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I've owned the iPhone for 9 months


Feb 20, 2009 by Larrys7791

I had a Razr so this was a vast change for me. I wanted a large screen (poor eyesight!),ease of use, good coverage, fast data access and good software. I think I got it in this phone. My wife got the BB Curve at the same time, I think the apps, screen user friendliness far out strips the Curve.

Yes it doesn't have somethings but I don't use them anyway. Great phone.

The BEST!!! Buy this phone!


Feb 20, 2009 by lilyxoxo

FABULOUS PHONE!!! It's the best phone I've ever had. Buy it.

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the best phone in planet earth


Feb 18, 2009 by Ringomar

there is not phone like this, every think, i`ll repeat every thing in this phone have been planet by incredible developer of apple.
sound is super good.
battery life is more or less, but decent in this king of phone, so i have conecte the phone in home, and in my car.
i hate radio station talking, and bad musica every dat, with my iphone i litsen aol radio, pandora, radio and classic FM, connected in my car system.

so ant all, iphone is the best phone in this planet, another company tryng to copy, but remember, iphone have more than 15,000 software, samsung instint and othe phone are empty, so don`t have nothen.. i recmend iphone by far.



Feb 12, 2009 by XxdiabloxX999

Honestly for this to have lower than a 4.0 rating is just coming from either the iPhone haters(windows mobile hold overs) and the people that are jealous because they can't afford it or don't have at&t. This device is incredible. So many things to do. if your not listening to the iPod or surfing the internet you are playing games from the app store. 5 out of 5 for sure.

Best phone I've ever had


Feb 1, 2009 by Lugeu34

The iphone3G is an awesome phone. I'm using it to type the review and the keyboard is simply amazing. If you like to listen to music, play games, send email, and text the iPhone is the way to go. Also try getting the Bluetooth set for it.

Best mobile device currently on the market.


Jan 22, 2009 by msalvo

I have had this phone since the first day it was released in July and never had an issue with it. As far as phone calls, web browsing, iPod and email this is a dream.

Great text prediction
Web browsing
Applications available make features almost limitless
keyboard is easy to use

No MMS, a phone this advanced and I can't MMS someone a picture, wow.
No copy/paste yet
No video capture
No zooming in while taking a picture

The reason I rate the iPhone 3G so highly is because all my problems with it can easily be fixed as a software update. All hardware works fine. I put a Zagg invisible shield on it and it still looks brand new even though it's 7 months old.



Jan 20, 2009 by geezy


Head and shoulders above the competition!


Jan 18, 2009 by Chris12211

Just to let everyone know right off the bat, I did extensive research on this phone, before making the plunge and purchasing it. I have been on this site for many years, so I want to share my research experience and findingd on this phone. I was a loyal Verizon Wireless customer for about 8 years. I was afraid to leave VZW, since my friends and family are on the network and I didn't have to "clock watch" during peak calling hours. Make no mistake: This phone is the best phone out there. No other phone (including the BB Storm) comes remotely close! I spent a lot of time playing with the IPhone 3G and the RIMM Storm. I will say that this phone is more for a tech consumer, not for a business person. The Storm, although buggy and slow, recommended for a business person on the go.

1) Safari web browser is light years ahead of anything currently out there.
2) 3G signal is very strong. Light years ahead of my Moto Q web connection with VZW.
3) Music player is awesome!
4) Touch applications are very responsive.
5) Video player is crisp and clear
6) Despite my speculation and fears, AT&T coverage is just as good, if not better than VZW. I don't agree with the negative reviews of ATT's signal. I do live in the NY/NJ Metro area, which obviously helps.
7) Push mail is excellent.
8) Maps application and ITunes store is awesome and convenient.
1) Battery life could be better. I find myself charging this phone constantly, even with turning off bluetooth, locator and wi-fi search when not in use. I understand that there are a lot of battery draining apps on this phone, but it still could be better.
(last 3 minor cons)
2) No MMS
3) No video
4) No camera flash

In Summary, I was in doubt and took a long time to decide on this phone. I am VERY happy that I got it. I love it and it's addicting. I love listening to music, watching Youtube, a video or playing one of my fun games that I downloaded. I didn't give this phone a 5, due to the few cons.

Best Phone To Date!!


Jan 16, 2009 by semon671


- multi touch screen (made of tempered glass)
- wifi
- youtube app built in
- built-in gps
- pictures from camera are geo-tagged
- ipod functions
- UI is very fast and smooth
- made of high quality materials
- screen clarity, colours, and brightness is gorgeous
- easy to use
- 3.5 mm headphone jack (use your own headphones)
- amazing apps to download
- not too big, or heavy
- available games are the best on any cellphone


- battery life (not entirely bad though)
- slippery design
- camera quality
- no video record capability yet
- ringtone speaker not loud enough

Overall the iphone 3G is amazing. The things you can do with it is endless! Check out the apps on itunes. Many are free! Most functions the iphone doesn't have built in, you can get with an app (e.g. voice recording, voice dialing, file browser etc) This takes out most of the cons. The phone is slippery, but I bought a silicon case for it and that problem is gone. The battery isn't that great, but then again it's because I constantly use the web browser and youtube which kills the battery (since the screen is on). But, I just charge it through the computer with the USB cable. I can hear the ringtone speaker, but I would like it if it was louder. As for the camera, I have a point and shoot camera so I don't care what the iphone does. I pretty much use this phone as my computer when I don't want to take the laptop with me. It has Safari, youtube, ipod features, a file manager (an app), facebook, and games. Everything I would want. Check it out!

Total Disappointment !!!


Dec 21, 2008 by MP940

Like so many others I was excited about the iPhone 3G..until I bought it! I had the iPhone for about 3 weeks and just returned it..Here's why. 1st off there's no multimedia texting! I can't send a picture to my friends phone. Only to they're e-mail. And if my friends send me a pic I have to go on my computer to a website to view it! 2nd No Video! 3rd The camera is substandard compared to even the oldest phones! 4th No speed dial unless u want to download an app. 5th I had to scroll thru all my contacts just to get to the one I was looking for! 5th WiFi worked when it wanted to! 3G was fine but don't rely on the WiFi! 6th Battery life is HORRIBLE! I had to charge it 2-3 times a day! I could keep going about this phone but why bother! U get the Picture by now!
Pros-Great for storing music (but so is an iPod)
Cons-All of the above plus quite a few I didn't mention.
In summary-if your looking for an expensive toy this is the phone for you. If not research the LG Incite, HTC Fuze or Samsung Eternity just to name a few. Im back to my old Pantech Duo but i'm leaning towards the LG Incite. I'll let you know what happens!

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