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Phonebook is the best feature


Aug 24, 2005 by robin611

The Phonebook is the reason I keep this phone. Don't get me wrong, it has some other great features too: bluetooth, camera, short video, very light (though a bit big), easy to use calculator, custom ring tones, etc...

But the biggest seller for me is that you can add as many numbers as you want to each contact and here's the best part - you can customize the labels!!! I have not seen any other phone have this feature. What do I mean? You can name the numbers. So, for example, I have "Mom & Dad" listed as one contact. Within that entry, I have: "Mom & Dad (Home), Mom (cell), Dad (cell), Mom (office), Dad (office), Dad (fax), Mom (email), Dad (email)". How cool is that?!!

The downside: The form factor is not great. I'm not a big fan of the bar phones (prefer flip, etc..) b/c I'm often getting people telling me that my phone called them. Message: Remember to lock your phone! Also, speaker phone is not that good. First of all you have to activate it after the caller picks up and the quality is often poor. Sometimes I still need to hold the phone close to my head to hear it, especially in the car.

Hope that helps!

3650 Is Incredible!


Mar 8, 2005 by MetaPHiLoSoFiKaL

The Nokia 3650 is a brilliant piece of equiptment. I have owned mine for two years now and am still convinced it is the best phone on the market. I sell cell phones and no other phone compares. I also own an N-Gage QD, Moto V551, Moto V220, etc and I keep going back to the 3650. Symbian OS is great, reception is incredible, the Bluetooth works so much better on a Nokia than a Motorola, the image quality is perfect once sent to a PC, MMC is very useful (I have a 256MB MMC in mine with 60 MP3's, 400 pix, 50 videos, and tons of apps!), this phone is extremely light, speakerphone sounds great, the keypad design although it appears strange I now actually prefer IT rather than a traditional style keypad, durable as hell (I drop mine everyday and once had it thrown at a wall and still worx), Symbian OS applications are great (I have an IR Remote to change my TV channel, a lie detector, a Kama Sutra, a drink mixing program, a program that tells you your blood alcohol level based on your drink intake, and a car program that tells me my fuel economy, avg. cost per gallon, avg. trip distance, etc...)! There are NO cons to this phone. Nokia did a great job on the 3650!!!

Excellent phont


Aug 26, 2003 by KP Rajan

PRO's: Fantastic speakerphone, good camera, excellent features such as memopad, Bluetooth synch with MS OUTLOOK (though only name and calendar), phonebook and finally - great price (sometimes free if you sign up for 1-year deals)

CON's: Style might be a bit funky, dialing can be problem if driving (but you do have one-touch dial and voice dial if it's a regular #)

Nokia 3650


Jul 18, 2003 by Robert Doinov

I like this phone. Lucky for me my GF bought it for as a b-day present because I would never spend so much $ on it myself! I'm on my second phone already. Somehow I fried the first one. It wouldn't even turn on fully. It would start to load the nokia logo and then flicker for a few and just turn off. This started happening after playing testris on it for 20 minutes. So i returned it to my cell store and got a new one in 2 days. To my surpirse after a month the 2nd started doing the same thing. I thought it has to be a battery problem cause its soooo thin. So took out the battery cleaned off the contacts and Voila! No more problems!.Charged normally. Worked Normally.Perfect! What I think is the problem ....any overexertion of power resources draws too much current from the little battery and causes a little corrosion between the battery terminals and the phone's contacts.Typical electronic problem.I would know...I'm an electronics engineering student. Hope this helps someone with the same phone. Enjoy it!

Excellent Phone


Jul 17, 2003 by Steven Turner

I really love this phone!!!! I just purchased this a few days ago and am very happy with it. The voice clarity and sound quality are both amazing. I love the camera with it. It's a bit on the big side, but I don't mind because it's ultra lightweight. the only complaint I have about this phone is that the camera could have a zoom feature and it could be a tad smaller.

I use ATT in Denville, NJ

Excellent Sound and Voice Quality
Every little quirk that I need :)
A tad on the big side.
Camera could use a zoom feature :(

Don't be afraid, the 3650 is GREAT!!!


Jul 13, 2003 by Michael Bummer

I just received my 3650 and I absolutely love it. I'm a first time cell phone buyer and I was worried after reading a few reviews about the 3650 being too big? Well, let me say, those people are dead wrong! It's a *little* bigger than other tiny phones, but you're getting a digital camera, full color screen, and Bluetooth, all in this little, VERY light, package!! The phone itself is very light and I find it easier to hold than most phones.

