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Could be better


Apr 17, 2003 by Travis Fields

This phone has never given me any reception problems so far, no matter where I go. The only problems I have in usage is low earpiece volume and the annoyance of the backlight if using a car charger. It is already bright enough to use as a flashlight and when it blinds you while on charge in the car it really is disturbing. I returned my DC charger and stuck with the home charger in which this does not occur. One other annoying feature is the text message process. It is not nearly as easy as previous phones. I sell cell phones with two different companies and this phone has had the fewest complaints. The only phone that seems to beat it in all around quality is the Motorola V60i, but the price is...whoa!

Definately A Lemon!


Jan 23, 2003 by Jessica D

This phone is a piece of junk. It is supposedly a "fixed" version, but I beg to differ. I even ordered a replacement, but the second was just as bad. You cannot hear on the phone unless you are in complete silence, and even then it still cuts out constantly. Even in areas where reception is great, this phone does not work. People on the other end of my calls also complained that they could not hear me. The only benefits to having this phone would be that it looks cool and is light weight, oh and the zoom feature is kinda nice if you have a hard time seeing. Overall I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone. In fact I think it should be recalled! I sent the second one back and got a Kyocera 2235, and so far I don't have a single thing to complain about the Kyocera model.

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utter garbage


Mar 12, 2003 by netsage netsage

I have had two of these fail in half the time I had my last phone (a Nokia 3360). This phone was thrust upon me when US Cellular changed their network from TDMA to CDMA for whatever reason. The first one failed after becoming exposed to cold; it was in my coat pocket as I walked across campus. The loner phone (another v120e) that US Cellular gave me made a single test call before the speaker gave out. Aside from the serious failures I have this to say: The interface is slow and awkward, SMS messages are more difficult to compose on the v120e than on Nokia phones, the charge port and charger are both proprietary and don't fit together well enough to work often (I would have to plug it in, wait to see if it is charging, get annoyed, then repeat the process until FINALLY the contacts met and it started charging. I have recently been informed that US Cellular (keep in mind this may be rumor) has had recent knowledge of failures of the v120X series yet continues to sell them.

This phone is not worth the plastic it is made of. Motorola spent too much time making brilliant high end phones but never took the time to make FUNCTIONAL low end phones.

Verizon V120e JUNK


Jan 12, 2003 by Craig Underhill

Just a piece of Junk, I bought a audiovox cdm9500 and got the motorola v120e free, now I see why it is free, cant here when noise in background and its reception is horrible, in my house sitting on the table it keeps switching to roaming and extended service, my audiovox is right next to it and never does that, and when I call *611 to report it it shows digital but I get att service center even though I should get my server verizon, I still have 5 days to return it which indeed is what I am going to do.

run away far away from this phone


Jul 20, 2003 by lefticy

you get what you pay for this phone... cheap phone and poor functionality.
the phone has alot of helpful features. 2 different types of speed dials . and large phone book, missed called list and the short cut buttons.
con's- very poor repection and lots of droped calls. i have been looking at a cell tower while driving and lost a call or 2 or several. the ringer is so weak at full volume that unless you are looking at the face you will not know of an incomming call. as for handset volume same thing and if you get a hands free the problem gets worse not better . i work in a noisy enviroment and the need to hear the ringer and the person i am talking to is paramount. a small example. a nextel phone in the cab of a tractor tralier while the engine is running can be heard over the sound of a groupe of men talking. this goes ditto for the nokie..

Annoyances & Frustrations


Dec 23, 2002 by Zute Scoot

I bought my phone 2 days ago, and already it has me aggravated. At first, it contained all the features I was looking for (Voice dial, vibrate, big phone book, etc), but as I started to play with the phone, I began noticing the subtle annoyances that will force me to take this phone back.
First, the BLUE backlight. This thing really hurts my eyes, and is SO bright it will light up the room. At first it was neat.. now it's just plain annoying.
Next, the handset volume isn't nearly loud enough. Even at 7 (full volume), it isn't loud enough to hear when other background noise is present.
Third, I decided tor try a hands-free headset, but on top of the fact that the headset didnt work (I could hear, but the person on the other end couldn't hear me), when I wiggle the headset jack plugged in, it pulls up my phone book and automatically dials the last number called. It also disconnects calls at random, even with a minor movement of the jack.
Custom Ring tones? Forget about it unless you are a composer (no downloadable, but there is a ringer generator if you know music and octaves).
Lastly, there is no "Missed Calls" list.
Overall I give this phone 2 dots because of it's features, but it lacks reliablility and functionality. Verizon approved phones are limited and this is just a typical example of garbage disposable $150 cell phones.

I'm very disappointed


Apr 11, 2003 by paul rose

The earpiece isn't load enough. The interface is awkward and not at all intuitive. The signal is weaker than my Nokia 5185 and calls drop all the time -- at least 400 percent more than the Nokia. The number and scope of features is nice but not worth the compromise. Like the original 5185 that Verizon swapped out for remanufactured ones, this model is plagued with problems. I smell a recall of this phone coming sometime in the next 12 months.



Mar 26, 2004 by rabitrabitrabitrabit

This phone lasted one month.
I carried it in my pocket while sledding in the snow. It was a vinyl jacket so it did not absorb the water that accumulated in the pocket well. the phone did get a little wet but I dried it off immediately and noting it was now non functional applied a hair drier to it for quite some time.

Motorola refused to honor any warranty. They offered to repair it for $70 but when I sent it back for the third time with the $70 they refused to fix or replace it.

If you own this phone keep it in your car.
Do not take it skiing, boating swimming or any where it might breath in some moisture.

I assume they eliminated the gold in the contacts. My old Motorola brick lasted 10 years without difficulty under much harsher conditions.

Basically a pretty phone with lots of features which is defective due to a lack of attention to water resistance.

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