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Ugh about Iphone


Oct 18, 2009 by a-z

Okay i have had the iphone for around 7 months. I have had alot of problems with the phone. It freezzes when it gets to 30% of the battery life. Yes i have dropped the phone. Who doesnt?? I do have to say the apps are pretty sweet and so is the camera. My final con is that if you recieve a multemedia message you have to go online on the phone type in a bunch of stuff before you can see the pic. Over all the phone is pretty decent

Great phone


Oct 12, 2009 by narn3049

I chose this phone for backup, being as a break things really easily. My work phone which was a Moto Mpx220 and a real trooper just died. I had this thing and oh i had to break it in. I had boughtten it before and I never used it, just a little, because I was afraid of breaking, so I in the end got a new agent 18 case.

Exploring the phone you'll find it is so easy to navigate. The white casing color looks cool with the phone.

The camera is very good and it is a nice thin phone. It is faster to text on, even though there is just glass that your typing on. Today instead of the computer I focused using the iphone instead, and found out the battery REALLY drains when watching long videos, and YouTube, and online.

I might consider the new phone. But now I am just going to stay with this. I have the newest software update 3.0 as well. thanks for letting me post this and I hope it makes you get your phone

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Aug 14, 2009 by corey07

I have had many phones and the iPhone 3G is by far the best. You can do almost anything on it. Everything about it is great.

Awseome job Apple


Aug 13, 2009 by gbolt903

It cant get any better. i've had htc touch, bb curve, bb storm, htc touch pro, palm 700....and none of them even gets close to the iphone. all i can say is wow!



Jul 24, 2009 by peewizzle

SO! i am a windows mobile/blackberry fan to the max. i never even gave APPLE a chance to prove anything to me. ive had a TREO 700W and a BLACKBERRY STORM and i was blown away by those phones when they were first released. I have a 3GS now but i bought the 3G in JUNE and have not gave my review.

the 3G is a great great piece of tech. at first i was skeptical about everyone raving and ranting about the iPhone. so i decided to give it a try, i had Verizon and ATT at the same time. so after a few days I FELL IN LOVE. it was amazing! even though the camera wasnt as good as my STORM and call quality wasnt as great, or reception as powerful; the phone more than made up in ease of use, great interface, very very fast (compared to STORM on software and APP STORE astounded me. the phone is great out of box but the iPhone is complete when you customize it with your own little TRIO of apps (to me more like 50+ on mine) even though APPLE locks the phone so you cannot do much personalization, just JAILBREAK it and you are then set on a magic carpet ride of emotional bliss haha

-great screen
-great usability
-smooth slim design
-app store rocks
-typing is GREAT

-email side of the phone doesnt match BLACKBERRY
-camera isnt all too great compared to STORM but is ample if you arent picky
-no video recording, unless you jailbreak it
-no expandable memory
-cannot change battery yourself

ALL IN ALL...a phone is only as good as the network that its on and well, lets just say ATT is the reason i gave this phone a 4 out of 5. IF you are hesitant about going the way of the iPhone, DO IT! you will not regret it! if money isnt a prob then get the 3GS but if not the 3G is a VERY fun and powerful device. there are rumors of iPhone going to VERIZON in 2010 so everyone WATCH OUT thats the day i SWITCH back to VERIZON. once the iPhone matches with the big red network...it will be a phone to be reckoned with. just my 2cents.

Apple your my everything, your all I ever wanted ....


Jul 8, 2009 by Cellular_Whiz

Before I start my review, I want to say I do NOT have AT&T and never have. I run my 16GB 3G 3.0 FW on T-mobile. Had this for about 2 weeks now and I have to say Ive never had a better phone. Many of the reviews I read talked about lack of 3G and poor service, well thats AT&T, NOT the PHONE.

-App Store
-Beautiful Display
-Easy to use touch, very responsive
-Thin design over the Iphone 2G
-MMS on T-Mobile
-Landscape mode
-Very customizable, my 3G is unlocked/ jailborken
-Very user friendly, easy to use with itunes
-All the new 3.0 FW changes
-Best phone commercials

-A very little laggy, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst), Id say 2

Iphone lives up to the hype


Jul 6, 2009 by electronics_02

I have had a sprint phone for the last 6 years and swore by them. That's all changed!!! Let me mention i also own 2 sprint stores, i always said to myself that i knew the iphone was the best but i would never fall to my temptations... I tried the instinct, not even close, blackberry is a nice phone but doesn't haver the flexibility, i tried the htc mogul, touch 1, touch pro,the pro is a very very nice phone but still falls short... In a nut shell the iphone is the most complete phone on the market today!!!It has its flaws just like any other phone but at the end the of the day no phone can compare to the picture quality, apps.... My biggest complaint is the battery....

iphone roks


Jul 3, 2009 by vinnig

this phone is great. ihave this phone and it works very well. the apps are cool and it works pretty fast. in my opinion it is better than the g1 and env touch. i really think you guys should get this phone or the 3gs. these are the best phones. i still text really fast eben thogh it doesnt have a keyboard. it just takes a little time to get used to. it is like a keyboard though becus it could flip. GET THIS FONE!!!!!!!!! i no some of you think it has problems but all the great things on this pays up for it. i think you cant go wrong with an iphone

Love the phone, hate the service


Jun 14, 2009 by Partagas

Overall, I really like the phone. I agree with a number of the shortcomings: battery life is poor unless you power features down (push email for example), touch screen can be glitchy and not accept things when you first touch it. But overall, I think the unit is pretty nice; I certainly like it a whole lot better than the Treo's I had before. And it integrates seamlessly with my Macbook Pro laptop. MobileMe is great.

But the phone side is mediocre. I drop more phone calls in a day on this unit than I would in a year with Verizon. I don't know if it is ATT, or some aspect of the iphone, but this is by far the most frustrating part of the phone. I've had text messages seem like they are going out, only to freeze up and get a message it was unable to send. I'll sometimes get a "no signal" message on the phone, even though I am in an area I know typically gets 5 bars and even though the init seems to be working normally otherwise, and I'll have to reboot the phone to get the signal to register.

That said, I like it well enough that I'm not going to switch, but I sure hope ATT and Apple are working on these problems.

more of a computer than a phone


Jun 14, 2009 by esketores

The Iphone is a good phone but not a good phone for me.
I had the phone for 10 days and went back to my Pearl (Sprint) and could not be more happy.
To me the phone is a two handed phone.
There are many "Apps" from which to choose and I do not have the time to try multiple "apps" in an effort to discern which is best suited for my needs.
I need a phone and the ability to read emails which means the Blackberry best suits my needs.

Neat toy with many available games
The numerous "Apps".
The, while on the road, syncing of Outlook (calendar and emails) is outstanding.

No external message indicator
Poor speaker quality for listening to voice mails.
Apples for Apples the same plan (Unlimited) from Sprint is $50 a month cheaper. i.e. the Iphone is not worth an extra $600 a year over a Blackberry.
Two handed phone.
Not in a 3G area the phone is a sloth. And I'm not in a 3G area most of the time.

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