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IPhone is the truth


Dec 20, 2008 by qzero

I have had every smart phone from all the carriers even worth mentioning. I have used them in depth and this includes the blackberry storm. I'm a heavy user on smart phone i truly use them for what their actually made to do... Not just text but emails , attachments, PDF you name it.

This phone is what a smart phone is supposed to be. You can use it on PC or MAC its your choice. The Blackberry Storm has email immediate exchange but the IPhone can do the same even without the mobile me application subscription. I didn't get this IPhone at first because of that very reason but i played around with my IPOD touch and bang i did it. The myth of the email not comparing to blackberry is a LIE. I have had all the blackberries curve included and they can't touch the IPHONE.

There is a flaw of course with the IPHONE regarding the (NOTES or Memos) there is a sticky notes application and its not that great. It will Sync but it has limitations categories etc. I have to say that once they apply Microsoft to the IPHONE next year. its completely over for a all phones in the touch screen market.

The Blackberry Storm and in general are corporate based all though its usable of the BES enterprise servers. Its good for that but not for the users whom want the blackberry capabilities and the INTERNET with media.The Storm was too slow even with the update. I consider myself an expert with these type of phones because I've had them all. !00% Buy and go to Best Buy to get it cause its instant rebate with discounts there.

Oh yeah if you have a pda with contacts in outlook you might have to do some adjusting if you want to port them over to MAC. There is a toolbox kit for outlook call MAPILab download and install. Its a trial version from Microsoft but you can use it to export all you contacts as vcards so you can use them on any computer format.

Pros: Wifi, edge network, sweet touch interface, email, media, contacts are nice,

Cons: Notes are not a complete but you can sync them



Sep 16, 2008 by LiebeSam

I absolutly love my phone! Fast Internet and YouTube, quick emaiil, fun games, weather I love it all!


Pretty much every feature
Cool apps
Fun texting


Will sometimes freeze or be very slow (not to big)
Speaker isn't that loud at a resteraunt (pandinis lol)

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Nice upgrade to the original


Sep 11, 2008 by Ron96

Finally the iPhone 3G is here. This time around you've got some nice new features such as GPS, 3'rd Party Application support, and obviously 3G connectivity.

There's also some design changes that actually make the phone look better in my opinion. You now have a plastic back that's supposed to boost signal strength, the edges are tapered, making actually look thinner than it's 2G counterpart, and the headset jack is flush with the device, meaning you won't need any weird or unattractive adapters sticking out of your iPhone just to use your favorite pair of earbuds.

There's also a new software update that most of these features to the 1st generation iPhone, so if your an iPhone owner who doesn't feel the need to upgrade then you could just update your device.

Now sadly there are still some obvious features missing from the update, copy/paste, MMS, SMS forwarding, and so on. This is particularly embarrassing due to the fact that most, if not all, free phones have this feature. The GPS isn't voice-guided so that pretty much defeats the purpose, a lot of Apps are just plain useless, also the 2.0 software is buggy at best, but there is a 2.1 to release soon to fix those problems. There is also laughable 3G or a complete lack thereof on some devices.

So overall it's a nice upgrade that gives you some much needed features, but the fact that this phone still lacks basic function, buggy software, and bad 3G coverage plaguing a considerable amount of devices, a completely scratch-prone back, and steeper data prices keep this from being the be all end all of mobile phones.



Jul 18, 2008 by twkroberts

I Give the iphone 3g a great review. I had the first generation and there are some improvements with the 3g overall. As far as applications crashing, you have to go in and restore and update and then no more crashing. This has been a noted bug in the 7.7 itunes. Battery life can be extended by changing the settings. Overall it is a great device. Beyond any other phone. Look for more great things from Apple.

$130+tax a month and still missing a lot.


Jul 18, 2008 by Igor.550

I've been listening hundreds of internet radio stations on my pda phone for more then 3 years and I didn't know that 3G is such a big deal.I don't like GSM but I decided to to try because of so much talking about the 3g iphone.First,att is raising bars and working in many countries but not in my appartment,or the phone's antenna is week.I used the phone for 3 days in Philadelphia,many times it was switching between edge and 3g,never had that on CDMA 3G. I used the iphone in many places,outside and on the bus or train I could not hear very good,on the other end the same,I'm not sure is it the phone or the GSM or that I'm used to crisp clear voice on CDMA network.I could not get music on my bluetooth car radio thru bluetooth.There is a lot more missing but I think in a few years it will have it.I returned it back in 3 days,good i din not port my number.
Nice screen,and internet brouser.Telenav with 15 mil.points of interests would be nice.Google maps is not for driving.
In my opinion this is more a toy then a cool solid looking smartphone.I will wait for HTC Raphael or Diamond wich probably will use 4G and wiil not be in almost every kid's pocket.

