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Apr 7, 2003 by Skate Fan

I was looking forward to the release of this phone and am disappointed!

In photos it looks nice, but the reality is another story.

Pros: Photo/video capabilities, larger screen, bluetooth, speakerphone, etc.

Either/Or: Keypad - some think it's snazzy, some see the different shape as a liability. Size - it's not a teeny flip phone, nor is it the monster some people make it out to be. Average.

Cons: I've got many.

First off, they tried to walk the middle line too much. They wanted to make a phone which was not too expensive yet had expensive-type features. As a result, this phone will disappoint those who are looking for a total package of high quality goods and yet it will be too much phone in size and features for someone looking for a basic model.

The camera lens exposed on the back has a good possibility of being scratched unless you are very careful. The keypad, like the shape or not, is a VERY cheapo looking white plastic, in fact the entire phone comes off that way. I actually asked the salesperson if it was just a demo or if that's what the phone really looks like, and sure enough it's the phone. I was fine with the size if the materials and workmanship didn't look so Fisher Price. I really can't emphasize that enough, please go and LOOK at this phone in person before buying.

I agree with a previous reviewer that the larger screen should have come with higher quality graphics. 4096 is completely unacceptable for a phone compromising sleek size for the screen and camera capabilities, it should be 64000+. Another thing that comes off looking cheap and toy-ish.

Nokia would have been better off either cutting costs and making it an all around cheap phone with less features, or putting the extra bucks into making it a quality phone by adding an expensive looking housing and good graphic resolution.

I love my Nokia 3650


Dec 27, 2008 by yaffa bey

Although large and older, it's a sturdy reliable phone. I switched to the sleeker looking Razr V3. Boy, what a mistake! I'm switching back to my trusty 3650.

The 3650 is made to last! When dropped, it pops apart into easy to reassemble pieces (which it's designed to do). These pieces are sold in many colors for easy interchange to make it look like you bought a new phone. I have casing in leopard, green, blue, tan, & white. Casing is NOT a case/pouch. I have a case/pouch/holster too.

Older technology is, in my opinion, superior to newer technology. I can have several people on a conference call; take a totally independent call; speak to any individual on the call privately; drop/add anyone I choose, and never disrupt the flow of the current conference. I haven't been able to do that with the Razr, nor can any of my friends (that happen to be using newer, sleeker phone models).

Although I don't know the maximum calls I can undergo simultaneously, I have had up to 15 people on a call - where my 3650 was the hub & source. It has voice activated dialing, one touch speed dialing, and fast typed contact search.

To search for contacts in the Razr involves scrolling through all the names. I don't have time for that. On the con side, I get the occasional rib about my phone e.g., "Hey what is that - a remote control?" That doesn't bother me. I don't care what people think. I need ease of use & functionality.

The ONLY functional con that I have is the low audio on my end. At maximum volume setting (even on speaker phone), I have difficulty hearing callers. They hear me and conference callers here one another, but I can't hear them well.

The only way I have been able to resolve this issue is to use a regular, or Bluetooth headset, then voila - hearing problem solved. That is why I give the phone a 4.5 instead of 5. The Razr is cute, but it is a coaster that will drop a Bluetooth call, if you go to far from the phone. I omitted many points, but I love my 3650.

3 years and still a winner!


Jun 11, 2006 by nachtmuzic

ive had this phone for three years and it has outlasted 7 motorolas!!! ALL the features rock, the reception is fantastic, the battery life is long and the screen is nice and large. the pics are nice for what the camera is.

cons are the weird keys which make texting hard...and the quiet speaker sound, even in speakerphone mode. not much to be done about that.

all in all this a fantastically reliable phone and it has survived NUMEROUS falls. oh thats one more cool thing, when it falls and hits the ground it is designed to come apart, as long as you can find all the peices, you can snap it back together again with no harm done!

Won't part with this phone.


Nov 7, 2005 by bizarrogug

This phone rocks. I work at a Sprint store and am familiar with all the newest flashy and high-tech phones but have yet to see a phone that has all of the features and versatility of the Nokia 3650, which is why I have not switched from T-Mobile. Not only does this phone have bluetooth, video, a music player, and a huge screen, but it has the Symbian OS which magically ties these features together. I Will NOT buy another phone unless it has this OS. Back to the phone: The circular keypad is no problem; I have trouble with regular keypads now! It is a bit big, but that's what cupholders and pockets are for. What I like the most about this phone is its customizability (is that a word?). I can assign as many numbers as I want to a name. I can attach a certain group of people to a particular profile (silent, normal, obnoxious, meeting, etc..) which is great when I don't want to recieve calls from all of the 200-something people in the phonebook. I have downloaded a real web-browser (take THAT T-Mobile) which is infinitely better than T-Zones or Sprint's Vision Web, along with everything from an IR-remote control to photo-editing tools to a mosquito-repelling program. With a bit of help from the internet I figured out how to change icons, skins, and menu colors. With the bluetooth or IR I can upload my own .WAV files as ringtones which saves lots of money and frees me from the lousy selection (not a big fan of top-40 and hip-hop).

I recieved this phone free from a certain T-Mobile executive's daughter and have loved it for the past 2 years. Because of this phone I have stayed with T-Mobile and will probably not buy anything other than a Nokia from now on. I gave 4.5/5 only because the phone is a little chunky and the faceplate seems to pop off every time I drop it. I would give it a 4.9 if I could.

