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What a waste....


Jul 18, 2008 by maverick96

This new 3G iphone is an absolute waste... Better off with the 2G version (SERIOUS). Only thing you get with this new version is 3G which barely works.. I'm in Chicago and the 3G reception here on this iphone is TERRIBLE. Still no MMS (joke). Still no video record (joke). What was apple thinking coming out with a new version iphone and not adding any of the features people have been complaining about????? Not to mention the network its on is completely inferior, reception seems WAY worse on the 3G compared to the 2G and the 2G wasn't that good. Please everyone save your money and do not waste your time with this phone or you will be extremely disappointed as I was...

Everything I was looking for


Jul 29, 2008 by hungoverrover

I'm a very picky cellphone user. I have gone through 5 cell phones within the past year. From the enV to the Ocean to the Blackberry Pearl to the Blackberry Curve and now the iPhone 3G.

2 issues that led me to ultimately get the 16gb iPhone. First was the lack of Mac Support/sync and second was the crappy media players on all these phones.

I started using my ipod touch on a daily basis for my commute to work and having that and a cell phone in my pocket was becoming too bulky. I even decided to get a Nano because it was so slim. I eventually decided to ditch my ipods all together and get an 8gb microSD card for my Blackberry and use the phone as my music/media player as well.

All was well until I realized that the Blackberry media player will only load only about 1/4 of my songs. Not enough memory allocated to the media player to retain all the file information on my memory card. I bought a better music player program- Miutunes - which turned out to be great....but only for music. Trying to convert videos to the Blackberry format was a pain and I would constantly get picture lag - where the video is motionless, while the audio is still playing.

For syncing issues, I had to buy the Missing Sync software to sync my contacts, calendar, Notes, photos, tasks and Itunes with my blackberry, because the Mac Desktop application by RIM is a joke.

So for me its a great phone with awesome functionality! I text, surf the web (true web!), check my Gmail, use my ipod, Calendar (schedule my life), Alarm Clock (wake me up!), Timer (so I know when to end my lunch), GPS (when I get lost exploring Manhattan) A true all-in-one device for my purposes!

I am really happy with the phone and if and when I replace it, it will be with another iPhone (hopefully with a better battery life using 3G, and more memory - 32gbs please!)

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A big dissapointment from a Blackberry user


Jul 18, 2008 by kjonesjr

For some reason I got caught up in the iPhone craze. I went out and bought one. I've been totally impressed with my iMac desktop computer. I'll be going back to my reliable Blackberry Curve. Here are the pros and cons from my view:


Apple App Store
Screen Quality
Safari Web Browser
Call Clarity
Ease of Use
Good Signal
Video Quality


Email is a joke compared to Blackberries

Email comes in hours after it was received on your ISP server, compared to minutes on a Blackberry. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to "download" a email. What happened to "Push"?

Battery doesn't last you more than half a day, unless you disable all the options that makes the iPhone what it is.

Missing basic functions. I knew you couldn't receive or send MMS. You can't even forward a SMS text message. That's crazy.

I need a phone that I receive emails when they are sent, not 3 hours later. I need a phone that can make it through the day, with lots of talking without the battery going dead.

If email and battery life is important:


If you want a cool phone that does alot of stuff, watch videos, surf the net:


IPhone 3 Awsome!!!


Jul 14, 2008 by xzavier2008


It only interfaces with Apple
Screen Size is bigger than any other phone out there.
Apps are easy to use.
This phone is the best.

Ed. note: removed response to other reviews.

Not very impressed with Phone or Policies


Aug 14, 2008 by Phone_Revenger

Before you read this keep in mind, I do work for AT&T (agent) and I love iPods, so don't think that I a Verizon troll or Apple hater.

I've borrowed my friends iPhone 3G for a week to fully test it out. (he's an awesome friend)

The touch screen and mostly everything is exactly the same, but the quality feels a lot cheaper than the last one. The touch isn't as responsive as I thought it would be, the internet is not that much faster to shell out the extra $10 (I do live in a 3G area), I like the application store but some of the ones my friend bought were not working right (two of them cause it to crash, which was an easy fix), nore can he get a refund. Overall I see no reason to switch with this one, 2.0 software seems to be worse, and the battery is awful, I had to turn off 3G and WiFi to get the battery to last. GPS was pretty cool but no turn-by-turn? why am I taking a step forward with GPS and taking 2 steps back by using a map?

After hearing all the bad reviews about MobileMe I decided not to try it out (I NEED my email for work, can't risk not getting it)

1) Easy to use software
2) Best MP3 player (I think I'll get the iTouch instead)
3) Safari still an awesome browser
4) $199 is a nice price (cept $10 more a month)

1) Quality feels cheap than last one
2) Yellowish tint on the screen (is it just his?)
3) NOTHING different other than GPS and 3G
4) Software store sucks, why can't Apple make the software instead of some amateur making this.
5) Horrible battery (not to mention non-removable again)
6) 2.0 just doesn't work like it should
7) Sound quality is better than last one but not as good as my old BB
8) Dealing with iTunes (hate DRM music, and that all software sales are final whether they work or not)

I'll stick with my Blackberry and wait for the HTC Diamond or Blackberry Bold.

