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Love this phone


Feb 19, 2011 by scotiez

This is my 1st smart phone. This phone is awesome. I love this phone. Call quality, camera, internet, and what ever else you wanted to do with this phone it is probably the best phone on the market. My one and only grip about this phone is the OEM Battery. When i am at work im not a heavy user and still used 50% of the battery will being not used all that much. After work when i have time to do more stuff the battery drained quickly. Had to put it on the charger before i was done playin with it. BUT i do recommend buying the extended battery and back for this phone. it makes a world of difference. People will say "OHH but it makes it so much thicker" Acutally only the 1st few times you handle the phone you will notice the little bit thicker back on it. After that it feel just as good as before. But with the extended battery i get two days of moderate to heavy use out of it now. A HUGE plus to getting the extended battery. I don't know about you but my day is longer then 5 or 6 hours, That is all the OEM battery lasts with moderate use. I need it to last the whole day with out worring if i am near a plug in to charge my phone. If you are reading this review and are thinking about buying this phone. you will be buying the best phone on the market today, BUT buy the extended battery to go with it. You will be much happier and your phone will easily last all day long or maybe even 2 days like me. All in all this is a great phone. You will not be sorry.

Good device


Feb 6, 2011 by sgtpeppersband9

I just came to this from a Moto Droid a855 and this tops it hands down. Now before I continue, understand I rated the Moto a855 very highly but after 2.2 I literally wanted to shove straight down Motorola's throat! Now, on to my review. Great device and very fast. Read the pros & cons:


-Amazing screen. Even if not AMOLED like the Galaxy S series, movies look better than either Droid 2 or Droid X as well as pictures.

-Great interface. HTC has without a doubt the best android GUI, no contest

-Light weight.


-BATTERY! Ugh, this thing dies faster than the MS Kin

-No QWERTY. I know I'm living in the past but try to play any emulator in this (NES, SNES, Genesis) & you will see why physical QWERTY should never die. Should not will.

Overall great phone and am very happy with it. Lucky I have a car charger

Awesome Phone!!!


Feb 3, 2011 by Canesfan625

This is the the first smartphone I've ever had and it is an awesome phone. It takes a little while to get used to if your new to smartphones like I was.


-Screen Size(could be slightly bigger, but it looks great.
-Camera is awesome, especially HD video
-Android Market is amazing, it has apps for pretty much anything you can think of.
-Flashlight, very bright, lights up the whole room instead of a small area.

-Battery life, could be better, but I use my phone for everything except typing papers.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone who is a heavy phone user looking for a do everything phone.

Awesome phone


Oct 21, 2010 by starlite4234

Had this phone for 2 weeks luv the best phone I've ever had.
Here are a list of pros
Big screen
Love how Facebook is set up
Screen is amazing
The processor is the best I have seen in a phone.
Like that it has a flashlight.
Has great call clarity made a call yesterday they tell I was on a cell.
Luv the picture id
Luv the size of the phone

Luv the talk to tex
Awesome camara..best I have seen on a phone.

Could go on and on simply its incredible that'd why its called that. Wouldn't trade it for nothing this phone rocks.:)******
Simply easy to red on
Love the smilys I can insert on my tex.
Con..... short battery life but I use it a lot iam not going to knock off stars for the battery as iam on it a lot and its a Smartphone.

Nearly perfect, but the battery life is abysmal


Oct 19, 2010 by brodiego

First, I'm very picky. I've owned the Droid and the Driod X. I absolutely loved the first Droid; it wasn't without its flaws but it was way ahead of the class.

I lost my Droid and bought the Droid X to replace it. The Dx felt slower than my original Droid, and it was simply too large. It isn't a one-handed device.

I just bought the Incredible instead of the Droid 2 based on the following: I do not value the slide-out Qwerty keyboard of the Droid 2, the HTC Inc. is slimmer/lighter, and the reviews were sky high.

It is very fast and 'snappy', the call quality is fantastic, the screen is gorgeous, the camera is very good...

I have one MAJOR complaint: the battery life is absolutely terrible. I MIGHT turn it in for the Droid 2... I'd hate to lose the quickness of the incredible, though... aaaah!

Incredible, it is!


Oct 10, 2010 by QLR7

I got this phone 2 months ago and I am pleased with this phone. The only down side to this phone is the battery, and I think it has gotten better with the 2.2 update. Ultimately, I bought the 2150mAh battery. That is worth every penny despite the lack of cases due to the added bulk.

The Incredible does phone pretty well. Reception is good. No call quality problems on my end (Tallahassee, FL). Bluetooth calling is ok on my end; however, the other party has complained.

