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Just one thing bugs me about this good phone


Jun 5, 2004 by night002

Con: It's SO BIG! People sometimes think it's a remote or something. Doesn't fit well in the pocket and takes up too much room in the purse. It's a little heavy. Camera resolution is nice but the video resolution is so-so. Phone tends to "crash" like a computer.

Pro: In addition to having multiple numbers per name, it stores the addresses (home, email). Very user friendly interface. Able to attach pics of the contact with their numbers so that it shows when they call. Great sound quality; people think you are using a landline phone.

Not Too Great


Oct 1, 2003 by jasondock

This phone is not all it is hyped up to be. First of all its HUGE, and for this reason can sometimes be embarrassing. The features on the phone aren't that great. The Camera isn't that great as well.

Awesome Phone, but . . .


Jul 29, 2003 by jim morrison

I'm not going to lie, I love this phone. Within every menu option is another option and within that other option is another option. You can customize this phone like a desktop computer. It's ridiculous.

However, with all these features and options comes the fact that this phone really isn't a phone anymore . . . it's much more like a computer. It WILL freeze every-so-often. Come on folks, give it a break. It is ONLY a phone. Anything this small with this many features is going to freeze . . . BOTTOM LINE!

That isn't even what really bugs me. The CONS of this phone are simple. There are three, and only three.

ONE . . . the bluetooth on it is not compatible with much. Any bluetooth device can be picked up by this phone no problem but when you actually try and send something whether it be to a bluetooth earpiece (other than the Nokia one), a PDA, or computer it just won't do it.

TWO . . . the screen really should be 65,000 colors. Granted, because it isn't the phone was made more affordable. Affordibility is great for those that don't want all the features but who would buy this phone that doesn't want the features. All this phone is, is a big box of features. For someone like myself, someone who's willing to pay for the features but wants them done right, 4096 colors is kinda weak. Even though it's 4096 colors it's still not that bad. Just don't think they should have cut corners so much.

THREE . . . the speakerphone feature is weak. I mean if you're going to put a speakerphone on it, make it so you can hear it. Where is the hole on this phone that has the speaker behind it? There isn't one. For this reason it sounds like you put the 6610 in a cardboard box and tried talking.

A MUST DO for those data people out there. DOWNLOAD THE OPERA BROWSER!! That thing is sweet!! It allows you to fully browse HTML sites much much faster than if you use the browser the phone comes with. It costs $22.95 USD

grate phone


Jul 28, 2003 by wray peck

Iuse this phone great phone

I sent mine back


Apr 25, 2003 by Stephen Buckmelter

I had several issues with this phone (carrier is AT&T).

* It locked up on me several times necessitating a power cycle.
* Sometimes on power cycle it would not boot properly and I would have to wait 30+ minutes and try again.
* The native imap client would not sync to my inbox properly. I would have to disconnect and then reconnect to see my current inbox--simply selecting new messages would not always show the new messages in my inbox.
* I had issues using the phone as a modem via bluetooth (socket).
* Battery performance was very poor.
* With keylock on, and phone in my pocket, I was able to dial 911--I tested this a second time, and I did not have to hold down the dial key to get this work. Pressing 911 and tapping the dial key connected me to emergency services.
* 4k color screen leaves a little to be desired.
* No obvious way to adjust volume when using earbud.
* Dropped calls twice on full bars (may not be the phone's fault).

On the plus side:

* It's got style, no denying that.
* Camera takes decent pictures--but I don't have another camera phone to compare it to.
* Memory card is a plus.
* Bluetooth did work via the Nokia PC Suite (for baking up the phone, editing prefs, etc.).
* TLS capable mail client is great (would prefer ssl, though)--however, as per above, did not always sync inbox correctly.

Tried It - Couldn't Live Wit It!


Apr 13, 2003 by Maroot Nanakul

I have a Nextel i85s and was changing to Cingular for a better rateplan and cool phone. I was disapointed with the Nokia 3650.

It has ALOT of cool features but they're buried in too many menus and key presses.

Pros: Large color screen, but NOT 65K color, just 4096, Camera, Bluetooth, MMC expansion card. I was able to infra-red beam info from my Palm to 3650 OK.

