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This phone is the best


Oct 26, 2003 by 3650Guy

This is the best phone I have ever had, and I have/had...9 phones-I think in about a year.
It is very easy to customize and add all sorts of fun and helpful programs.
One of the most talked about issues of this phone is the size, and actually its not even all that big, when you consider the screen-phone ratio. Imagine a 3360/90 but about a half inch taller,and a little thicker.
The reception of this phone is great, and so is the RF
The keypad: The initial use of the keypad may be a little slow, but you will get used to it very quick. About the second week of having the phone i could dial without even look at the keypad

I highly recommend getting this phone!

Nokia 3650...cool!


Oct 4, 2003 by Rachelle Tadena

my brother has this phone & i must say, it's pretty interesting. i've been playing with it for a long time, but i still can't get use to the keypads LoL. when i do use his phone, i just go to the contact list or speed dial. the camera is neat too but it doesn't have zoom which kinda sux. But everything else, ringtones, wallpaper, etc...works great, & so does the reception which is very important! :P

An Amazing Phone


Jun 3, 2003 by Joseph Percopo

The nokia 3650 really is a great phone. The size....well it is alittle bigger, but you get used to it...and the keys, the same thing you adjust. But the phone really can do anything. You can custimize it any way you want which is really nice, and the speakerphone, 1 # dialing, and key lock are really easy to use. The phone has many options, and the 2 soft keys can pretty much be what ever you want them to be links to. The MMC (memory card) is a huge benifit/advantage to this phone, it allows up to a 128 MB card which can hold more then you need. The Video player which most of the othe phones don't have is also funa and easy to use, and you can get a downlaod for it that allows unlimited recording (as much as ur memory can hold). The camera takes good shots, and now they also offer a program that allows you to zoom in before you take the picture. And it also has a real 1 player on it which is geat, i have music videos on my phone and some of my favorite TV episodes, and it all fits w/ tons of memory left over. I really recomend this phone to people.

neat phone, as long as it works


Dec 14, 2003 by kib0

I have had quite a few problems with this phone on the ATT network. For some reason the phone drops off the network. I live in Chicago and have a pretty limited travel range. I called for support to ATT and Nokia and they both have pointed fingers at each other. ATT told me that it was a "new technology thing" and that I should just power cycle the thing 2 or 3 times a day. They also suggested I call Nokia. Nokia told me if I shipped it back they could take a look at it. They did not mention what I should do while I was without a phone.

An excellent phone.


Apr 18, 2003 by Hoop Rogers

This phone was built to be fun. The camera is the perfect resolution to be fun. The display is big and colorful. The keypad is fun. Below all the fun is a next-generation OS and Bluetooth.

The cons first:
The keypad takes a little getting used to.
I wish there was a built-in lens cover for the camera.
Wish it was flatter.
It's not a stodgy conservative phone to go with your corporate threads.

The pros:
I want a phone to be a good phone. Everything else is frosting on the cake. This phone is nice that way.

Alarm clock.
Ringtone composer!

Easy interface. Two minutes after you hand this phone to your friend, she will have added her fax number to the phone book and will be taking photos of passers by. Some of the interface could be a little more intuitive, but if you can use a Palm, you can use this phone.

It's good looking. Once you get used to using the keypad, you notice that it looks cool.

It's a Symbian Series 60 platform phone with Bluetooth.

Buying advice:
If you want a next generation phone that's more functional than fun, maybe wait for the P800 or the Nokia 7650. If you want a next generation phone that's more fun than function, give it a look.

One of the Best phones ever made


Apr 4, 2003 by Andrew Becker

To start out with this is one of the best phones. Nokia really got it right this time. Im a owner of 26 phones, I love this phone. My favorite phone. It has a whole lot of features and un-like the t68i or the t300, it makes use of all of them very well. Many people say " oh it is too big," but they prob. really have never seem it. The phone is really not that big, not much bigger than a 3390 or a R225. The screen on this phone is just so great. It is way better than the S105 and the tones are far superior to any other phone. The speaker phone is loud and can be heard when driving just fine. ( they can hear me just great as well. ) The battery times is great better than any other B&W screen phone. The KEYPAD!... everyone keeps going on about how hard it is to use, but i find it SO SO esay. If you know you alphabelt than you should be fine. it almost makes more sence. Over all, just the best phone i have ever owened, go out and buy one!!!!!!

3650 is Not for Me, here's why...


Aug 26, 2003 by twindad

This phone apparently has a great following, but I am not one of them. What I was looking for was an easy to see phone while I am driving; I average 300 miles daily, 3 days a week. AT& T did not tell me it wouldn't work at my house until I called in for assistance. Makes it a bit tough to program if I have zero service. One mile away, we have 5 bars! My location is my problem, not yours.

Here is what I think some business users might like: Large phone book, like other Nokias and it comes with a real vehicle holder with a standard AMPs base. That is it.

So here is the bad:
The display is hard to see in the daylight. The directory system is moronic, listing by first name, which is a common Nokia problem. I thought the large color display would be easy to see the display and I was wrong with microfonts for phone numbers and call waiting. The signal bar is in the top left corner, so it is not easily visible to a driver on the phones left. The signal bar is tiny, why bother? The headset had the round 2.5mm plug, so I thought I had escaped the stupid Nokia headset adapter. Wrong again, now you need a "special 4 conductor" plug. My standard Plantronics headset doesn't work. The round dial is pitiful for dialing when in the vehicle. I did use the holder that was furnished with the "basic car kit (CK-5) but the rest of this $100 kit is pretty worthless.

If I was going to keep this phone, I would get the real basic holder, re-use the power cord from my 6360 and add a bluetooth headset.

One of the other reviewers commented that the round dial among other features is a vehicle accident ready to happen and I agree. This phone needs two hands and full attention. If you are looking for a phone with lots of "sparkle and baubles" this phone probably is great for that type of user. For a business user, it really lacks. I will return it to AT&T soon as I have the time. I probably will go to Verizon and get a Kyocera 7135.

nokia 3650


May 12, 2003 by robert padilla

i like this phone yes it is ugly but only at first. you get used to it. the features more than make up for the size. it is kinda slow at times if you have alot of stuff going at once. which is cool cause most phones only let you do one thing at a time. you can listen to a mp3 and play a game at the same time etc. i just dont like the key pad. overall a great phone.

Great features for a brick!


Sep 26, 2003 by J Willo

This phone has outstanding features and user interface if you can deal with the size. Screen has great quality and camera takes decent pictures in the light. If it had a flash and was smaller in size it would be one of the best phones on the market.

Problems: The only problems I had with the phone seem to be software related. Every couple days the phone would freeze so it would have to be powered off to reset. There are also some issues where the phone gets beyond slow while trying to access certain menu options. I have several friends with the same phone that have identical problems. I hope this will be corrected with a new software upgrade.



Mar 26, 2003 by mantronixx

Very versatile phone,some might be turned off by its size but the large screen is a plus,the memory slot is also another great feature esp when downloading applications.Another thing is the unusual key formation,takes a little getting use to esp in using sms.Ir feature is outstanding very similar to the 7190.The only gripe is battery feature,i charge every 2 days but thats with playing games and surfing.Overall a great phone...

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