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Amazing experience.


Jun 13, 2009 by Burger Time

The iPhone is an amazing experience for those of you craving the ultimate multimedia device. This trailblazer is worth every penny, and now it is only 99 bucks with a new 2-yr agreement.

I bought this phone for my brother for graduation and I had a chance to play with it for a day. The iPhone really lives up to its hype, I am very very impressed. The phone is solid and is guaranteed to last you your two years.

If you have been thinking about getting the iPhone 3G, do it. The 99 dollar price is unbeatable, and now the that 3GS is days away from release, the 3G will be phased out before we know it.

Oh and on June 19th, you will be able to upgrade your software! So go get that iPhone!

Best Universal Phone Out There


Jun 9, 2009 by 06clindsey

In a nutshell, this phone is the most appealing, the most innovative, and the most expensive. What comes with that? Some minor flaws and complaints, and the most enjoyable experience.

Applications for "just about everything"
Best touch screen to date
Amazing Operating Software
It's Apple
GREAT keyboard once acclimated to it
Fast interface
Awesome games
Good Calendar
Great Contacts
Internet is unsurpassed
last but not least, FIRMWARE UPDATES.
I could go on. . .

No landscape keyboard
No Video Recording
No Copy & Paste

NOTE: ALL of the cons listed will be fixed via the OS 3.0 firmware update, available JUNE 17, 2009.

Then where're the cons? You tell me. Make the purchase, amazing phone!

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The best device on the market


Jun 7, 2009 by wildyellowear

Coming from the older Iphone, the 3G version is definately an improvement. The UI is much faster than the older iphone with the 2.0 upgrade, which is the primary reason I upgraded. The previous iphone seemed to struggle to keep up with the 2.0 software especially when it came to displaying contacts and email (there was a noticeable lag when returning to the home screen). 3G coverage is spotty, anywhere from 300-800k/b. GPS seems to be standard as most phones go. I personally find a phone GPS to be inconvenient as a call will interupt crucial directions.
This has one of the best interfaces for a phone which means even a moron can work it.
The calls sound great and Visual Voice Mail is a real pleasure to use.
This is a nice integration of many different devices (phone, ipod, and internet)but it is not meant to be a substitute for a computer.

The phone much lighter and easier to manage with a much brighter clearer screen .The older Iphone with metal back seems "clunky" and heavy.
The calls sound great and Visual Voice Mail is a real pleasure to use.
This is a nice integration of many different devices (phone, ipod, and internet)but it is not meant to be a substitute for a computer.
Working in 3G is good but WiFi is better (tip: only turn on 3G or WiFi when you need access to the internet or transfer data. The 2 sec needed to turn on and off will save your battery).

great screen
fast browser, when it works
great touch-pad
easy to use, user friendly
like the fact that it syncs with mobile me (contacts in all the same places)

-3G is not all it is cracked up to be. I have other 3g phones have full coverage at my house, this one barely gets one bar and call clarity at my house is poor

-Battery life is atrocious Might as well keep it plugged in all the time. I have yet to get more than 5 hours of total use, stand by and heavy use. Also battery gets very hot when charging



May 29, 2009 by Justin8426

After reading all the reviews on here, it seems to me that some people just like to hate on this phone simply for being an apple product, or for whatever reasons they have.

There are numerous dropped call complaints and Microsoft exchange complaints.

I don't know where you guys that claim the phone constantly drops calls, but I live in a major metropolitan area and have not had the phone drop a single call since I bought the thing. Not only is this a very fun device to own, it's also the best PHONE that Iv'e ever owned. Call clarity is great, the speaker works great even on a busy downtown street I can talk on the speaker with no issues. I would write a Pros/Cons argument for the phone, but I honestly have no complaints about it.

If you are getting dropped calls, I cannot imagine that it is the result of this phone. I understand that AT&T doesn't have the best 3g coverage, but why would you buy this phone if you don't live in a major metropolitan area anyways? Do research on your coverage area before blaming a phone for dropped calls.



May 18, 2009 by renejreyes1

It is the best cell phone out on the market. There are tons of things to like about this phone and a couple to hate.

