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Sep 16, 2004 by Britni1989

The phone is ok if your not into "fashion". lol. And as a former owner I think the reception was not that good. While I was at a football game i had to drive all the way town to get any reception at all? And worst of all while i was at camp we had lights out at 11:00.... and if I wanted to call anybody I couldn't b/c I could not get reception in the building. So if you are considering getting this phone...think a little bit harder.

Solid and Dependable, but not "cool"


Aug 25, 2004 by cellhead123

My wife and I have had the 120e for about 2 years and these phones have performed flawlessly. We live in a rural area and have had much better reception with these than the Nokia and Kyocera phones we previously had (Alltel is our carrier).

I'm about at the point when I usually upgrade my phone, and I'd like one that's a little smaller, but I've had NO problems and it's hard to give up a phone that's working this well, even if it's not "cool."

Pros - low cost, relatively small for a candybar, blue backlight, feature set for the price.
Cons - not as small or light as a flip.

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it's an ALRIGHT phone


Jun 11, 2004 by audra16

i got it for Christmas from my parents.. which was extremely nice.. and the phone was beautiful.. i really did like it when i saw it! but as the months passed i had more and more trouble with the phone, my caller id wouldn't work, my voice mail would shut down, my txting wouldn't work.. just odds and ends like that.. but we blammed alltel not the phone.. *haha*.. then we got that settled .. but if i don't have a signal on my phone and someone tries to call me my voice-mail will pick up and they can leave a message but my phone wont tell me that.. so i could randomly check my voice-mail and find i had 6 missed calls that didn't even show up.. so that's definitely a down side to when some were emergencies! then it comes with a flimsy charger.. i've gone thru 2 already in the past 6 months i've had it because they break, don't work, and it wont charge my phone.. so those are pretty horrible.. plus my phone will also over heat and get actually pretty hot to the touch, alltell wont help they just said it was the charger each time.. so now im in the process of upgrading to a flip because i tend to hit buttons on the front and side and sometimes my key lock doesn't work.. so all in all it wasn't a great experience.. but it doesn't have a great appeal to it =P

Basic Phone with Problems


Apr 16, 2004 by pete532


A pleasant surprise: using the phone as a modem for on-the-road internet access works great. Software installed without a hitch, which doesn't happen often enough these days!


This would be a great basic phone if it didn't have these problems:

1. "Crashes" about once a month, where it appears to be working, but the keyboard and other buttons are dead. Have to remove battery to "re-boot".

2. Standby battery life after a full charge varies from 1 to 4 days, even with the phone sitting in the same exact spot, unused.

3. Too many dropped calls; poor signal quality in remote areas; often insists on taking voicemail messages instead of ringing the phone, even with strong reception. (I realize this subset of problems may have something to do with Verizon's systems rather than the phone itself.)

My first 120E was replaced because of these problems, but the replacement does the same thing in all cases.

Good Basic Phone


Apr 10, 2004 by FlipMode

I have had quite a bit of contact with the Motorola V120e and V120T. The V120e is a far better model than the V120T. It has a great battery and is an excellent phone for the price. If you are looking for a phone that is not too complex and is fairly easy to operate and pretty durable, this would be a great phone to start with. It has about 60% of the features that most cell phones have and it has about 90% of the features that you will actually use (voice dial, games, calendar, datebook, alarm, etc...). Overall it is pretty decent phone.

Pros: Long battery life, decent reception, bright display, easy-use interface, cheap price, and it is quite durable.

Cons: Speaker quality could be louder, lack of internet features, phonebook entry system could be better and the ring tones could be a little bit better.

Overall: 3.5

Its A Good Phone


Mar 1, 2004 by jon2628

This phone is god so far some people just talk alot of things they shouldnt thier problem is prob by there phone company I am in verizon wireless for 1 week da phone and service is great so far

the worst


Feb 20, 2004 by jersey2

the worst reception in fringe areas this phone is junk motorola and verizon turn me off with this junk

Be Proud V120E Owners! Very Good Phone.


Jan 29, 2004 by RFGUY

I have read so many negative comments about the V120E on several forums that I disagree with.... I used a v120c which I was fairly happy with except for some features that I needed. I went to the Verizon store and several dealer stores and checked all of the new phones on the market. I was not the least bit impressed with the new line of phones with toys built in that lacked some very basic important functions needed in a phone. I decided to upgrade to the V120E even though I know it has been discontinued and I am very happy!!!

The V120E meets all of the requirements of a Good Basic Phone for Adults. A screen that lights up bright and easily read, loud reminder beeps, many loud ring tones to choose from, ringer ID, calculator with currency conversion, Datebook/Alarm Scheduler, Voice Dialing and Voice memo. You can even record the persons conversation you are talking with.. programmable menu and soft key functions, Short cuts that include voice short cuts to a specific application.5 Games built-in. Speed Dial. Large easy to press keys. Easy text messaging with many quicknotes. This is a feature rich phone even though there is no camera and you cant download a bunch of new fancy games.

Performance is good. I compared it to a new expensive Audiovox 8600 in a fringe area and it performed just as well if not better.

Dont be afraid to buy this phone and V120E owners be proud to own one. I am thinking about buying another new one just in case I damage or lose mine to have on hand. I can think of a couple of things I wish it could do but overall I would give it a very high rating. Many of the new clamshell phones lack the battery life, and important basic phone features. I cant even see my wife's colorscreen in sunlight and her phonebook directory is a joke compared to the V120E.

Great phone!


Jan 4, 2004 by samson92441

Great phone! everything i wanted from my first digital. Stayed with the name brand i could trust (Moto). Very rarely a dropped call. 1 thing i got was the FM radio adapter which also serves as a hands free headset and i think its great! No other phone i know of offers this. I'm on the road a lot and reception is very good. Gotta have tri-mode! Yes this phone was cheap but couldn't have asked for better (a lot of features) at that price (practically free).

You get what you pay for....


Sep 15, 2003 by Matt Houff

In all my phones.. I have never had a phone that was so miserable. I drop more calls than I manage to get through. If it isn't line of sight, it isn't gonna connect. Other models right next to it on the same service work fine. This is by far the most "disposable" phone I have ever seen. If a salesperson trys to sell you this phone run...You get what you pay for.... even free...its a questionable

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