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Jun 8, 2010 by c-milli

This phone is pretty to look at but you cant really customize anything. You cant use ringtones for your txt tone an you cant customize your contacts txt tones either. the themes really suck and are limited. Txtin is kinda hard because you mite press "t" an a "y" or "u" would appear instead an somehow the TV icon always gets pressed... even if you dont touch it. Bout this phone has some good qualities too... it takes good pictures and has a lot of memory



Oct 22, 2009 by lilfay

not 2 happy wit da phone although it had its great moments, it overall wasnt dat gud n it proved 2 b the worst phone i had, but on the flip side all of the phones i had were very gud, so here goes pros n cons


1. touch screen seems like a great idea but it aint 4 everybody, my lil centro's touch screen wasnt so annoying, it always needs 2 b calibrated n seems 2 b lost wen i touch the scroll bar.

2. messaging was a total nightmare on da qwerty side, the number side was half a nightmare n half an ok day, it would nvr stay on T9 4 sum reason it would eventually go bac 2 the old ABC, hated that!

3. i would lock it n yet it would still go 2 the tv mysteriously n on occasion, very frustrating!

4.u cannot customize really anything as far as home screens icons, very limited themes, my old razr had more 2 offer, matter fact my old nokia from 05 had more, what in the world were they thinking?!?!

5. pictures take an annoying amount of time 2 load, no idea why, whether it is 1 or 100,

6.felt very light n cheap

7. the charger n headphone jack is the same location, VERY STUPID!

8. battery had 2 b removed 4 the micro sd card 2 b replaced.

9. messaging memory was horrible, had 2 delete every 100 messages,

10.i dnt wanna bash da phone n e more than i've done


1: giant n very nice screen

2: design was very nice 2 look at

3:camera was acceptable

4: loud n clear speaker 4 phone n media player.

5: battery was gud, charged it every other day.

6: AT&T has great service! (charlotte, nc n brooklyn, ny)

Overall: dis aint no iphone, or g1, not even close, if u want a cheap phone tht has touch screen capabilities, this may b 4 u, depending on ur expectations, but i dnt recommend this one at all, i moved on 2 a blackberry curve 8520 n am very satisfied. this was a def failure 2 me among the very many phones i've had, better luck next time LG!

cant believe this phone was released


Oct 20, 2009 by seemefora2nd

That's right, i cant believe how ghetto this phone is. Qwerty text is tough even with small fingers. I dont think a touch screen phone should have to be calibrated. The phone itself is just glitchy. I lose my patience with it and just feel like sliding it into a blender or put in a microwave, or run it over with my car,



Oct 1, 2009 by sway1226

This is the WORST phone I HAVE EVER had. I have had to exchange it through the store 2 weeks after I PURCHASED it because it would shut off.

Then I had to EXCHANGE IT AGAIN through warranty because...why? oh yea the replacement would SHUT OFF AND DROP CALLS!!

THEN Warranty tried to TELL me it was the BATTERY...well, just got a new battery the other day...CHARGED it for 24 hours as instructed!!! OH YEAH....

This morning the STUPID phone shut off.

CALLED WARRANTY and they are going to SEND ME ANOTHER LG VU before they do anything else. So, this week I will be on phone number 4.

Now, at the beginning I like the touch screen, I put the XM radio on it because I run with the phone and that is great but I can just get me an IPOD or MP3 player and would give me less of a headache.

GRRRRR so frustrating!!! STAY AWAY from this phone!!!

LG vu


Sep 9, 2009 by cherrybomb

I hate this phone. I have come close to throwing it out a window. I have never had so many dropped calls with all the phones I have had and the first was 1984. The only pro I have for this phone is the camera is very nice. The cons would take forever to list all, cant see the screen in bright light, touch has to be constantly adjusted, even with the lock off it still locks the screen during calls so if u need to enter and numbers u first have to unlock it then its to late to enter ur numbers, to much crap on it that I never will use and it goes to it when you dont want it to. My advice pass this phone by the lower price is not a asset.

crappy phone


Jul 28, 2009 by bummysgirl2069

I loved my phone when I first got it. I loved the touch screen and everything! Then within the first week I had to exchange it for a new one because the phone wasn't reading my touch right. It has been 3 months and I absolutely hate the phone. It drops my calls for no reason. I will have 2 or 3 bars of service and it will not let me call or receive calls. The touch screen has issues with actually reading my touch correctly. It also shuts off, for no apparent reason. It likes to freeze a lot to.

