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Dissapoint reception (actual reception, not bars), sound quality


May 11, 2010 by PaulRivers

I'm very disappointed with this phone. There are several things I like about it. For one, the interface is really snappy. And the speakerphone is really solid. There are some annoying quirks but nothing I couldn't live with. Zooming in and out on the browser is great. Sometimes trying to click on a link is super annoying - you touch the screen in one place, but it just keeps insisting you're trying to click on the other links around it.

But in the area where it really mattered - being able to use the phone ** as a phone ** the phone falls short.

Reception-wise, rather than being "wow this is great" - it's slightly below average. For comparison, my previous cell phone was/is a Samsung Gleam. I won't bore you with the leadup, but eventually I was prompted to test them both at my house. I called my voicemail with my Incredible while sitting at my desk behind my computer. I listened to the same message 3 times - 2 of those three times there were definite dropouts in the conversation. What I mean is - the call never dropped, but little parts of the call dropped out. Like someone would say a phone number, and I would hear 655-43.....27, when it should have been 655-434-2327 (or whatever, I made that up). I then turned off the phone, went to the verizon online esn changer and reactivated my Samsung Gleam. Called my voicemail again and listened to the same message a couple times. No dropouts at all, perfectly clear. So I turned it off and tried with my Incredible, then after that switched back to the Gleam again. Pretty much the same results each time - the Gleam had no dropouts, the Incredible had a couple definite ones.

I'm just really disappointed - it's not like the Gleam was ever rated as a fantastic-at-reception phone itself.

I wasn't impressed by the sound quality either - though the volume was decent, I had slightly more trouble making out what people were saying than with my last phone.

Incredible Review


May 10, 2010 by csbelair

Just replaced my HTC XV6800 (What a POS). I will NEVER buy a phone running MS Windows Mobile again. Now that I have gotten that off my chest.

Now, for the phone review:

The name of the phone sums up my experience so far. It is INCREDIBLE. It is quick, intuitive, plenty of apps and the web browsing experience is, and I hate to use this word, but Incredible. I also like the integration with GMAIL, Calendar, etc.

Time to buy some HTC stock!

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Incredible HTC Incredible


May 10, 2010 by ajs253

The combination of HTC, Google Android and Verizon's service has produced one of the most advanced computers on the market, which also happens to be a mobile phone.

The build of the incredible is excellent, the quality of the camera is very good and the design is very sleek. I really liked the Motorola Droid, but wasn't very pleased with the keyboard and the antenna. Although the incredible does not have a keyboard, this is the first touch screen device, other than the iphone, that I don't miss a qwerty keyboard.

One other thing I noticed between the HTC Incredible and the HTC HD2 (another very interesting device), is that the capacitive touch screen seems more responsive on the Incredible that on the HD2. I am not sure whether that may be attributed to the design, or difference in software since the the Incredible uses the Android operating system with HTC sense UI.

The only difference between the android operating system and the iphone are the apps. I think, with time, that HTC will be the only competitor to the iphone in quality of the operating system and the applications.

The one thing that is shortcoming with this phone is the battery life. The only reason I didn't take any points away for that is that this shortcoming is not one that neither HTC nor Android is responsible. Battery technology has not advanced in a decade for some reason so as these devices become more sophisticated they require the necessary power to run the device. However if the technology for the power source does not advance then we cannot hold that against HTC/Android/Verizon.

This is one incredible device. If you are thinking about it, think no more. If you have it, then enjoy.

Incredibly SUCKS


May 4, 2010 by YouSaidWhat

This phone may look nice on the surface with a large display and bigger imager but boy when it comes down to it this phone is way over-hyped. The reception and call performance is atrocious. I returned my first unit and now am on my second but this one is just as worse. The battery life is pathetic and the camera performance is nothing better than other devices I've used.

I will be returning this unit and going back to my Motorola DROID.

