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I LIKE IT ......


Dec 13, 2003 by cstalker

I really hated this thing when I put it on my shelves. I was really wondering what Nokia was thinking with the size and keypad. I have had some small phones including a T720, SE T616, and a LG 4050 for a couple of days, so it was hard for me to adjust when I decided I was going to use the 3600.

Now that I have it, I will have a hard time parting with it. The size factor just goes away after a while. If you are really into handsets, this phone does it all. The apps you can get for the Symbian OS alone are worth it.

Heres the good stuff:
-The screen is a great size
-This thing gets reception where no other phone thinks about it.
-The voice dialing actually works!
-The battery life is awesome
-The speakerphone is the best I have seen besides a NEXTEL.

theres my 2 cents

Nokia 3650


May 21, 2003 by mike lao

This phone is great although its a little big. Thats why its good to have a spare phone so if you need a small phone is your pocket then you can switch. By the the ways to gentle with the complain about calling from call logs, your'e wrong just press the send button from the call log list, you won't have to confirm it. And fro the guy who said something about bigger sim cards, I have been in wireless industry for a long time and i have never heard of a bigger sim card from Nextel or ATT maybe you are getting the memory card slot confused with the sim card slot. I have had the Nokia 7210 and 7250 w/ built camera neither compare to the 3650 the display is so much better than those phones. I would take a pic with the 7250 and it wouldnt even come put clear and display was so tiny. Nokia 3650 is a wonderful phone and you will get over the size when you realize all the features this phone has.

Tons of stuff...


Jan 3, 2004 by Crazyman

First phone of this type for me..(with Symbian,etc).
And I just love it.. I have so much software on this phone is ridiculous. Mp3 players, customer skins, a new web browser, customer camera software (with zoom!) .. and so on. I had to buy a 64mb memory card to load everything I wanted to. Working in the industry I can never decide on what phone I like. I'm already used to the size and getting quicker with the key pad.

After 4-5 days, I love it.
My next phone will be the 3620.

The only problem I do have it, is the RAM...gotta make sure you close everything when your done with it .. or it comes back to haunt you when you try to play an mp3 or watch a music video/movie. Other than that, great phone.



Oct 16, 2003 by vvante

i have had this phone for about two weeks. i think it's great as far as cell phones go. i previously owned a pocket pc so i have downgraded a bit.

great reception on the tmobile gsm network.
no loss calls so far
the clock dial navigation menu is a great feature
the screen is very vibrant for a cell phone.
speakerphone is loud and very clear even on the other end
gprs access menus makes navigation a breeze

loss connection to tmobile server on several occasions while downloading tones and screensavers.

except for that one con which i think is more of a tmobile connectivity issue. the 3650 is an awesome choice.




Apr 25, 2004 by snoopwild15

like oh my god. i own this phone and it works really great. when im talking on the phone people say its a remote or a brick and i dont give a care. the camera is awesome it just needs a zoom, flash, and a timer. the video recorder needs to be longer not just 12 seconds and the resolutions really suck bad. other than that i think the NOKIA MANUFACTUR really needs to make phone with latest feautures and smaller not the size of a damn remote.

Awesome Phone


Dec 18, 2003 by cellboy25

I own 11 phones that I switch between depending on the mood I am in and for some reason I carry this phone probably 80% of the time everything on this phone is very easy to use except the keypad which takes a little getting use to. Camera is pretty good quality have seen better though zoom feature would be nice if you could use it before you take the picture and the video is just way to much fun. I do have a question for anyone who knows Where can you get the download for unlimited video????

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Two cents


Oct 8, 2003 by muchdrama   updated Jul 16, 2013

Carrier: AT&T Wireless

Let's get one thing straight, first...this phone does not have an enlarged SIM card. Get your facts right before reporting them here. The slot that Mr. Devon reported to be a larger SIM slot is, in fact, the memory card slot. SIM cards are all the same size. CONS: Nokia cut some corners in the construction of this phone...the plastics and fit and finish leave something to be desired. Also, it's too thick, and awkwardly shaped. PROS: Everything else. Great features, great customization, and a great operating system. I recommend this phone based on my experience with using, activating and playing with it.



May 9, 2003 by Kristopher Kurfursten

This phone is SO awesome! Contrary to the previous reviewer, I have found the battery life more than sufficient. I just got the phone a few days ago, so I am constantly playing with it. Whether I'm customizing the phone book entries, taking numerous pics (and sending them to a million people), shooting videos, playing games, talking, texting - you name it - at the end of the day (18 hours later) I still have 2 bars left on the battery. That is more than adequate. I've never understood people who gripe about having to charge their phone every day - I mean we do sleep don't we? It's not like charging the phone over night interferes with your life!

What I love most about this phone is it takes customizing beyond anything I have ever seen (this is my 9th phone in 2 years - so I've had experience with a lot of 'em). I love the fact that I can customize the phone book to unbelievable ends.

It's a great phone. The pics/video are so fun to take. I never thought I would use a camera this much. It's fun. I looked at an apartment last night, pulled it out, and took a bunch of pictures. I had a friend move from Seattle to New York last year. I was walking on the hill and took a shot of the Space Needle, emailed it to her (on the spot) with a message that said "Seattle misses you, and so do I." She loved it.

It's a great phone. The P800 looks cool too, but it also looks much bigger and not as attractive. Attractiveness is not the most important thing in a phone but SE seems to purposefully try to make their phones look UGGO!

great one!!!!


Jan 6, 2004 by alicamel1

i tried alots of phones with all of brands, but what else do you want speaker phone,camera, zoom in and out, night mode, java, you can upgrade your phone memory, tri band, I'm totally happy with it!!
in on word its a professional phone.

What ELSE Can I Say?


Nov 19, 2003 by XoMotThoiDaXaXo

There seems to be a lot of reviews on this phone with basically all the PROs and CONs there are. Let's see...how about MY view? ;-)

1) The phone have everything I wanted for an upgrade: camera, Real One Player, Music Composer, Memory Card for extra storage, Recorder, etc.
3) Battery Life

Here's the good part! hihihi
1) it's kinda big....I thought I could handle the size. Well, I could handle it for the first 2 days...but afterward...with all the books to carry around campus, I just want to throw the phone at someone! heehehe!
2) Though the phone have Real One Player, I found no use in it. I thought the radio would be included also, that's why I brought the phone in the first place.
3) Software....the PC Suite is the software that goes along with the 3650 and can give you TONS of option to expand your phone...however....T-Mobile doesn't give it out for free...anyone that knows a store, please tell me! thanks! :-D
4) The ANNOYING calendar & alarm sound! I use the calendar to remind me of my schedule everyday, but that loud "BEEP" sound is so scary! Especially when I'm studying in the library (hint: quiet area), the reminder almost gave me a heart attack! I like the Samsung A460 better when it comes to reminder. They let me choose the ringtone I want and set it as a reminder rather than that "BEEP" noise.
5) Not sure on this yet--double check for me ok? but, as far as I know, the Nokia 3650 does not tell you when the party/person you are calling is on the other line. (The Sony Ericsson T610 have that options).
6) Camera is not that great...Sanyo 8100 is better....I just found that out while my brother have the phone for almost 3 months already! I compared it and trust me, you CAN see the difference.

Other than that, I like this phone...NOT love just LIKE but the cool thing is that it's free after the mail in rebate. :-D now, the bad part is waiting for that rebate to come. ugh!

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