failure to play wmv (video) files. The manual says it plays back 3gp, 3g2, wmv and mp4, but with wmv the sound plays but the video fails. Finally, the speakerphone volume is rather low even when max'ed out. According to VZW both issues have been reported to HTC so expect a fix in a future software update.

Pros: Fast, responsive touchscreen, easy to learn

Cons: Won't play .wmv files, speakerphone volume weak, battery usage

Awesome in every way!... just about


May 13, 2010 by bmuenter

Phone is awesome all the way across the board! Apps are great and the screen resolution makes the iPhone look like your watching a VHS movie and your used to DVD or Blue ray. The OLED screen is absolutely phenomenal! Its more intuitive than I thought it would be too. My last phone was a LG Versa and this has been an excellent choice for an upgrade. I also noticed that the phone doesn't glitch at all like I noticed on the Droid when filing through apps and pages and things. The upgraded processor and RAM is awesome and worth every penny! The touch response is as accurate and responsive as it can get. Once I did the touch calibration it was "right on" and has been ever since.

The battery life is to say it nicely not the greatest. I have to bring my charger to work with me if i'm going out after work to make sure it doesn't die on me. Also the signal strength isn't the greatest either. I expected that though... I understand that you have to make sacrifices... can't have everything!

For the Cons my rating only lost half a point because of the signal problem and the battery life issue. The rest of the phone's wonderful features and functions make up for cons. I would definitely recommend this phone to anybody who wants an awesome "top of the line" phone.
(For the record my service is Verizon Wireless)

Incredible Is!


May 13, 2010 by Ballcoach

Now I know what the "fanboys" know. I spent weeks reading all that could be read about the Incredible before release. While I never had any of the problems that Storm 1 users claimed I was not thrilled with the speed, hated the browser and never really got used to the keyboard. That being said i did not find an Android phone, although I loved the UI and OS, that would meet my needs until Incredible. The speed problem solved, browser problem more than solved and the keyboard performs beyond expectations. The HTC SenseUI actually improves what I thought was pretty damn good without it.

Issues, a few minor ones. The battery life is well documented but my lifestyle is such that I am never very far from a charger. My signal strength and phone quality gives lie to those who complain. I still don't understand why Android will not push POP/Imap but after a week I bit the bullet and started actually using my gMail account. Still use Outlook on the desktop and gMail syncs just fine with it. The only other negative is I can't put the Incredible down. Maybe I will find out what the battery life really is when I use it as a phone, email and internet device.

One last comment. I have been an early adopter for years. First is was PC (a MAC in 1984)and I owned a believe it or not Palm Phone on Voicestream, two early Treo's and then two HTC WinMo's before the Storm. I never had serious problems with any of them because they did what they were supposed to do and i did not expect any more. I also read the manuals, was dedicated to the forums and didn't mind asking for help. My guess is that 90% of the bad reviews or forum whining is cause by user error and failure to learn how to do something right.

Fantastic Phone!


May 11, 2010 by krelvinaz

What can I say... came from an Omnia i910 which I've had for more than a year and liked quite a bit. First Android phone but wished I had this a long time ago.

Where the Omnia gave me some access to the Net and email, the Droid Incredible gives me almost full access. Few websites that I use are not available and actually usable.


Ton's, great virtual keyboard, GPS, network access, works as a phone too ..


Lack of BT Voice dialing, but this is an android issue that they all have.

Lastly, battery life. This seems a bit low at first but I am now getting 20+ hours on a regular schedule. Actually does better than my Omnia did.

1/5 Star off for lack of BT Voice dialing.

I hated touchscreen phones until now...


May 9, 2010 by azkodiak

The incredible is my second touch screen phone, the first was a first gen Blackberry Storm running the 4.7 OS I disliked it so bad I went and bought a Tour off contract the day it came out so I could have a phone I actually liked.

In the first 10 minutes the Incredible had me changing my tune. I got my Incredible on launch day and I haven't looked back at my Tour one time (other then to make sure that my contacts synced across Google correctly).

good signal reception... the on screen signal meter only goes to 5 bars when the signal strength is greater then -65dbm, which means your basically standing under a tower.

Apps... I now know what I've been missing in a app store... blows blackberry app store out of the water.

speed... 1 minute from battery in until ready to use... was 4 to 5 minutes on my Tour.

Call quality... top notch


Battery life... I blow through the battery everyday no problem... but I'm still in the it's shiny and new phase of phone ownership. Even though I will be buying a extended battery soon.

No cradle? yes it's a small thing but I used my Tour and Storm as a bedside clock and the dock each of them had made it very usable in that capacity.

Unknowns... I'm not sold on the Sense UI for this thing... I actually like the stock android UI... I'm waiting for a root before I pass judgement it on that.

Verdict... if you are on the fence, buy it you won't be disappointed.

VERY, VERY nice phone Indeed


May 8, 2010 by lennydude

Let me start by saying i have been "into" cell phones for years. Every time a new one comes out i drool..........lol.
I have owned many including both the i Phone 3G and 3GS. I found the i Phone to be a very nice handset but as many say, the network just does not work for me in my area. My friend and son took a trip recently up the coast of Maine. He owns a ATT Pantech and his son owns the i Phone 3GS. The i Phone lost service (totally, no service at all) while my friends Pantech worked fine.
This Incredible to me at least is just that. Looking ahead sure there will be better handsets released but why wait? This thing does it all for me!
The Incredible surfs the Internet as well as if not better than the i Phone does. Finally VZW has a phone that you can surf the net with and be happy. My opinion of course. LOL
I have had it for a week or so mow and have got used to it. Battery life is not an issue anymore since i followed the fix listed in the forums here on Phone Scoop.
It would really be redundant to re list all the pros of this phone. It is just plain awesome as everyone says. As far as cons? I just do not see any really.
I was using a ENV Touch because i loved the qwerty key board. I do a ton of texting. I will admit it took me awhile to get used to the screen keyboard on this phone but like anything, i now find it works extremely well indeed.
One thing i found about the touch screen, i use the "palm" of my finger on this phone as compared to using the "tip" of my finger on the i Phone. My i Phone fan boi friend says the same thing. He loves my phone and honestly will get one if the new 4G i Phone isn't a much better piece.
Overall, i can not see why anyone looking for a "smart phone" would not like this phone!
I give it 5 stars and pun intended, call it INCREDIBLE...........lol

Too Incredible


May 3, 2010 by HelloMotto

I am coming from a Blackberry Curve 8330 and wondering if I should go back. This phone is actually "too incredible" and now I am missing the simplicity of my Blackberry. For any cell phone aficionado the HTC Incredible is probably the ultimate device to date.

1. The build is solid and sturdy - no cheap feeling creaking plastic.
2. The sharpest screen resolution I have ever seen.
3. The phone has NO lag at all. Opening applications is immediate.
4. Surfing the web is lightening fast.
5. You can customize almost everything on the phone.
6. Texting was best I have seen thus far for a touch screen phone.
7. Pre loaded with all the social apps, plus Google map navigation, no need for a navigation system

1. Battery drains quickly under moderate use.
2. The vibrate is rather weak.
3. At times on voice calls it seems as if the audio is half-duplex

For my needs the phone does a little too much. I’m going to give it another day or two and decide if I am going to keep it or not.

Coming from a Blackberry....


May 1, 2010 by schaplin

It takes some time and patience to get used to the Incredible. Touch screen is probably the most challenging. I will give it a couple weeks before I make a final decision.
Love all the features and apps !
Battery only lasts about half the day...guess that's because I can't stop playing around with it !!!

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