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Jan 20, 2006 by powermonkey

Another phone that I've owned at one time. It was my first, it was crap. I bought it when I was young and stupid. I thought it was the greatest thing ever until I started using other phones... only then did I realize just how bad it was. Battery life was OK... not great, but it was rarely away from a charger for long. Reception was bad in comparison to many other phones.

Good dependable phone


Jan 14, 2006 by eatonstore

I carried this phone for 2 1/2 years and I loved it! I always got great reception, even in questionable areas, never had a battery problem, always a phone I could count on.
The only problem I ever had was the charging port, which is a problem with most Motorolas, but it was and is a great little phone that I would recommend highly!

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MUCH better than 120c


Oct 1, 2005 by ShadowScorpion

I've got this one after smashing my 120c to pieces... this one is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.

-Nice blue backlight
-Reception is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better
-Good sound
-Good battery life

-A bit flimsy... handle with care.
-I've seen better web browsers.

Overall, a nice phone for the price.

This Phone Sux


Aug 24, 2005 by tinybri69

this phone sux and i hate it. its to hard to use. i prefer the flip phones

Me No Like


May 18, 2005 by jazzklub

This was my first cell phone Ever. It's great for a starter phone, but I cannot Wait til my plan is up, i'm soo upgrading.
Verizon is fine. I just hate the phone. I feel like i have an "old Skool" model. My buddies all have phones where they have cool backgrounds and get cool ring tones and have flip tops to fit in their pockets better. although my phone is small, it's still a pain to carry around. Sure you can lock the key pad, but what a hassle. And the anntenna is constantly Up. This phone is like a little toy. This phone is great for people who don't use their Cell Phone that much, but want something for emergencies. It's great for younger kids.

good phone for entry level


Apr 21, 2005 by trickykidx

good cheap phone for entry level

glad to get rid of it after 2+years


Apr 13, 2005 by nave462000

I have just finished writing a long description of this phone when the website failed and I lost everything i had typed. Just like my cell phone, I'm afraid.
This phone has been in my possession for over two years now. I accidentally changed the contract after the first year or so of service not realizing that I was signing on for another 2 years with the same phone.

This phone has gotten much worse since I have had it. Signal quality of Verizon Wireless has been steadily declining in my area (Northern New Jersey, NYC area)since I have started using the service. I used to be able to make calls from inside my house, and now I can't make or receive calls from virtually anywhere. If i stand in the perfect place on my deck i can sometimes make a call that will not drop after 30 seconds.
I always blame the calls that are dropped on the other person that i am talking to because i am on Verizon and i am used to being the one with good service. This is not the case anymore. I have walked around with people that have Cingular phones, and where I have no service (98% of my town), they have full service. I know this sounds crazy, but I have yet to see a cingular phone in my area without full service, a luxury that I used to have while on verizon wireless years ago.

Pros of this phone:
Basic phone
makes and receives calls when you have service
Ringer is LOUD, i cant get it to quiet down

Cons of Phone:
poor reception, even compared to cell phones on the same service
Calls take forever to connect, even when you have full service
B/W display
Horr no battery life; if I make 1 call, the battery is dead. Two and it shuts down mid-call.
Keys wear down after significant use
Buttons have fallen off
Backlight annoys people
easily damaged screen
bad speaker, conversations are terrible
and Finally:
Verizon Wireless Sucks, bad Cust.Serv.

Excellent Phone!!!!!!!!


Jan 9, 2005 by eleokh

i got this phone as a loan phone from the verizon store temporarily because mine broke. I love my Motorola v60 but it does not compare to this one. It does what a hpone should do. Give you an excellent service everywhere.

this is my 4th verizon wireless phone and besides the Nokia, this one gives the best service.

a huge pro is the bright blue screen.

Ntot bad


Dec 29, 2004 by jessa

I've had my v120e for quite some time now. It works very well, and I get great reception [except for my house] It's very user friendly and I have not had any trouble with it. If you're looking for something stylish - don't bother with this phone unless you want to pay up to 40 dollars for face plates. The ring tones aren't that bad. Vibrate&Ring really stinks. The games are fine. My antenna fell off but I still get the same great reception I had when I did have the antenna. I love the battery life and can be customized to an extent. You can change the order in the menu and change the user screen. I rarely have dropped calls. You can change the contrast/banners and backlight time, which is very useful. The ringer ID's rarely work and I have signed up for caller ID, but it barely works. The ringers aren't loud, either. So all in all, it's a decent phone if you're going to use it a lot and aren't a big style freak.

Don't Bother


Oct 24, 2004 by molenw

I bought two of these phones -- for my husband and myself 2 yrs. ago. I replaced this over a year ago because I absolutely hated it, my husband stuck out the contract until he could upgrade. What a waste of money. Everyone I know who owns Motorolas complains about the phones, the dropped calls, the batteries that never stay charged, or they are constantly getting repaired--even the more expensive models and cameraphones. My experience was no different--I should have paid attention. My husband now has a Samsung and I have an LG VX 6000. Goodbye to Motorola for good.

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