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Don't be misled by bars!


Apr 30, 2010 by jlp209

This phone holds a perfectly fine signal. Bars do not accurately represent signal strength!!! You need to go into the phone's settings and look at the network settings where you will see the dBm value- that is the signal strength. In my high-rise building it jumps between no bars and 3 bars, but the signal holds strong and steady between 72dBm and 76dBm, even sometimes when no bars are showing. The bars on this phone might be more out of whack than other phones, which is why I docked 1/2 a point from my rating because it is a bit annoying. Might be fixable in an update down the road, but in no way does this detract from my enjoyment of the phone or its functionality as a phone. I've been seeing reviews all over that bash the signal strength because fewer bars are showing...don't let that scare you off if you are considering this phone.

I won't comment much on battery (which has been fine for me) because we all use phones differently. Call quality is great, volume is very loud, screen is quick and responsive.

A Very Nice Phone to Say The Least


Apr 30, 2010 by hucworld

There are many things that I love about this phone over my Droid. Bare in mind I was crazy about my Droid after I finally left Blackberry. The Droid Incredible pretty much solidified that I won't be going back to Blackberry EVER! The lightweight feel of the phone is a major plus. The Droid was a bit on the heavy side compared to this beauty. I almost forgot I had the phone in my pocket at dinner until I moved to get up. The processor on this beauty is amazing. I went to the Android Market and had to re-download all my apps, which sucked and these babies downloaded in a hurry. The camera is pretty awesome as one would expect it to be. My only gripe so far about the device is that the vibrate is so gentle.

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Incredible - no pun intended!


May 8, 2010 by amib83

I was due for an upgrade from my LG Dare (which I loved) and decided to go with the HTC Imagio which I learned was a big mistake. I returned the Imagio for the Incredible. I received the HTC Incredible 3 days ago and immediately fell in love with it.

Speed - it is so incredibly fast!

User friendly - it doesn't take much searching to find where things are located on this phone. It's unbelievable easy to use.

Phone - it's amazing how the actual phone quality of mobile phones has gone down with the addition of new technology. The Incredible makes it easy to get to your contacts, set favorites and make calls with ease. I haven't had reception issues or any other issues while using the actual phone part of it.

Camera - the picture quality is outstanding.

Applications / Widgets - they download quickly, are easy to remove and customize and the market has a HUGE variety to choose from.

Design - the phone fit comfortably in my hand and while it's light, it has enough substance to it that it doesn't feel like it will break if you breathe on it too hard.


I know this is minor but...

Plugs - the phone didn't come with a rubber plug for the headphone jack nor did it come with a door for the charge port. While this is minor, they would be nice things to have for people like myself who throw their phones in their purses. I don't want crud getting into the ports.

Memory access - The port for an additional memory card is located with the battery. This means you have to take the back of the phone off in order to put it in / take it out.

Both of these cons come from having the LG Dare. The Dare had a plug for the headphone jack and covers for both the memory card and charge port.

Other than that, this phone is really fantastic. I love everything about it. It's totally user friendly and customizable. I can't see how it wouldn't fit everyone’s' needs.

Best smartphone I have use but not perfect


May 7, 2010 by marquesvestal

- screen resolution and sensitivity
- speaker and ear piece quality
- software keyboard prediction and correction
- speed, phone is very responsive
- Sense UI, very functional and productive
- browser is great
- improved music player
- form factor

- battery life, get another battery; it comes with the smartphone territory people
- the backlight on the touch keys sometimes does not turn on in some apps
- marketplace apps that access storage on the phone don't recognize the internal memory, you will need to purchase a memory card when you get the phone.

I have used a lot of smartphones and have experienced the varying advantages and disadvantages of various operating systems and hardware configurations. I have to say that this device has the best combination of advantages I have experienced thus far.

My main concern before purchasing the device was the lack of a hardware keyboard, yet I have been pleasantly surprised by its functionality. I type mistakes constantly but the phone auto corrects my mistakes with 98 percent accuracy. I used to hate auto correct because it would commonly correct vernacular terms I wished to remain as such, but the phone would correct them. The Incredible will do the same, but if you backspace and continue, the phone will revert the correction and save your custom entry. After a week of texting, you will compile a decent set of custom words you use often.

Other have criticized the device's build quality, I disagree with these assessments. The phone feel light but sturdy, not like the Motorola Droid, but definitely not like LG Dare or something like that.

Screen is the best have seen, but hard to see in the sunlight so beware users that are outdoors often. Also, the speaker and ear piece quality and volume are great. I listen to a lot of music on my phone through the external speaker, when you play music, the sound will divert to the ear piece speaker and vice versa.

Favorite Phone To Date!