Incredibly BAD reception and battery


May 2, 2010 by AndroidReviews

Don't get me wrong love android in all of it's amazing glory thank you Google. How ever a side by side compairison of my Motorola Droid to the HTC Incredible I found that my droid would hold full reception while the incredible would only show ONE bar... now if I could make a phone call or go on the internet with one bar this wouldn't be a problem BUT it couldn't even do that. After 48 hours I will be returning the incredible and in the future I will be highly unlikely to get another HTC product in the future!

Kind of Incredible


Apr 30, 2010 by MegaWhy

This is a nice device, however I was a bit disappointed. It is super fast! I could not believe how poor reception was. I was getting no bars in places I had gotten good reception with other devices.

nice screen (except in sunlight)
keyboard accuracy and ease of use
voice to text built in
HTC Interface is nice

reception - big miss
confusing figuring out how to stop the running programs
browser was fast but not as intuitive as it should have been
screen in sunlight is poor and like a mirror can blind you
finger prints smudge the screen excessively
Android Market is way behind Apple Store Apps
iPhone is still a slicker device than android
Android layout is a bit cumbersome

overall I was disappointed with the device primarily because of weak reception. That was shockingly poor.



May 23, 2010 by bryanh

The Droid is a nice phone but if you are deleting mail off G-mail it will not delete off your phone. You need to delete it off your phone what a pain. I don’t know if this is G-mail because it did work with my yahoo email. It needs to be fixed ASAP. if you know of a fix let me know.

Shoould be the HTC REDICULOUS or the HTC INSANITY... Overall Phone Rating: 10 Stars


May 21, 2010 by TheBugJr22

Wow...I will say it again WOOOOOOOWEEEE..I just don't know where to start. The resolution, the screen, track pad, the speed, the feel, the multi tasking I just cant take it!...For all you haters and negative comments ur just a jealous iphone user or u are not up for your upgrade yet. Some comments that are NOT TRUE/ FALSE and should not be mentioned as reviews for this INCREDIBLE masterpiece that i have read on here specifically: 1. "Phone has a mind of it's own (switching screens and selecting things randomly - makes it hard to use at times)", and "apps sometimes create bugs in the software" hello don't download poor rated apps every carrier has them even u iphone store and umm yeh no it never happens to me maybe u have a defective phone sometimes it happens man up and get another one its that easy a phone call to cust service away. Most importantly, #2. This one just bloooooows me away people cant think of something good anymore its sad,"Dissapoint reception (actual reception, not bars), sound quality", ok really, like really, really?!!! Let me clear the air once and for all, this phone is on Big Reds network right and not ATT i need a coat hanger and tin foil for reception or wait was that ur phone or mine oh yeh it was urs cause u have ATT, and last time i checked i have the check mark on my phone just in case i forgot the network i was on which means one thing and one thing only RECEPTION EVERYWHERE second to none lol. So all this nonsense of bad reception, no bars stop it people please stop it give it a rest finally the iphone is second to Android where it belongs the facts dont lie. I almost had to call in the medics for my friend (iphone user) was beside himself cause he couldn't believe i was texting, using the nav, listening to pandora, playing solitare and looking up an address on the browser all at the same time. The look of jealousy was priceless...All in all don't hesitate somehow someway get this phone in ur hands...Its REDICULOUSLY INCREDIBLE!!!

way better then the iphone


May 16, 2010 by bmxboy

untill this phone cameout nothing in the us phone market could do what the iphone could do. i always used the iphone since it came out three years ago (work for at&t) a friend that the incredible after playing with it for a few hours i was blown away i ported me number to verizon now i have a better phone and no more dropped calls by far the best phone o ever owned

Moto Droid still BIG DADDY


May 1, 2010 by DeJay

After waiting for this phone and receiving it; it's going back TODAY!!!!

Yes this phone is a bit faster than Big Daddy but if you blinked, you'd miss the difference. I've had this phone in my hand for two days and spent most of that 48hrs with this phone.

Pros: A bit faster

Cons: Signal Strength, battery life, and display in sunlight and design quality is horrible. FEELS LIKE A TOY!!

Ps. Can't wait to Verizon opens today!! Get my $300 plus back and save it for a real phone.

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