The keypad takes a couple hours to get used to, but I think it's kinda neat. Who uses a keypad these days anyways, since you have everything in your "contacts" folder.

And finally, the screen is great! All of the menus are EASILY navigated and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to get around them!

5 stars! You'll be happy, go ahead and get one!

The Nokia 3650 is AWESOME


Jun 28, 2003 by Stacie Tarallo

sure new look a bit bulky but considering I used to own a nokia 9110 this is sooo Awesome and Lighter I don't care what people think I barely have to charge this phone granted I don't use it as much as most cell freaks but I get my use of the Camera & video abilities as well as with my new Doris Browser I surf the INTERNET for at least two hours a day but still Only need to charge the battery between every 2-3 days this is one of the best phones Nokia has come out with I just wish they would have made it with 65,000 colors instead of 4,096 oh well that's what the new Nokia 6600 is for I guess. That will be My next Cell Phone. Stacie T..



Jun 18, 2003 by Jason pHILLIPS

After reading the reviews of other people who did not like this phone, I was a little skeptical. But after purchasing this phone, I am very pleased. First the cons. Yeah, the dial takes a little getting used to, the phone is a little big, when you hold the phone to your face whatever is on your face is now on the display screen (sweat, oil etc.) The location of the camera lens seems to be the perfect position for my index finger when I talk on the phone.
Saying that, (pros) this phone does have speakerphone which is loud and clear and easy to use. The camera takes pretty good pictures (better that Motorola's). The color display is more than adequate. Once you get your contacts set up this phone is a breeze to use with voice dial and 1 touch dialing. Sending images and emails is easy as well. This phone has lots of memory. The menu display on the phone is user friendly as well. I am very pleased with this phone.

very close!!


Jun 10, 2003 by im2fn6e

this phone almost has it all...it would take all day to list this things i like about it since they are so numerous; highlights are of course the PDA functionality, camera, bluetooth, tri-band roaming capabilities and much more... this is really a "SMART" phone, no joke!! but on the flip side there are some notable downfalls...
1. it's really too big to fully enjoy carrying around everywhere. not to big to carry period but pushing the limits for sure!!
2. battery life is sufficient, but not nearly what i experienced with my 7210, 6590, 8390 or even 8260 nokias I've had in the past...
3. blue tooth works well, and so do MANY of the apps I've tried; however some apps just don't work at all, (probably because they were crated for the 7650 originally). and the worst thing I've noticed about running too many of these apps on the phone is that i have a severe RAM problem, shutting down open program is a constant nuisance and sometimes that doesn't even work. best suggestion is find the programs you really like the most and remove the rest to increase overall performance.
4. what happened to the FM Radio???? that was a simple but great feature on my past 2 nokias (7210 and 6590) and now i miss it!!!
5. this is more of an ATT issue than a NOKIA issue but, the wonderful people at ATT, have manage to introduce new measures to prevent unlocking this device for use with other networks (remote IMEI unlocking seems nearly impossible with this phone if bought from ATT!!!!!)

overall, I'll still carry this device primarily until something better comes along, but i hope that time comes soon!)

Nokia needs help with their color phones!!


Apr 30, 2003 by MJay Rivera

Between the Nokia 7210 and 3650....the 3650 wins by a little bit. I have AT&T (GSM) service, and I can't wait till my contract ends!!! Anyways, the reception on this phone is really good, despite the lack of area coverage there is for AT&T. I love the new Symbian OS on this phone..it's very user friendly. Camera & video is moderate. Color is very good (better than T720) & it takes good pictures, let's just say that this is a phone to have when you're on a vacation..instant memories on your phone!! But..Nokia needs to fix their glitches. For ex. on the 7210, after you assign your #'s on the caller group, when they call it doesn't light up! Doesn't help when your driving at night! and oh god, for the 3650, if you don't keep the vibration on for your profile, when someone calls you, you can't hear it. So if you do own this phone, make sure you have the vibe on so the ring is loud enough to hear! It's so weird how I figured that out. But all in all, it's a great camera phone. But if you really want an all around great camera phone w/ awesome pics..Get the Panasonic GU87, that phone get a exceptional 5-star rating!!!

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