Sep 1, 2010 by JTIGHE

I will start off by saying that I have had just about every phone they have made. Blackberry's, Sidekicks, Iphones, and Droids. I have had a love hate relationship with just about all of them. This phone has hands down been the absolute best one I have ever owned. I also am writing this Approx. 2 months after purchase because I do not give any credit to reviews that are given by people who have tried something for under a week. There is a learning curve with any product and submitting a review 2 days after you started using something is not only ridiculous but completely useless. The one thing I would like to touch one first is the battery life. First, anyone who owns a Smart phone knows that the battery will need to be charged at least every night. Especially if you use it alot. Now on any phone other than the iphone 3gs you can have multiple apps running at the same time. For instance, if I simply leave a game I am playing and return to the home screen the game stays on. If you down load any of the amazing " Free" apps that are available, most of them use your phones Internet and gps to work. This will kill your battery as well. Solution... Simply download a "Free" App called a Task Manager and use it. I have a tiny Icon on my home menu that I simply push when I back out of programs which kills all running apps. I am amazed at how many things are running at the same time. My battery lasts all day with out a problem and I use my phone constantly. Now if it was like the Iphone and could only run 1 app at a time the battery would last 3 days but I will take the sacrifice. I also find that my call quality is based on the area. AT&T and Verizon can tell you anything they want, I have both and the reception with both of them changes. Sometimes one is better than the other but for the most part they are close. ( For ref. I live in the New York Metro Area).
Bottom Line Don't be Swayed
Definitely Go check this one out



Aug 17, 2010 by doyal82705

I had the Evo from Sprint and the coverage was just sub par so we switched to Verizon and I got the incredible. So far everything on the phone is great with the exception of the battery. This is expected with a phone that does this much. Waiting for the otterbox case to come out.

Everything You Want It To Be


Jun 17, 2010 by CitizenInsane

I am coming from a BB storm and storm 2. I needed something new and was really sick and tired of the Blackberry OS. This phone, for lack of a better word, is Incredible. It's fast, easy to use, light weight and has a solid build. The Android app market is awesome and grows every day. Previous reviews talk about the battery life being well under par. Not the case in my experience. I was online, downloading, streaming videos, ect....and the phone went for 6 straight hours without a break before it needed a charge. That is just as good as any other phone I have ever had. Also, people have mentioned you can't see the screen in sunlight...yea, that’s pretty much every phone out there so it's really not a negative or a deal breaker. Call quality and signal is great! All the ways that my BB failed me, the Incredible has shined and exceeded my expectations. Every site I needed it to run; it has....even Netflix!! The phone is great. Get it. You won’t be disappointed. That’s all there is to it.
-User Interface
-Call Quality
-Crystal Clear Screen
-Android Market
-Call Quality
-8mp Camera
-Pinch To Zoom

-Seriously Can't Find One



May 2, 2010 by WanGator

I have had this phone for just a couple days now but the experience is excellent. I had the Storm 1, and was pleased with it after the last couple updates but now after getting the incredible the storm is WAAAAY behind.

Bright vibrant screen
Live wallpapers are really neat
Browser is mega fast
and the over all speed and quickness of the phone is amazing

So far the battery is the only thing that I don't like. It drains very quickly, even with the task killer. I'm having to charge it everyday, but I really have been on it a lot since I got it.

Overall I am very pleased with this phone. The UI is extremely nice and easy to use.

My new Incredible


Apr 29, 2010 by wild_kick

This is my first Smart Phone, and it has been awesome so far.
This phone has a good weight and feels well made. I have played with the Motorola Droid and I like the size of this phone much better. (only down size is no actual keyboard)
Battery life - I played with it all day and had to keep the charger nearby.
Camera - At first I was thinking it was great, but in low light it seems to take ok pics. Can be blurry.
Joystick – not sure what to make of this. I played one game that used it and found it will take some getting use. Felt a little awkward.
Overall this is a great phone, I love staying connected to the world. As an IT guy it is nice having so many tools at my finger tips. Did I mention it is super fast. I had to download an Advance App Killer. Didn’t realize I had all the applications open at once.
Can’t wait to get to know this phone better!

Incredible > iphone 4


Oct 26, 2010 by HzD incredible

I currently for for ATT and i enjoy working for att the service is not asbad as our reputation gives off alot of people just don;t let att torubleshoot which ddrastictly improves service so not taking carrier into consideration, the HTC incredible is defnitly my favorite phone in years i work on iphones and other att phones all day and i get to test and see alot of device, the htc incredible is by the far the most stand-out phone that has came out to compete with the iphone 4. The phone is lightening fast and gives all the feature and customization that the iphone 4 is missing, instead of just being able to change the backgroundon the home screen there is an endless amount of stuff you can do to the home screen to make it custom to you, I have never seen 2 android phones that have the same home screen. if i wanna be fast i can use my phones home screen to get all the info i need or i can open the app and get more info. The only complaint i have is that the front screen is made of glass and is pretty fragile i have already broken the glass with a 3 foot drop to flat carpet. Other than that the phone is an A++

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