The data works well on my end for the most part. My 1st Incredible would go into 1x only and stay there, especially at work (even roaming onto Sprint). After the phone was run over by a bus, I got a replacement. The new phone doesn't linger in 1x like the 1st. Still taking time to get used to the browser, but I like it though. I get ~700K on the speed tests; web surfing is solid.

This phone has a slight learning curve, but it is notboring at all. I can actually see myself with this phone 2 years from now.

Multimedia is OK. I can care less for the music player, since I use a ZuneHD. The camera is sweet!!! I can't believe I can record HD videos with this thing. It definitely beats my digital camera.

I have folks drooling over my phone and a few coworkers got theirs :)

All in all, I am extremely pleased with this equipment. If you want Droid and portable, then this is the phone for you :)



Aug 1, 2010 by catherineh

This is my first Smartphone ever and I love it! It was a little hard to use at first but after a few days I got used to it, also had a problem with the phone over heating nut verizon sent me a new battery and it hasn't overheated once since so I'm not taking any points off.

- Super fast!!
- Nice size phone, not to big and not to small.
- Android market is amazing! I will never go back to a non android phone.
- Has good call reception and volume.
- Amazing 8 mega-pixel camera!
- Real web.
- Can download adobe files. (big deal to me)
- YouTube.

- Battery life is a little short but lasts me all day.

I did get talked into switching to the so called amazing Droid X and I hated it right away, tired the X for a day and was happy to get back to the Incredible.

As many have already said, the phone DOES it's name justice.


Jul 19, 2010 by swimster

- Screen, both color and responsiveness
- Size/form factor
- Build quality, feels very sturdy without feeling bulky
- Camera takes exceptional pics for being on a phone - rivals many lower end digital cameras
- Reception and all its phone functionality is excellent.
- Both speakers are nice and clear
- Battery life* - After optimizing settings (turning 'always on data' OFF was a big part of it - I don't need the 'facebook for HTC Sense' app constantly updating stuff I don't care about) and getting Seidio 1750 mah battery (but even with optimized settings, the stock battery was decent). People just need to realize what these devices are and what they do (or are doing) if they are complaining about battery life.
- I love Android (version 2.1 on this phone). Of course there are minor ways in which it can get better, but that doesn't take away from what it already is, which is excellent. Smooth, fast, functional, organized, and fun. Open source all the way. Apps are great as well.

- You can't delete preloaded apps like CityID, Footprints, etc. (unless your phone is rooted) and many of them start themselves even after you kill them.
- Out of the box, it takes a bit of tinkering to optimize the battery life, so if you just start playing with it immediately, the battery will drain VERY quickly (too much background crap).
- Not GSM compatible (no Android phone on the market currently is though), but I (as anyone else should) knew this going in and this is irrelevant for my uses of the phone, so it's really not a con. Be cool when Verizon does get a global android phone though!

It's just a complete pleasure to use, plain and simple. If you want speed and capability in an Android phone, but like the smaller sizes over things like the Droid X (which I'm sure is also a completely awesome phone), then this is definitely for you. There's just nothing that this thing doesn't do exceptionally well.

Best Phone I've Ever Had


Jul 17, 2010 by Thefireballkid

This is my second android phone. Started with the g1 and was a little weary about going to a full touch screen. with that that said, the touchscreen works great. most of the time i press the wrong buttons, but the predictive saves me almost every time. sense ui is amazing and everything is always synced, always. the market has every app i could ever ask for and then more. live wall paper is amazing. the phone is faster than any phone ive ever had or played with. videos load quick, web pages load quick and the phone has only frozen on me once, and it was caused by a faulty app, not the phone. Ive dropped it once from about 3 feet on to concrete, by accident of course, and it was not phased at all.

Pros: sense ui, touch screen sensitivity, screen quality, amount of built in memory, app store, speed of the phone, and i love the design of it.

Cons: battery life, but it does last me through one whole day with moderate use. so i couldnt take away any points.

Yes, it is Incredible....


Jul 7, 2010 by acculabs

I have had this phone for a month now. I never get tired of playing with it so I do need to charge it often. But, that is life with smart phones until newer battery technology comes along. So, I will not deduct any points on battery life as all smart phones suffer from the same fate.

I have friends with iPhones and I have an Ipod touch. I was able to find all of the necessary apps in the android market that I have grown to appreciate with my iPod. I believe that my Incredible on Verizon is superior to the iPhone on ATT solely because of network differences. Having said that, I believe that I would still stick with the Incredible even if Verizon were to get the iPhone.


Sense IU is a joy to use. I especially like the animated weather and wallpapers.
Internet and data are really fast.
Downloaded apps are automatically loaded alphabetically making them easy to find.
Call quality has been as good as any phone that I have used based upon my reception and the feedback of my callers.
Signal strength seems as good as my other phones as well.


Battery life, but I knew this going in having used other smart phones. So, no deduction of points.

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