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wow!!! i must leave my review......


Nov 7, 2005 by pimpbillisback84

in 2002-2003 i owned this phone man i loved it.

pros: nice blue screen
good reception with vzw
alright battery life
nice speaker and mic

cons: hard to find ringtones for
no graphics like the moto talkabout
boring after a year of having

overall: good phone, no fun features

Excellent phone for the price


Aug 10, 2003 by V0LC0M

I work for a cellular phone retail group on the east coast and I definitely have to say that the statement concerning the V120e's reliability is incorrect. This particular phone works absolutely wonderful for our carriers. We sell alot of this phone to remote locations in our state where only one specific carrier (Alltel) works. We have had almost no returns on the phone and have had excellent success with customer satisfaction. The phone's battery life (over 3 hours talktime and almost 300 hours on standby) and reception speak for itself. Also, the fact that you can get this phone for free or a very low cost with just about any carrier, except for Verizon, is another great aspect. As far as bells and whistles, the phone has pretty much everything you could really use except for a "color screen." Overall, this phone is a great deal for the price that it sells for.

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Light up my life


Jul 9, 2003 by mikejwhaley

I like this phone. The brilliant blue light is bold and bright. If there was a power failure you could use it as a flash light.
Pros - low price, holds up to 500 #s, great reception, user friendly, voice dialing and messaging.
cons -people can't hear you to well if there is too much background noise, quick switching from ringer to vibrate sucks, display a little small.
All in all this phone is a good basic phone for the average person .



Jun 27, 2003 by knickkor

I work for a store in Central US and let me tell you, stay away from the Motorola 120 e/x/t. When switching over technology into the new CDMA I decided to give the Motorola 120x a shot, I sold tons of them to only have so many of them come back for repairs! This depleted my loaner stock quickly. The other thing is that they take up to 6-8 wks just to get the phone back from repair This is terrible for such a piece of junk phone! I refuse to sell any motorola products to my customers. I stopped selling Motorolas and went into the Kyocera line-up, and things seemed to work very well with them. Overall take a Kyocera or Nokia anyday even if you have to pay a little more.

Pretty Good


Jun 23, 2003 by Robyn Fox

I think this phone is a great phone for the price range it is in. I am a previous owner of the Nokia phones Verizon carried and ALWAYS had problems with them. I like the size and ease of use of this phone. I also really like the voice activated dialing - pretty cool and so far works really good. So.. overall I think it's a good deal!

Great phone once bugs fixed


Feb 20, 2003 by Rod Wright

My wife and I both got 120e's from Verizon about a month ago. My wife uses hers more, and was experiencing poorer reception and dropouts on most calls. We took hers back and got it replaced, and now she is very happy. Excellent reception, quality sound, and what seems to be a very comprehensive feature set for what was a very low acquisition cost for us ($29 for both). We are around Atlanta GA, and Greenville, SC most of the time and reception is excellent.

Excellent audio, fair reception.


Dec 5, 2002 by steve evans

Recently changed plans with Alltel and needed a new tri mode. I have been using a Nokia 6120 for a couple of years and wanted to try a Motorola again, based on the good performance of the old Motorola analog phones. The 120e has super audio quality and tons of great features. In the bigger cities with lots of cell towers this phone would be a bargain, but for me, it didn't work as well in the rural areas. It seemed to only have about 70% of the range that the Nokia had. My wife uses a Nokia 5185i on the new plan, and even though limited on bells and whistles, it will work where the 120e would not. After discussion with Motorola, I learned that there was not much I could do to improve range, so I traded it back in for the v60i. My range increased beyond what I had before with the Nokia.
Excellent phone in good coverage area.
Move to the v60i in sparse coverage areas.

Great little phone with an amazing set of features.


Oct 9, 2002 by Lee Cao

I love it! Actually my mom is the one who has a 120e, but I was the one that bought it for her and taught her how to use it. My mom is a basic cell phone user: she cares about two things - strong signal and clear voice. In this category she is more than happy with the 120e. It is my understanding that previous 120x phones were kind of weak in the features department and the antenna was prone to breaking. The good news is that the new 120e has a fixed antenna and a greatly expanded feature set. I had just bought a T720 about two weeks ago and I was surprised to see how similar the 120e's user interface and feature set is to the T720. If I wasn't so determined to get a color clamshell phone, I would have bought the 120e. Battery life thus far has been excellent, with about 3 to 4 days of stand by and 30 minutes of talk time. Though the ring tones are not polyphonic, they are quite good. The phone is fairly slim, and fits comfortable in my mom's hand. The screen and text is a bit small for my mom's aged eyes, but she is otherwise very happy with the phone.

Great "Basic" phone


Jul 14, 2003 by wendell williams

This phone does everything asked of it. I have had it for 2 months and not a problem. Batter life is good as well. Why spend money on anything else when the technology is changing so quickly and you will likely have a new phone in 1 to 2 years anyway.

Not a Fan


Jul 13, 2003 by Bekkie

at first i thought the phone was great, although it was the first phone i ever owned i really didn't have anything to compare it to. Perhaps its just the company that im with *telus* but i am unable to access the Internet on it. also if you have someone on your phone with more than one number (say a cell phone AND a home phone) you have to add them separately. which gets quite confusing and slightly annoying. I did however lose my antenna *my dog ate it..* and i still get amazing reception, so thats a major benefit. but the phone tends to heat up extremely if I'm on it for too long.. so hot in fact it begins to hurt my ear. it really sucks because i see all the cool GSM phones, *deal with em all the time* and with Telus you're unable to use GSM phones.. so if you want something cool.. don't sign up for a contract with Telus

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