I love my phone! I think?


Mar 14, 2005 by edifita

Help! I love my phone but I feel I could be doing more things with it. I read everywhere about it's awesome features but the only things I really use are video and pictures. I know nothing about the games or other capabilities this phone has. I've gotten used to people calling it a Gameboy, PDA, remote control and such, so the size issue is cool but, I've been thinking of getting a Samsung e-315 I think the model is. I've compared it but, for some reason, I'm afraid to make the switch. Anyone wanna give me a really good reason to switch (or not to) this awesome phone for another one?!

Best phone i ever owned....


Feb 28, 2005 by vdubpike71

Singlehandedly, best phone i have ever owned. Great features, outstanding battery life, great features. am sad because of no zoom or flash on the camera feature. the pics are a bit grainy even in the best resolution. otherwise, the expandability for new applications is excellent. i can listen to mp3s, watch movies on realplayer. only gripes i have are as follows:

Software freezes sometimes when accessing multiple programs

Ringtones could be louder, kind of quiet depending on what type of tone it is

Clip that holds SIM card in, becomes loose and it looses service

Multiple Application Errors when downloading apps sometimes

Otherwise i am 150% happy with this phone, i came from a Motorola T720, and got this phone just as cingular was discontinuing it. Best decision i ever made, next step is the 7610, to continue in the Nokia Legacy of great handsets.

Only sad thing is, i work for Sprint PCS, so i gotta blog the stupid CDMA service, it sucks, and thats not a lie lol, but still GSM to the grave lol!!!!

Best Phone I ever had


Jan 19, 2005 by KabukiAssassin

I have had this phone for almost a year now. I'm on my 2nd one, b/c some jerk STOLE the first one a few months ago. I don't know why everyone goes on & on about how BIG the 3650 is, b/c it's really not that big. I put it next to my old 3390, and the 3650 was only a bit bigger. This phone has just about everything I've ever wanted in a phone. It's by far the most customizable of all the phones I've had. There are a slew of applications for it that allow it to do nearly anything at all. One of my favorite aspects is the fact that I can use any song I want as a ringtone. I use MP3Trim to shorten the song a bit, and PC suite to convert it & transfer it to the phone's memory card, and voila- custom ringtones. I hear my favorite song every morning when the alarm goes off, how cool is that? It's got the best picture quality Ive seen on any cameraphone(I've had 3). I like the keypad a lot. People always whine about how "wierd" & "awful" it is b/c it's so different from normal keypads. If you just CANNOT get used to it, then you're dumber than a monkey.

PROS: High customizability, WAV ringtones, darn good PDA capabilities(You can edit the fields in the contacts section to store whatever info you want about the person! SSN, address, shoe size, etc), bluetooth/IR, worthwhile camera, intuitive menus, hundreds of useful 3rd-party apps, JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING.

CONS: Sometimes the ringers are not loud enough, The camera lens is located right where my index finger naturally lands on the back, can be glitchy @ times, needs more internal memory.

I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants a do-it-all device. If you're gonna whine about the size, then go ahead & get one of those overpriced little tic-tac phones. It won't do 1/5 the stuff the 3650 does.

its AITE!!


Nov 17, 2004 by 3650 holder

dis fone iv had 4 bout 4-5 months and im happy wid it but mite be considering the spv 200 coz of the good quality camera it has, also this fone has only got like 4096 and da spv's got like 65000 so dats a big jump from my fone. other dan dat i need a change...is it a good 1???? please tell me wot other i shoud move on2 next....!!!

problem with t-mobile simm and lockups


Nov 9, 2004 by klapper2001

phone takes decent pics. has nice features. signal and battery life are ok. size is the biggest problem here. it's just BIG! also, i can't get my t-mobile simm card to work on it. it just constantly reboots. maybe it's firmware but who knows. i think it's just a very buggy phone. with my cingulare simm card, it locked up on me a few times - must be the symbian OS. btw, mine unlocked so t-mobile should be able to work except, just before it gets to the main page, it reboots again. called NOKIA, as usual, they never heard about this issue. search the web, found out other people having the same problem. i wish these manufacturers would wake up and smell the coffee... tired of that 'hmm... this is the first time i've heard of this problem' answer..

powerful phone!


Oct 10, 2004 by cal_gecko

I've had the phone for well over a year now. I was able to get past the size of it and the keypad configuration pretty quickly, when I realized all the positive attributes the phone has.

I love the display
I love the picture resolution (for a camera phone, it's one of the highest resolutions at 640x480)
easy to configure all the settings for internet/email/mms
very intuitive menu maps (standard for Nokia)
expandable memory is AWESOME. I wish more phones had this!! It allows you to save hundreds of photos, programs, music files, etc
Video recording is a cool feature, although quality is really low
Easy to change faceplates according to mood :)
Phone book is very customizable, and allows for multiple entries per person (home, work, email, cell, etc)

kind of a 'buggy' OS at times, it's very sensitive to new programs and downloads
battery life is not all that great

The size and keypad are VERY minor 'cons', and barely worth mentioning since they are so easy to get over.

Overall, great phone, and I highly recommend it. I was able to use this phone flawlessly in my travels to Spain and England this past summer.. using email, internet and voice on your cell phone while traveling abroad is pretty cool :) Although the data charges are a killer!

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