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Great Phone


Dec 21, 2008 by njs2m

Best phone I've ever owned.

Poor interface for use in an emergency


Dec 12, 2008 by dlbroox

Just a quick story as to why I'll never use this phone again. I had 100 kids in a field to take a class picture. Some kids were leaning on a palm tree that fell down onto a kid's leg. (kid's ok, nothing broken) I had to make numerous calls immediately.

It was a bright sunny day. The screen was almost impossible to see. I had to try to put one hand over the screen to dial. Then trying to navigate through the contact list was a complete nightmare. Of course I was upset, so trying to use the touch screen and scroll to a number while trying to see the screen was nearly impossible. It would roll past the name and then back again. I could never just get to the contact. I had to get through two other menus to get to it another way. Even calling 911 was an issue because I could barely see anything on the screen.

This is a great phone if you're sitting inside playing around on the web and making calls at your leisure, but in an emergency, when you are nervous and trying to quickly use a phone, it fails completely. It is too complicated with menus and the touch screen is too flakey to be accurate when you're in a hurry.

I would have never thought badly of the phone if this event hadn't happened. But one of the reasons I have a cell is for emergencies, as I am a light cell user. I also really wanted it for the web, which I didn't think it did a great job with either actually. My Sony W580i is faster and a better web surfing phone on ATT's medianet than the LG. I had a lot of trouble loading pages on the LG that load right away on the Sony.

I went home that day and took the sim out and put it in my reliable Sony W580i. I need buttons! So no, I wouldn't buy an Iphone either. I now know I don't want a touch screen at all.

Amazing call quality
Nice design

Touch screen is too innaccurate
Can't see the screen in bright sunlight
Too many menus to navigate

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Many good features


Dec 9, 2008 by bmarsh

I would have given this phone a 5 but b/c the lack of being able to record on the phone while in conversation is not there I could not do it.

Nice phone, but it has problems


Dec 4, 2008 by jharkam23

Since my two year old razr finally bit the dust I decided to try out the Vu. I really liked the Vu, but it had some issues.


The sound quality was great and people could understand me just fine. The speakerphone was easy to hear and I didn't have to almost talk right into it to get people to hear me (like my last phone).

The interface was easy to use and only took a few minutes of fiddling around with to get the hang of. The display was nice and bright.

I use my phones to play music while I'm at work and the speaker quality was just fine.

The qwerty keyboard for text entry was nice and enlarged the letter that you picked when you touched it.


While I really liked this phone, I had issues with it freezing at random. Sometimes while browing websites, sometimes while listening to music. Since I was still in my 30 day period, I exchanged it for another Vu, hoping that I was just unlucky enough to get a bad unit.

The second Vu wouldn't even play some of the mp3s that my first one played and continued to freeze up. AT&T referred me to LG tech support which in turn blamed it on my memory card (1 GB Micro SD). LG asked me to copy one of the songs that did work into the phone's memory, which the phone refused to do. If I tried to delete any songs from the card using the phone I would get an error about the file using another application (LG couldn't explain this one for some reason).

Some other minor things:

The qwerty text entry was nice, but it was REALLY easy to miss letters close to the space bar and the Caps key. I ended up putting spaces and capital letters in by accident fairly often.

When scrolling through websites or menus it had a weird habit of shooting me back to the top or scrolling all the way down to the bottom.

I ended up exchanging my second Vu for a Samsung Eternity and haven't had a single problem.

The Vu is a really slick phone and I could ignore some of the real minor stuff, but having a media phone that didn't play my media was just unacceptable.

Its an amazing phone! Better than the i phone.


Nov 19, 2008 by 05gems

The only reason why the iphone is so famous, is beacuase of the fact that its apple if not it would just be another phone. At first i thought i wanted an iphone but then i looked at it tried and and it horrible any other phone beats its, sure its a great idea but im wouldnt place my money on that.

Now the VU, its not the best, but it has eveything you need, a qwerty touch screen keyboard ( my fav. feature), and y name it.

qwerty or regular keyboard
great responsive touch screen
fast internet brower
great camera
and more...

the ringtone could be a tad louder

This is a great phone for anyone, it no to complicated its not that simple is perfect!

Nice Phone!!!!!


Nov 17, 2008 by arkane

Phone is not what I expected at all. Actually its quite a bit more.

