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My First iPhone


Aug 1, 2008 by bradspace

*Cool factor is great - that's 2 out of the 2.5 stars
*As a newer Mac guy, it's nice that it's so interactive with my home computer
*A virtually endless amount of apps to do almost anything you want

*I can't even begin to tell you how bad the battery life is
*Signal strength is awful. Had my first dropped call in years on the first call that I made

I don't really need to add anything else to this. If the signal strength sucks, and the battery life sucks, what's the point? I turned off the WiFi and the 3G and was at half battery after 1 call, 15 minutes of web browsing and 2 email messages I was already at half battery. If I have to turn off the 3G and the WiFi, what is the point in owning it? Just so I can say I have one? No thanks.

Apple really blew this one.

3G Iphone


Jul 15, 2008 by ferndog

Had it for two days and could not take it anymore!!!!! Battery just flat out sucked. 3 G speeds were erratic and the signel was all over the place. OS was very very laggy!

Believe it or not, I liked the first one better. For 10 bucks more, the 3G at this point is simply not worth it.

And yes, I live in a huge 3G area. And no, it's not the towers being swamped, it's the phone.

Almost all of the Internet reviews are spot on when it comes to these problems.

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No improvement


Jul 14, 2008 by techdoc1

I waited in line to get this phone. I have used the previous version also.

The worst thing about it other than AT&T as the carrier is the 3 G mode sucks the battery dry in about half a day and they claim its also for business users. Microsoft exchange on drains it in 3 hours, and still slow push email,( takes 30-40 sec compared with 5 sec on blackberry ).

HOw can you be talking and also use email music multimedia and claim its an entertainment powerhouse. This is another fleecing of America and the world by Apple, unless they don't know this battery issue.

I am sure other users see this and now have buyers remorse.

I went back to my blackberry.

iphone = beautiful dumb woman with make up on
Blackberry = smart woman with no make up

Almost Perfect!


Jan 29, 2009 by blink1me82

The phone is almost perfect except for a couple missing features. For example:
- Copy and Paste

I can't rate this phone any lower because all the missing features can be added by a software update that hopefully is coming soon!
This phone is awesome, and I recommend it to everyone.

Accurate Iphone Review


Jan 19, 2009 by Triaminnick

My Biggest annoyance in reading all these reviews is everyone saying there is no mms. There is mms on the iphone. all you have to do is email your picture to:


and that picture will show up as a mms.

and the reason the battery life seems less than any other phone. is because of how much and how easily you can utilize this phone. the battery is drained fast because as every iphone user knows, its really hard to put down. my fiance' hates my iphone. cause it gets more attention than her... (not actually true)

there is an app in the appstore that allows copy and pasting. its in the works for the whole phone to have it. probably in the next update.

keeping that in mind. the majority of these negative ratings should go up quite a bit.

Better than the original but, Ehh


Dec 18, 2008 by bsf

Not a true phone for a business professional;

-Great gadget
-lots of free games to download
-takes decent picture in good lighting; but no zoom feature
-Great screen
-Now can sync online with an Exchange server
-Can download and read attachments better than on any pda or blackberry I have seen
-wifi which is much faster than iphone 3G

-battery will not last the entire day and since you cannot change the battery, you must be able to charge it somewhere
-reception is horrible; drops calls and bad reception.
-software does alot but it is slow.
-Opening an email of any size takes awhile
-typing is much harder than pda phone even after getting used to it. Knew this going in but just a fact.

In the end, it is still just a very expensive toy and the rate plan is way too expensive.

I'm really impressed


Oct 19, 2008 by catman96

My brother has this phone and I really like everything about it except for a few things, it whites out all the time, sometimes it freezes, and you can't multimedia message.

Fun Pocket Computer - Aggravating Phone


Aug 29, 2008 by christian3

PROS - iPod, photos, new apps are very cool for a few days

CONS - I have at least two dropped calls a day. Right now, I can't make any outgoing calls and phone support couldn't help me. Hopefully, someone in the store can, but they'll probably be stumped and refer me to apple support.

Lots of fun. I love apple, but this is not acceptable as someone's primary phone.

is ok


Aug 12, 2008 by remusrm

nice clean look
good UI
easy to use
WIFI is better then 3G and does not use as much power

slow at times
awful qwerty
NO MMS?(is it 1990s?)
3G SUCKS THE POWER OUT OF IT(got only 3hr use)
BAD hand off between ATT EDGE to 3G. Will drop calls
Crappy App Store apps.
NO real GPS application with maps stored on itself

iphone Again!


Jul 27, 2008 by k65

I bought this phone and then returned it and got the LG Vantage also known as the Glimmer. That's when I realized how much I missed the iphone. The iphone is not perfect, this I know! Although, it does so many things really well. I felt lost without it. I hated how the LG had the mute button on the side of the phone and I kept accidently hitting it every time I used or answered my phone. I also found EVDO slow and no comparison to Wi-Fi or 3g. So, I brought back the LG vantage and picked up a new iphone again. Ah,true mobile browsing!

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