- The ROUND dial. It just didn't feel right. The letters on button are small and with blue backlight made it even harder to read.
- Screen hard to read when at idle with no backlight, you have to wake it up with a press.
- Both Phone and Speakerphone volume too soft even at Max setting.
- Ringer too soft even with loudest ringer picked. I missed several calls while outdoors.
- Photo Caller ID shows only Name and Thumbnail Icon of caller, not full screen photo.
- Not easy to Lock phone (eg. Menu plus *) you have to password lock and password unlock. Password has to be 5 digits.
- Not easy to 1-Touch calls. Even if you set one of the soft keys to 1-Touch, you have to cursor down to the # press select, then CALL appears, press select CALL again to CALL.
This is true of the Call Log too. You can't just press Send to call. You have to CONFIRM the CALL with another press in order to Call.
- I found many features too buried in menus and required another confirm press to select. Very awkward and annoying to use.

All in all, its got alot of features, but too time consuming to get to. I just found it too awkward to make calls from the Directory, Call Log and even 1-Touch.

This is NOT a good business phone, especially while driving. It's OK if you're stuck in a traffic jam and have the time.

I tried living with it for 10 days.
I'm glad Cingular has a 14 Day Return Policy.

Try it for yourself. You have to live with it for the length of your contract. Return it if you feel the same as I did, or else keep it and ENJOY!


cool phone, but...


Apr 12, 2003 by Demetrius Stinson

the only two draw backs w/the phone is: I'm having a tough time figuring out the recieving & sending E*mail & attachments part; also the camera picture quality should be a whole lot better.
I just swapped in the panasonic GU87 for this phone; and the picture quality far exceeds the nokia.

I went to purchase a case for this new phone, the the carrying case that was offered only protected the keys.

I think it makes more sense to protect the screen also.

This phone misses the mark


May 6, 2003 by Michael Pazyniak

So in my quest to leave Sprint I some how ended up with ATT. I have to say that I like their service in Washington, NY and SF. It works fine for me because I rarely leave the big cities.

I wanted a phone that would work any where in the world and with the array of different sim cards I have.

I first purchased the 3650 and its cool features had me for a moment.

-The keypad is less than desirable: the roundness is sleek but not pragmatic at all. Try pressing the buttons when you are in the car-- it s like an accident waiting to happen. It requires two hands to function

-The battery dies really really quickly. If you use a phone like me it will work for about 3 hours at the most.

-Its HUGE. this phone is bigger than a palm pilot, and handspring trio. Its huge. It looks like I have something wrong with me when its in my pocket

-Its a bitch to lock.. you have to enter a passcode in order to prevent it from dialing in your pocket

-It did not sync well with outlook, although it promises it misses the mark

-the camera is terrible. What is the use of a camera that takes bad photos and costs a lot of money to send to people. I have a camera.

bottom line: good idea, needs a lot of refining especially in size and quality.. go with the 7210... it ROCKS!!!

Nokia 3650 and T-Mobile and Ericsson P800


Apr 23, 2003 by Iain Devon

Big problem:

Nokia makes great phones, but they never go the extra mile by adding a GREAT battery. Just try and take a few pics and movies and call and use the infrared, bluetooth, vibrating alert, send mms, etc. The battery will die really fast because it is a standard battery and you have to fork over a chunk of money for a better battery.

Nokia's big brother that makes everyone happy is Ericsson, with the P800, something you don't see advertised enough.

This phone has a 12-hour talk time thanks to, you guessed it, POLYMER li-ion battery. This phone has bluetooth, infrared, great battery, vibration alert, color screen, palm stylus, graffiti recognition, built-in camera, removable keypad, standard pda software to sync up with your computer.

IMPORTANT!! IMPORTANT!! Only buy this phone from T-Mobile because AT&T and Nextel purposely enlarge their SIM cards so that your $500+ investment is worthless after your 1-year contract. Nice, huh?

Downside for the P800: no flash with the camera, which means when you go out with friends, you cannot take those nice club shots.

Upside: Everything else. Get a Mac with Bluetooth and you will see what I am talking about.

nokia 3650


Mar 18, 2003 by kinda aujla

thats really good phone

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