-Large touch screen
-Internal memory
-Web browsing excellence
-Music capabilities
-Ease of use

-NO stereo bluetooth
-Can't run Apps in background
-Battery life isn't all that
-Does not sync photos with itunes



May 12, 2009 by americannarc

I know everyone is getting tired of hearing about the iPhone and its sad because their just upset they don't have the iPhone its OK though. This is by far the best phone in the WORLD. So when your contract is up stop crying about how you have a crappy phone and give the iPhone a try.


Fantastic phone


Apr 9, 2009 by saa001

This is a fantastic phone. I switched from the T-Mobile G1 and I am happy that I did (T-Mo 3G is worthless).

The iPhone does just about everything I want. The screen is fantastic, the apps varied and wonderful, and the phone easy to use.

There are only three minor drawbacks that I have with this phone. Nike+ not available for this, no landscape virtual keyboard, and the speaker phone is a little soft.

I have a habit of changing phones every three months or so but this one I have had for two months and I haven't looked elsewhere, this one is a keeper (until they come out with an upgraded iPhone)

The Best Phone By Far!!


Mar 16, 2009 by amylyn1970

I waited a really long time before I got this phone. I always preferred flip phones, but tried out the AT&T Tilt because of the touch screen and Windows Mobile. The touch screen on that was so buggy. In fact, Windows Mobile was buggy too. I have been through so many phones and never kept on longer than a month. I finally decided to try the iPhone 3G. Man, am I glad I ever did. I have read all of the negative reviews & disagree with them. For me, the reception is the best out of any phone I have ever had. I finally have 3G at my house & I get full bars most of the time whereas my husband gets 3 bars most of the time on his Motorola V3xx. I have had no problems whatsoever with the reception or dropped calls as others have stated. I've had this phone since December & have never had a dropped call. Also, everyone complains about the phone not having MMS. Who cares when you can just email the pics to the persons phone. It's easy. For those of you who don't know how to do it, here is how.

* Alltel = 10 Digit Mobile Number@message.alltel.com
* AT&T = 10 Digit Mobile Number@mms.att.net
* Boost Mobile = 10 Digit Mobile Number@myboostmobile.com
* Cingular (AT&T) = 10 Digit Mobile Number@mms.mycingular.com
* Einstein PCS = 10 Digit Mobile Number@einsteinmms.com
* Sprint = 10 Digit Mobile Number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
* T-Mobile = 10 Digit Mobile Number@tmomail.net
* US Cellular = 10 Digit Mobile Number@mms.uscc.net
* Verizon Wireless = 10 Digit Mobile Number@vzwpix.com
* Virgin Mobile = 10 Digit Mobile Number@vmobl.com

Now for the pros and cons.

Reception is Awesome.
Call quality is really good.
Touch screen works & isn't buggy like Windows Mobile phones.
Lots of apps including free ones.
If you Jailbreak your phone there are even more free apps, although Apple frowns upon this.
Visual Voicemail is the best.
The Safari browser.
Screen is bright and clear.
I could go on & on.

None that I can think of.

Super !!


Feb 27, 2009 by shsdpm

This phone is outstanding! I had the iphone 3G when it first appeared last year and returned it within 30 days to AT&T due to numerous problems. Needless to say the updated 2.2.1 software has corrected all those problems. The only negative I can see in this phone is the battery life. If Apple can solve the well documented battery problem they would have the perfect phone!!!

Learn to rate your phones


Feb 23, 2009 by chineseguy801

- good 3g speeds
- iPod funtionality works just as good as iPod's because i have had every generation of video ipod and used all of them and it has just as many features plus you can download music and apps right on the device
- i can text faster than anyone on normal phones with keypads/keyboards
- jailbreaking phone DOESNT ruin your phone and gives you lots of added cool funtionality your choice to do it or not
- google updates the apps for the iPhone almost more than for its own G1
- you can send mms...kind of you need to have people send u an email from their phone take that email address that you get and reply back with...omg a picture how magical? if people knew that it wouldn't be so bad and ANY phone that can do picture messaging can send to your email account

- apps crash fairly frequently haven't figured out if this is apples fault or mine for jailbreaking it...minor complaint all u do is go back into the app and u can use it again
- cut and paste would be quite useful but again if you have it jailbroken there are a couple apps for it
- [...]
all in all great phone havent had any major problems other than finding a good case

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