Call quality
Battery Life (turn of haptic, 3G, bluetooth)
Did I mention Call quality?
Touch screen is very impressive.
Buttons for dialing and txting are spaced nicely.

The UI could be a bit more customizable (drag and drop shortcuts to home screen would have been nice).
Cheap feel. I'm really scared to drop this one.
Loaded with At&t junk!!!

I was apprehensive about buying this phone since the reviews were 50/50. But it has not disappointed me yet. This is a big step for LG (way to go). I'm curious to see its predecessor.

Great Phone!!! Hands down the best!!!


Nov 13, 2008 by haley72

First of all, I want to put to rest some of the "cons" I've been hearing about. The antenna is not flimsy. It is designed to bend all the way to the left or right without breaking. Go ahead, try it. The battery life is pretty decent considering everything you can do with this phone.

OK, with that out of the way. I love this phone. The camera has auto focus which makes for great pictures. The video camera is not that bad either. The signal strength is amazing. It got signal in places my 8310 Curve didn't. The Internet browser is great. You can do My Space and You Tube without any problems. Expandable memory and stereo bluetooth. The TV feature is out of this world. All in all this is a great phone. My only gripe is that you cant set custom txt message tones. You can only choose from the 5 or 6 tones that are preprogrammed.

If you're looking for a solid touch screen device with great features at an affordable price, this phone is for you.

Great phone from AT&T


Nov 10, 2008 by dmj86

This phone replaced my Sony Ericsson W580i, and I must say it is an improvement. The large touch screen is very clear and crisp. Also, the texting experience is great as well. It has the option for a QWERTY keyboard or a basic dial pad. The keyboard takes some getting used to... but once you adapt, texting becomes extremely quick and fluent. Has the option to hold music, which is always a plus for me. The menu is has a slightly different format than the usual AT&T phone. Instead of the basic rows/columns of icons it has tabbed categories, making the menu more organized and easier to find things. The camera is not amazing, but the pictures look great on the 3" screen. The battery life is outstanding for a touchscreen phone. One thing I do not like about this phone is there is no option to change the displayed shortcuts on the wallpaper of the phone. The themes look good, but you can not acquire anymore than what you already have that I know of, so they can get boring. One more con is that when you receive a text message, it simply says 1 new message. It does not say who it is from.
Overall, this phone suits me very well. I am an avid texter and my phone is used pretty heavily. I have not had any problems with it yet.

LOVE it!


Nov 6, 2008 by smiles722

I got this phone a couple of months ago and have came to love it. By far one of the best phones I've owned. AND one of the best looking. :)

+good call quality
+light weight and very sleek
+easy to navigate
+touch screen calibration is very accurate (customize it for YOU)
+the camera takes pretty good pictures
+screen locks while on call so you dont have to worry about pressing anything while holding phone up to your face
+very good video quality
+speed dial lets you program pictures to the numberpad
+qwerty is nice and easy to use
+choice of landscape/portrait for viewing webpages or photos
+can set signature for text messages
+can set different sounds or strength of vibration for when you touch the screen
+no stylus to have to worry about losing
+sound/volume is good

-only access to factory tones for messaging alerts
-the port to charge is on the side at the top
-cant setup email by provider that isnt listed already
-when on a call and pull up the keypad to use during prompts, screen still locks after a very short period of time
-if you dont ignore or view notifications, it totally drains the battery b/c is moving graphic to let you know you have a new message
-hard to navigate on some web pages b/c hard to access scroll bar
-when adding contacts, cant use qwerty keyboard
-the clock display cant be changed much (some issues w/clock over some photos wanted to use as background)
-no flash for the camera



Oct 31, 2008 by robertcjr

At first I thought I wanted the iphone 3g until I seen it in the at&t store and I was not impressed with the browser. I thought it was desktop quality but the lg vu was not far off at all on the browser. Plus the VU has live T.V. all you do is click on t.v. and then agree to the terms. where coverage is available. I dont believe the iphone has that,also theVU has MMS iphone NO. On the VU you set the screen to silent,sound,or vibrate when you touch it. iphone you have to have a tool to change the memory card and you cant change the battery. Neither one a issue with the VU. I think the Vu is the best phone for att hands down!!! Especially when you can get for less than 50.00 with 2 year contract at several different places. Hope this helps you dont waste your money.

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