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pretty good soo farr.


Apr 8, 2009 by x0brookee

This phone is pretty good so farr.

vibrates when you touch
very responsive touch screen
QWERTY keyboard
great camera

texting takes a bit to get use to.
texting isn't threaded.

**otherwise, pretty goood phone.(:

The Touchscreen For Those Who HATE Touchscreens


Mar 31, 2009 by behemoth85

I've been the type who always swore up and down "I'd NEVER own a BlackBerry, PDA, Treo, touchscreen, etc." You name it; I swore up and down I'd never touch any of these phones with a 10 foot pole.

And every time I end up proving myself wrong, BUT I'm wrong for all the RIGHT reasons.

Ah yes, this phone got me back on AT&T. I pulled strings with our indirect channel reps and got this phone ABSOLUTELY FREE and back on a ANR plan.

To get things started...


- GREAT battery life. (I am juggling 2 different phone so this is going from a "moderate" use standpoint. Occasional texts and about 4 hrs of calls would last me almost 3 full days before recharging).

- Easy UI. I would have thought going to a touchscreen would complicate things in a hurry, but everything is laid out nicely and simple to access.

- FULL HTML browser. Always a plus.

- T9 & QWERTY texting options. I highly recommend going T9 when driving, then fiddling around with QWERTY once you've come to a complete stop.

- EXCELLENT reception. An earlier review posted here said they couldn't lose reception and that was no lie.

- The vibration when pressing down on icons is a definite plus.

- This phone is LOUD too, whether its the ringer or hearing through the speaker.


- Touchscreen is a slight challenge for QWERTY texting. Possibly due to my large fingers, but it is manageable.

- Cap limit on ringtones is rather annoying. No known hack around this as of yet though... Will find it though.

- ANY bluetooth headset I've used temporarily disconnects for about 15 seconds before "mysteriously" reconnecting. Probably a "rotten" egg in a bakers dozen, which I have experience on other phones in the past.

Overall, a VERY solid touchscreen to fill-in AT&T's lineup; and a worthy addition for those looking for something unique and new.

HIGHLY recommended.



Mar 26, 2009 by Jessica23

This phone sucks!!!1

Good phone but frustrating features


Mar 1, 2009 by lbecque

I like the phone's style, performance, etc. but after owning the Vu for a year I can say that the phone reflects LG's rush to get it to market with several bugs, incomplete features, etc. Its not a fully engineered and usability tested product. For instance, there is no cut/copy/paste function while editing text in messages, phone numbers in the address book, Internet browser, etc. When you you add a pause in the middle of a long phone number (i.e. long distance phone card) it erases the rest of the number and you have to retype it. Also, when I transferred my micro-SD card directly from my previous CU500 to the CU915 I found that several high bit rate MP3s won't play on this phone that played fine on the CU500. Finally, most frustrating of all is the 'Java nag'. For user installed Java apps like gmail and Google Maps you can't turn off it constantly asking you for permission to access the network like you can on phones from Motorola, etc. All of this shows a lack of real user testing. These are all software issues that could be resolved with an update but LG has never released a firmware update.

Great technology


Feb 7, 2009 by nicastro

this is a great phone, the reasons why?


beautiful screen
great reception on at&t
qwerty keyboard
loud ringtones/ vibrations
sturdy yet lightweight
doesnt feel cheap like new iphone(my fiance owns one)
clear calls
decent pictures
battery life is good
mobiTV is awesome for when your bored or waiting in line, etc

the reasons why i couldnt give it a full 5stars:

my fiances iphone gets all kinds of apps for free where as i get charged for lesser of apps
could have a few different settings and you cant back it up to your pc for calender events and other stuff

other than that minute stuff its a great phone. i love mine

Pretty nice phone


Feb 7, 2009 by jpj331

I bought this phone as a back up for my Nokia E71.
It's a very good phone. The touch screen is much better than that of my old Mogul. I like the haptic feedback. The camera is very good for 2MP. I do wish that I could change the 4 buttons on the home screen but oh well, it's just a back up phone. I also wish they would've put GPS on it. If it had GPS I'd give it a perfect 5.