Long wait, being let down


Jul 22, 2008 by jcroft

This is my first iPhone and my first smart phone. I've been an Apple fan ever since I bought my Powerbook G4 years ago. Iwas hoping for the same quality in the iPhone, but I was let down.

I put off buying an iPhone because I figured the first series would be th buggy one. I was fooled.

I got mine on the 12th and at first, I loved it. Screen is awesome, sound quality good, SMS and mail were very nice and I found the whole thing easy to set up without even looking at the instructions.

My first cause of concern was the battery. Maybe coming from a non smart phone my expectations were too high, but a day and a half of minimal usage, phone dies. Not good.

I also noticed that the signal strength was not that great. I was on the same service with my Razr and never had a problem, now, I don't even get two bars. I don't know if it's a phone issue or a service issue, but it sucks none the less.

I went to the Apple store for the iPhone workshop, learned a lot. If I shit down most of the features the battery life goes all the way up to two and a half days if I don't actually use the phone that often. Still, I learned a lot.

AS of yesterday, the keyboard sounds, and ringer stopped working.

As I don't keep a land line and this is my only phone, I am seriously pissed.

I'll be back to the Apple store tonight to see if they can fix it.

This is not at all what I expected from apple and my first iPhone experience is now soured.

That having been said, I see a lot of reviews from people who I suspect don't even own the phone. The information is vague and in some cases just parroting another review.

There is enough wrong with this phone that we don't need you folks adding fuel to the fire.



Jul 15, 2008 by RFPUNCHFAN

ok so i played with this phone for about 3 hours after a buddy of mine bought one. overall i was not impressed what so ever. although the web browser is the best out there, the phone still lacks a lot...first the att 3g service is terrible, and not only that but it drained the battery very fast, the fact that the battery is not removable is terrible, i mean they want to market this to business people, but most like to have a battery that lasts, or to be able to add an extended battery. the iphone gives you NEITHER option. the touch interface is ok, although the phone did freeze up on me about 3 or 4 times in the short time that i got to use it. having gps is a plus, but come on how hard is it to have turn by turn navi...just a lot easier not to mention much more convienent.
the lack of MMS messaging blows my mind...i mean the cheapest phones for sale all have it!! i know you can send email for pics, but why MMS is just much faster and a whole lot easier.

all in all i was not impressed with the iphone, it definatly still needs a lot of work, but all the crazy apple/mac fanatics will probably go and waste their money on it anyways...but for the rest of the consumers that arent brainwashed by a brand name, i would wait until they improve this device a lot more...there are plenty of phones available that will not only do more than the iphone, but they will do it better.

nice try mac...but you blew it again!

Best Phone on the Market!


Jul 25, 2008 by Bigjoe905

The 3G iPhone is an awesome phone. Overall, a technological marvel with a few shortcomings. With that said, there is still no other phone out there at the moment that can beat it.

The fact that all the other manufactures try and imitate its design and functionality should tell you something. Apple definitely leads the way in innovation.

Pros: Excellent design and form factor
Storage space (I got the 16gig)
2.0 firmware update
Apps Store
The ability to Jailbreak it!!!!!!

Cons: Battery Life
3G network is a bit sketchy
Occasional App freeze up

Great upgrade!


Jul 24, 2008 by verizonplayah

A lot of people are bashing the new iPhone for no good reason. The iPhone 3G is a great upgrade from the first generation iPhone.

* Great improvement in call quality and clarity
*3G is blazing fast! Love it
*GPS works great
*The App store is simply amazing, with new Apps coming everyday
*Improved reception with the plastic backing
*Speaker-phone is louder and clearer
*Phone is lighter then the 1st Gen. iPhone
*and all of the Pros of the original iPhone

Go to an Apple Store and check one out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Amazing Phone Rendered Useless By Poor Reception


Jul 20, 2008 by stteve

As the headline indicates, I think the iPhone 3G is a revolutionary phone yet it's rendered useless by extremely poor reception. The main purpose of the iPhone is to use it as a "phone" or at least for me that's the case. CNet recently reported the reception problem and the Apple message boards are full of posts. No one is sure if the reception is the fault of the handset or AT&T's poor implimentation of 3G. I would speculate the latter.

Additionally, I'm upset that I bought a 3G phone that even when it works won't allow downloads over 10MB. So you can't download some of the cool apps without using WiFi. Additionally, the phone only allows music downloads with WiFi. This seems to defeat the entire purpose of having 3G.

I'd recommend holding off on this phone until the reception troubles are located. If you have a 2G iPhone, keep it! No need to get 3G and pay 15 bucks more a month when the network is so spotty.

Excellent sound quality, when the signal works
Incredible and innovative design and software

The reception when using 3G is extrememly bad.
You can't download files larger than 10MB using 3G, larger files and music downloads still require using WiFi.
Doesn't sync notes.
No cut and paste.

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