IPHONE 3G Pretty good phone overall!!!


Jul 17, 2008 by stephenl65

First off, I have been a long time Sprint customer more than 10 years anyway. I have tried all the carriers in the past not because I was unhappy with Sprint but just because I could. I have had AT&T before as well, and I must say the 3g network really does make a difference. I have much better reception and the voice quality is so much better than any previous phone that I have used. I have never been a fan of AT&T and wished Sprint would have gotten the Iphone but I understand Apple's desire to go international. Anyway, on to my Iphone review. The phone is great, I love the touch screen the ease of use, the email, web browser and everything else about this phone. The only drawback is the battery which if any of you came from a CDMA network you are probably good with getting 5 hours of talk time. I can run pretty much all day without charging my phone and I like to surf, do email and texting. I never owned the first iphone so I can't compare but I do appreciate apple for what they did on this device it truly is a joy to use. Make your own judgement some of the reviews on here are from people who PLAYED with the phone and don't even own it. I didn't listen and couldn't be happier.

Well built! Very user friendly. The best phone!!!


Aug 11, 2008 by buslonjj

One of the best phones on the market....PERIOD!

Very easy to use. Quality is first rate! Screen is vibrant. Audio quality is outstanding. The part that will separate this phone from all others...the Application's Store. To me, it's all about the apps! And there are a ton of free and paid for applications and the number keeps growing.



Jul 20, 2008 by tooterbugg

Better than the first.

Excellent build quality
Faster 3G Internet
Improved audio quality

No improvement in battery life

Big Disappointment... Very Cheap Quality... Poorly Constructed...


Jul 16, 2008 by dnielsen1

I was so excited for the new iPhone 3G. But as soon as I got it, I was so bummed out. The iPhone 3G feels SO CHEAP!!! It is poorly constructed and feels like a kids toy at best. The original iPhone felt solid, it felt durable, and it felt like it could take some abuse. But this new iPhone 3G is so very very cheap. I can't express how bummed I am.

If you have an iPhone 3G (or visit an Apple or AT&T store to play with one), try this... Holding the iPhone 3G in one hand with the screen facing you, place your thumb in the center of the screen, then place your index (pointer) finger on the center of the plastic back, Now SQUEEZE! See how cheap it is? Just a simple squeeze distorts the LCD screen and bends the plastic back in. You could NOT do that with the original iPhone because it was built very well. You get what you pay for!

I would gladly pay more for an iPhone that is built well, rather than paying half price for something that is built so cheaply that it feels like it's going to break.

Another BIG disappointment was AT&T's 3G signal... Honestly, I couldn't really tell whether I was on 3G or EDGE. The 3G was VERY SLOW for me. I live in an area that (according to AT&T's coverage viewer) has very good 3G coverage, but like I said, the 3G speeds seemed more like EDGE.

It makes me sick that we spend our hard earned money on products that are said to be so great, but we end up just getting ripped off.

What we need is an iPhone built as good or BETTER than the original, on a network as good as Verizon Wireless.

getting better


Aug 10, 2008 by chadbordes

Just want to say that i am a phone junkie and this phone does just about everything that i want and need.

I am going to make this short sweet and to the point.

great screen
fast browser, when it works
great touch-pad
easy to use, user friendly
like the fact that it syncs with mobile me (contacts in all the same places)

-3G is not all it is cracked up to be. I have other 3g phones have full coverage at my house, this one barely gets one bar and call clarity at my house is poor

-Battery life is atrocious Might as well keep it plugged in all the time. I have yet to get more than 5 hours of total use, stand by and heavy use. Also battery gets very hot when charging

Calls to others sound like i am muffled.


I think this phone needs a bit more work. I think thy need to do an iphone 3g 2nd model with better battery, better antenna and MMS.

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