LG Vu is free from Radio Shack


Jan 31, 2009 by fone gyke

I just picked mine up, and love it already. Especially at the price. I up-graded on my existing ATT contract, and walked into my local Radio Shack and walked out with a free Vu. No rebates, no purchase of additional services necessary. I do not know where you folks are shopping but I'd think twice before going back. You got ripped off. $300 vs. $0.00. Hmmm.

If this is competition for the iPhone then I don't want one


Jan 23, 2009 by keithfrombm

Second LG VU I've owned. First impression was right, but my razr v3xx broke finally and it was this or the tiny LG Shine. Let's jump into this. PROS: Looks great. RECEPTION. I'm a truck driver. Constantly switching towers. I couldn't make the VU drop a call. Simply amazing performance here. Decent battery life. I use Opera and google maps a lot. Recharge once a day. I talk constantly. That's where the good ends. CONS: Everything else. Touch screen is sluggish at best. Sometimes I have to hit the same spot 12 to 15 times before phone responds. At all. Calibration does NOTHING. I'm convinced this feature is a placebo. Media Net browser is pathetic. No default html setting and half time doesn't load the real page. I use opera mini but have to re install every time now. Didn't have to on my razr. Google maps is almost useless. Ring tone settings are mediocre. Can only set message ringtones from 10 presets. Nothing good there. Dialing a number is a pain in the @$$. Sometimes keyboard ignores you. Can't multitask on phone at all. Can't even use calculator function while on phone. Apps. It freezes up a lot when using 3rd party apps like opera or google maps or even gmail. I'll get rid of this burden again come tax time.



Jan 14, 2009 by catman3211996

I have this phone and i love it! I like how its small and light but it also has a huge screen. I also like how the TV antenna is REALLY hard to break because knowing me, if it wasn't hard to break i probably would have broken it by now. I really like how you can drag the thing that tells you the time and the date anywhere you want and let go of it and it stays there then if you just briefly click it once you can click this little yellow bubble with a clock in it that pops out and it will take you yo a little pop up page where you can set an alarm. I also really like how the camera is kind of like a real camera because you hold the phone sideways and hold it like a camera and when you want to take a picture the button is in the same place that it would be on a real camera. Another thing that is really cool on this phone is that it has live TV although you have to pay for TV and data. I really like that this phone has an awesome battery life! I have 3G turned (If you want to turn 3G off you can go to the numeric dial pad just like your'e going to dial someone's number and then you dial 277634#*# and it takes you to a menu and you go to Modem Setting then you go to Network Mode then you go to Network Mode and then you click 2G Only and 3G will be turned off and to turn 3G back on you do the same thing but instead of clicking 2G Only, you click on 3G Only) and it took six hours for the battery life meter to go from 3 out of 3 bars of battery life to change to 2 bars of battery life out of 3. I wonder how long it would take with 3G off! Another great thing is when you get a new message and you ignore it, a little envelope icon will pop up on the top of the screen and if you click it, it goes right to your inbox so you can read the new message. I also LOVE how it has both a T9 and a qwerty keyboard because normally i'll use the qwerty keyboard but sometimes I'm too lazy to switch from T9 to it so i just use thee T9 and i also think that the T9 is sometimes fun too.

LG VU - Nice Phone


Dec 22, 2008 by shellteeguy

I have had this phone for a few weeks. I paid less than 50 dollars at Walmart. I "worried" about a touch screen being a pain but I like it. The phone itself is pretty cool and reception has been good so far.

* Dedicated lock/unlock button
* Nice big colorful screen
* Good reception
* TV is cool
* Nice call info, complete details
* Web browser seems OK, I do not have a lot of experience with phone web browsers but I do like this one

* Qwerty can be a bit difficult to use, mainly because the touch calibration is done holding the phone vertically. I found I adapted.
* 15 a month for TV is a bit much, I would like to see more media/tv packages.
* Shortcut menu is not customizable as far as I know.

You need to explore this phone a bit to get a handle on some of the features. Some of the initial settings are annoying, such as the 2 second screen lock.

TV could use more channels, I enjoy Nick (yes even at 46) and the screen is great!

I would recommend this phone.

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