Like I said, LOVED it when I first got it, HATE it now...

Pretty Good Phone, Just Not For Me =(


Mar 3, 2009 by navarrecaldwell

I've had this phone for a month already and I have grown sick of IT!!

Let me start off with the PROS & CONS.

very sleek phone with a nice silver finishing around the phone.

very good hard keys on the front and sides of the phone.

very good large display

touchscreen is very responsive
with haptic feedback which makes
it easier to use

scrolling is fun, but can be a pain sometimes.

the Menu is set up great, it displays the large icons which makes it perfect for a phone like this

- typing is just a delight!

the FULL HTML browser is great! The scrolling could be a little better though ..

Mobile Email - fantastic ; but a bit slow at times.

|TV; its great! I've never had a problem with it!

the loudspeaker is great when having a phone conversation.
- Sometimes I had a few dropped calls; it may have been the network.

So that wraps up the PROS.


horrible 2mp Camera! Pictures come out blurry and sometimes distorted.
- let's just say that the camera acts like a 1.3 megapixel camera =/

the music player is not set up all that great, i really didn't like it.

the sound quality of the music player was horrible in loud areas.

the "pictures" menu loads really slow when a memory card is inserted.

the screen is a magnet for fingerprints.

the headphone jack using a USB proprietary head jack.

videos created by the user gets fuzzy and distorted sometimes.

the Menu on the main screen cannot be changed! =/

|Scratches maintain easily.

|No wifi

I do recommend this phone to people who just a touchscreen phone, but for business use and working use I do not.

Thanks (:

the phone has issues


Apr 16, 2009 by smcb66

- good size screen
- good on screen keyboard
- decent user interface
- can watch tv via MediaFlo
- reasonable amount of memory built in

- continually freezes up with a lot of microsd memory cards (really a problem!)
- MediaFlo channel selection is poor - not worth $15/month

overall, I like the phone, but even though it says it will work with up to a 4GB microsd card, it has issues - big issues.

If they ever release a firmware update, then it might be worth something.

Initiial Thoughts


May 5, 2008 by TinyJ316

Screen Size Good
Screen is Responsive
Haptic Feedback
Good Call Quality
User Replaceable Battery

Battery life is mediocre
Flimsy antenna
Not insurable
Shortcut screen is not customizable
No internal memory
No media card accessability from the outside

Things that are kind of a wash...

The 2.0MP camera is kind of old and busted. This phone should have added a couple more megapixels to it.

The themes on this thing are just...meh. The Onyx is the best IMO, but still, its mostly user preference with this sort of thing.

Final thoughts:

This phone is a very solid attempt to try and de-throne the iPhone. Is it worth the $300 on contract? That's a bit debateable...it does undercut the iPhone as far as price goes, but its still a bit up there in price, especially for not having any internal memory. If you're looking for a iPhone substitute, the Vu should suit you very well, especially since you get 3G, FLO, MMS, Video Capture, Voice Command, and Video Share capabilities.

Ratings (out of 5):
Form factor: 4.75
Call quality: 4.5
Reception: 4.25 (preliminary tower right behind store)
Features: 5
Battery Life: 3.5 (based on initial battery charge out of box)
Value: 4
Overall: 4.33333....

To see a more in depth reviw, check out the forum

A Junky Little Phone


Apr 7, 2009 by MadisonAlexandraB

I tried out this phone for a week and felt like breaking it into a million little pieces ( if the phone gets any more little :P

TV ( Some versions)
Good Reception

TV costs MORE
Headphone jack for " LG Technology " only
Its light weight sure, but it feels junky
Small Touch Screen
The Touchscreen barley works!!
Falls out of pockets easy
Seriously bad internet
Barley ANYBODY has it
Easy to lose
TERRIBLE battery life
All my friends make fun of it
No good games
Terrible speakers

Luckly, I own the iPhone 3g ( the best phone out there ).

If you want a new phone get the iphone 3g and NEVER buy the LG Vu. It may be only $40 - $50 but its a piece of junk.

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