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Great Reception


Sep 13, 2008 by chaplain

I bought a Motorola V9 and the battery was awful so I returned it and got the VU. I love the battery life and what it does for $15 a month internet charge from ATT. I have not dropped a call yet and this replaces a SYNC. I love it.

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Good iPhone alternative when on a budget.


Jul 10, 2008 by miko34

I have owned the LG Vu CU915 for a couple days now. After some problems with Mobile Email (which I fixed by turning Java off then on again), the phone is actually not too bad. I was disappointed to learn that the headset is only included with the Vu TV edition. Even though I didn't need TV, I would've used the headset. The touch screen could be better, but if you just want a phone to make calls, text, play games, check movie times, sport scores, news and email, the Vu can do it well.

-Internet plan is only $15 (AT&T) and is optional
-Able to switch to 2G for longer battery life (via hidden diagnostics menu only)
-easy to use features & interface
-full HTML browsing
-voice commands
-can add apps (like Gmail, YouTube, maps)
-thin body, lightweight
-loud speakerphone
-voice quality is fine
-reception good

-too short of battery life on 3G
-no Gmail access on Mobile Email app
-no Flash app
-no camera flash either
-no Wi-Fi
-can't sync with Outlook
-Bluetooth is not 2.0
-only demo games (expire after 5 uses)
-touch screen not great while surfing the net
-screen locks on calls (annoying on key pressing menus like voicemail)
-shortcut menu not very adjustable
-fingerprint smudges
-screen impossible to see in direct sunlight
-somewhat buggy (with mobile email & keyboard)
-CU915 doesn't come with headset
-TV plan too expensive for what you get as of now

Overall, it's not an iPhone. Well, yeah, of course. I chose the Vu instead because I found it online for 80 bucks. The iPhone is $200 and it (AT&T) forces you to get the Internet which costs twice as much as the Vu (which is optional). The iPhone has better battery life, more apps, better touch screen, and has Wi-Fi, but it comes at a hefty price over the 2 year contract.

You could get a laptop or a new monitor for the money you'd spend on an iPhone. If you don't mind the cost, fine, but the Vu is a nice alternative. And two years from now, the phones will just be better. So, I'm fine with my choice.

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Phone needs improvement and fast


Jun 19, 2008 by elmoso

I bougth this phone at AT&T online store 6/10 and received on 6/13. I used my upgrade discount which came out to about $374. Not sure where the discount is at, but anyways. I was finally happy to be able to replace my Treo 650 with a much much lighter and thinner phone that included a qwerty keyboard. This was supposed to be it, but with only one day of use. I have to admit the phone has many flaws. I returned the phone the next day. The main reasons for me returning the phone was the qwerty keyboard not available throughout all other features. Took me over 2hrs to type in all of my contacts. Why so long, well because in the contact section. You cannot use the qwerty, you have to use the number keybad. SUX big time and my other reason was the glare. This phone has obsulutely no anti glare on it. For a phone that claims to be a iPhone competitor. Needs a lot of improvements. Hopefully their next version will do the trick. Hope this helps.

- Thin and light
- No keys
- Touch
- On screen qwerty

- Expensive
- No anti glare
- Cannot customize shortcuts
- Qwerty keyboard not available throughout
other features
- Txt msg for inbox does not include history
of sent (you have to switch to sent)
- no flash
- camera could be better
- issues pairing w/bluetooth
- issues forwarding MMS (locks phone)
- loves finger prints
- password to lock phone is not automatic
you have to go to security and lock phone
with pwd this way, even though you tell it
to lock w/pwd automatic. maybe phone was
damaged from start. If anyone else can
confirm this.

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no back up


May 22, 2008 by rick525

I need to start out with the cons:

Cons: I can not find a way to back up or pc sync any of the contacts or calendar. Whether your a business man or a stay at home spouse, theses needs are basic. I will be returning this phone. If anyone has found a way to backup these things I would want to keep it. Putting in hundreds of contacts and calendar entries and taking a chance of losing them is not worth the fancy touch screen.

Pros: Very nice touch screen. Everything else actually works wonderful You can even transfer music....not a big deal for me, music is on everything and everywhere.

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Good Job LG & AT&T


May 20, 2008 by celnut

If you like a big display, touchscreen, great pictures, videos, html web browser, 3G speeds & throw in Mobile Tv then this phone is for you.

Great display
Touchscreen works well
2mp camera takes good pictures
Volume is loud (both earpiece & speakerphone)
Battery life is very good for a display this size

Mobile Tv needs 'real time tv'

Keylock after on a call will not turn off permanently - this makes it very hard when needing to input more numbers after connected. Keyguard can be turned off but the keylock while on a call can not - very annoying! Hopefully this will be addressed in a future software update. This is the only reason I gave this phone a 4.5 not a 5.

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I deal with the VU everyday at work.


Sep 17, 2008 by ATTemployeeLLG

The thing about the VU, and why some people just don't like it much, is because you compare it to the iPhone. This will make you think that ANY OTHER TOUCH SCREEN PHONE is just horrible. If you don't compare the VU to the iPhone, you will probably really like it. It's definitely not the best phone, and being an AT&T employee, I wouldn't buy it. Now, to the pro's and con's. A lot of these are fact, some... my own personal opinion.

1)Great camera, auto focus is great.
2)Live TV, which is run off a totally different system from at&t, called Mobiltv.
3)Very easy to learn how to use.
4)Great Speakerphone.

1)No flash on camera.
2)Battery life.
3)Internet speed is decent.
4)Would much rather have blackberry or iPhone for browsing the internet, or accessing e-mail.
5)Querty keyboard is very hard to use, which is my personal opinion, but I don't think I have that big of thumbs ;-)
6)The mute button gets pressed while on a phone call quite a bit.

I hope this helps you in the decision of buying the VU. It really is a decent phone, but of course, it's definitely not for everyone.

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Not So Hot


Oct 10, 2008 by LapTopDog

Well, this is a cool little phone, and the TV function is probably the best feature - just make sure you're in an area that supports it!

But after having this phone for a few days, I had to come here to make a few gripes.

I just got off the phone with LG Electronics, who told me that the video will only take video clips no longer than 42 seconds. I thought that this was just the default length, and that once I inserted a memory card, it would take longer clips (that's the way it was on my Nokia 6085). But even after inserting the memory card, no such luck. The guy from LG told me that this is the maximum length for taking any videos...42 seconds.

My other main gripe is that the phone doesn't allow you to set your own ringtones for the Message Alert tones. You're stuck with the 6 or 7 lame choices that LG provides.

This really irritates me. If I had known this before, I probably would've thought twice about getting this phone.

Finally, if you like to customize your Shortcut Menu, don't get this phone. It won't let you do that, either.

Having said all that, these are my Pros and Cons....so far.


Nice responsive touch screen. It doesn't scroll like an iPhone, though. You kind of have to drag your finger to get it to move. I do like the little vibration you get when you touch the screen.

Good call quality. That's what's keeping me from giving it a lower rating. After all, it is a phone, and that part should work well, and it does. Nice, loud rings and good sound volume during calls.

Like I said before, the TV function is very cool. Picture quality is surprisingly sharp, and very little pixilation. Virtually no buffering (but I live in the LA area, that might have something to do with the strong TV signal).


Other than what I mentioned before,

The limited amount of themes

Can't set the phone to both ring and vibrate (at least I can't figure it out!)

Otherwise, a nice touch screen phone. Too bad LG scrimped on some features.

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Excellent for phone quality, fun for everything else


Jun 22, 2008 by lewis

I spent a lot of time comparing devices.

My primary requirement when researching my next phone was outstanding voice quality, and I am really glad to say that the LG Vu really meets that need. Callers on the other end have told me that they can't tell I am on a cell phone, and on my end their voice is clear, crisp and natural-sounding. Since I spend a lot of time on the road, I want calls with clients and co-workers to sound professional, and this phone gets me there.

The other features are sure fun, but not the reason for my purchase. For email/calendar/contacts etc., I use my BlackBerry, but for voice calls (and yes, the TV functionality is amazing!!) this is my new go-to device.

Highly recommended.

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What an AWESOME paperweight!!


Aug 2, 2008 by bsellmon

If you just want an alternative to the iPhone, I would definitely recommend this phone.

The pros: really cool interface, huge screen, you tube plays wonderfully, did I mention the huge screen?

The cons: My only real con with this phone is no PC Suite, or other way to sync with a PC. If you need your fone to actually DO stuff, i.e. be the PDA you paid $200 for, you just bought a REALLY AWESOME PAPERWEIGHT!!! Lol!

It really is a great phone, but I had to trade mine in for a BJ 2

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May 17, 2008 by sam912

This phone is a nightmare and a complete rip-off.


beutiful phone


touch screen is very inaccurate
Unpleasant for texting
Call quality

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